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About 3000 years the hist

Updated January 17, 2019

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About 3000 years the hist essay

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1. About 3000 years the history of modern Rome lasts. 2.

In 625 BC there were the first settlements in Rome. 3. 5 thousand years before our time, the first mention of Rome appeared. 4. In its territory, Rome has another sovereign state – the Vatican.

5. Hanging phallic symbols on the front doors was taken in ancient Rome. 6. The ancient Roman physicians had a wide choice of medical instruments.

7. The Roman Emperor Trajan built the first shopping center. 8. The serpent in Rome is a symbol of love and prosperity. 9. The unique Roman clothing is the toga.

10. Blood of the fallen gladiators recommended to drink Roman doctors for the treatment of infertility. 11. When the Roman emperor died, the eagle was released.

12. About 5,000 animals were killed in the arena on the opening day of the Colosseum. 13. After 17 years, the Romans were able to free themselves after the invasion of Hannibal. 14.

The women were the virgins who supported the sacred fire of Vesta. 15. Throughout their empire until the fourth century AD, the Romans built about 54,000 kilometers of roads. 16. The usual phenomenon in the Roman Empire was abortion and the use of contraception.

17. In honor of the Roman Emperor Augustus, the month of August was named. 18. More than 12 years built the Colosseum.

19.To the Colosseum came out all the audience takes only 3 minutes. 20. The incense smelt of the Roman temples. 21. The long names in Rome consisted of three parts. 22.

On average, the ancient Romans weighed about 50 kilograms. 23. The average age of life in the Romans did not exceed 41 years. 24.

Over a month, on average, 100 gladiators died on the Coliseum. 25. About 114 public toilets were in ancient Rome. 26. Doctors were cut off if the patient died during surgery.

27. For disobedience in Rome, a brother could punish his sister by engaging in sex with her. 28. Love relations with men were not found only in the Roman Emperor Claudius.

29. Only the wealthy Romans lived in the mansions. 30. A curly-haired boy was used as a napkin at a table in ancient Rome. 31.

In Rome, some women drank turpentine. 32. It was with the Roman Empire that the wedding kiss tradition came to us. 33.

Prostitution in Ancient Rome was a legitimate profession. 34. To pay for the services of prostitutes in Rome, there were special coins. 35.

In honor of the god Saturn, Rome hosted the annual festival. 36. The title “Coins” was worn by the Roman goddess “Juno”. 37. In Rome, there was a coin depicting sexual intercourse.

38. One of the largest States antiquity Ancient Rome is considered. 39. Bloody people loved the inhabitants of ancient Rome.

40. Once in Rome war was declared to the god Neptune. 41. The famous Roman commander – Guy Julius Caesar. 42.

The soldiers from the Roman troops lived in tents for 10 people. 43. More than 40% of the total population was Roman slaves. 44.

More than 200,000 spectators could accommodate the Colosseum. 45. Toilets were first created in ancient Rome. 46. ??A quarter of a million spectators could accommodate the Roman racecourse. 47.

In ancient Rome, lead was used to resolve disputes. 48. In 64, there was a big fire in Rome. 49. From ancient Rome the phrase “money does not smell” went. 50.

At Roman feasts a delicacy was the language of flamingos. 51. Verminus is a god who protected cows from worms. 52.

The father in ancient Rome was subordinated to girls who had not reached adulthood. 53. Bisexuals were the majority of Roman emperors. 54.

Caesar had a passive connection with Nycomed. 55. A sponge on a stick was used as toilet paper. 56.

Almost never used slaves in Rome as a guard. 57. The hair of the boys wiped their hands in ancient Rome. 58. The agreements were cemented with the help of a kiss in ancient Rome. 59.

The gods of the guards in Rome were Penates. 60. Messalina – Roman prostitute. 61. Roman prostitutes used heels.

62. To pay for the services of Roman prostitutes, tokens were used. 63. Same-sex relationships were common in ancient Rome. 64.

Frank erotic frescoes were painted on the walls of many Roman houses. 65. The favorite dish of the Romans was asparagus. 66. In ancient Rome, only boys were required to attend school.

67. Honey could pay taxes in ancient Rome. 68. The Romans invented concrete.

69. To discuss religion and politics, special sites were set up in ancient Rome. 70. As a cosmetic in Rome, milk was used. 71. Salt was taken to give in ancient Rome as a sign of friendship.

72. One of the slaves married a Roman emperor Nero. 73. The nose with a hump was considered in Rome as a huge mental potential. 74. Elephant dung in ancient Rome was used as a contraceptive.

75. The blood of the defeated warrior was collected and used for therapeutic purposes. 76. Exceptional hands in ancient Rome ate any dish.

77. In ancient Rome, the man who took the oath, put his hand to the scrotum as a sign of vow. 78. Gladiator fights in Ancient Rome came from Greece. 79. Ancient Rome was founded by shepherds.

80. The largest territories Rome reached during the reign of the emperor Trajan. 81. In ancient Rome, in a chariot could harness the noble deer. 82. The use of meat of woodpeckers was considered a sin in ancient Rome.

83. The reclining was eaten in ancient Rome. 84. More than 6,500,000 kilometers were the area of ??Rome in 117 AD. 85. You could not squeeze out your eyes during gladiatorial fights.

86. With uncovered head on the street was not allowed to go to the Roman women. 87. The Romans left their house always with their right foot. 88.

Demountable heads were a statue in ancient Rome. 89. The Amphitheater of Flavia is the ancient name of the Roman Colosseum. 90.

In the year 80 BC the Colosseum was built. 91. More than 44 meters was the total height of the Roman Colosseum. 92.

76 exits were in the Roman Coliseum. 93. According to the social status of the audience, places were allocated in the Roman Coliseum. 94. Underground chambers were under the floor of the Roman Colosseum. 95.

The five-cent coin of the euro depicts the Roman Colosseum. 96. Courtesans were the pinnacle of paid love in ancient Rome. 97. Girls in ancient Rome studied at home. 98.

Most of the houses in ancient Rome were built of concrete. 99. Early baldness began the Roman emperor Caesar. 100. In ancient Rome, there were no appliances for eating.

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