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Apollo Food Industries Case Study

Updated August 24, 2022

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Apollo Food Industries Case Study essay

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Apollo Food Industries Sdn Bhd, the organization which is fabricating compound chocolate sweet shop items and layer cakes situated in Malaysia. Apollo was classified into two category which are chocolate wafer and layer cake item. As a main maker of the Chocolate Confectionery Products and Layer cake industry in Malaysia, the Apollo dispersed in Malaysia and abroad market, for example, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, India, Middle East, Mauritius, and Maldives. Quality and advancement are one of the Apollo’s qualities. The association continually endeavors to decide and give the assets required.

In the primary, actualize and keep up the quality administration framework and persistently enhance its adequacy. Second is deliver the items with the best nature of crude and pressing materials. Thirdly is utilizing a class wafer and layer cake fabricating machine from Europe continually update and enhance to remain intensely. Improve consumer loyalty by meeting client prerequisites. Perceive client’s needs with the autonomy pressing. Guarantee the quality confirmation strategies, the organization had licensed with HALAL.

The aim of the company Apollo is satisfaction customer needs and wants by using the latest equipment and technology. From now Apollo will starting create a new product that is Apollo Ice-Cream. This is the new product will create in the future so that now is wanted to know about market demand and customer demand.

Organization Chart

Organization Chart for Ice-Cream Department. That have many levels of management. It has the less demand in term of direct supervision by the manager. This is less burden to the manager because that have less of subordinate.

Manager may have more time to analyze situation, it can make a more suitable decision and do the action. The narrow span of control can allow a manager that can communicate quickly and get feedback idea from the workers of the company will be more valid.

Disadvantages of narrow span of control

The disadvantages are need more management levels and therefore more expensive for firm in terms of labor cost. The decision making by the CEO will be slower and lack of coordination between difference workers in differences departments.

Skills and Managers level

The CEO is the top manager, the top manager is liable for the entire management of the organized system. The top manager must have an intelligence ability and a good conceptual skill.

Conceptual skill is the ability to analysis, think about complex situations, use judgements and see future chance. Conceptual skill is to develop action with hardest resources to achieve organizational goals. The example position in the top manager is CEO, COO and CFO. The HR manager and Marketing Manager are the middle manager, the middle manager is responsible for implementing the organization objective. Make sure goal from the top manager and translate it into specific details. The middle manager must have a good human skill.

Human skill is the ability to work effectively with other people. Human skill is the ability known as to direct, motivate, communicate an inspire people. Human skill is need to communicate with others and understand the feeling for others appreciation of work. The example of middle manager is HR manager and Marketing manager, The First-line manager is directed the operating employees.

The first-line manager is carrying out the plan made by top manager and middle manager. For the first-line manager is must have a good technical skill. Technical skill is the ability to know on, specialized skills, task a job. Technical skill is when the employees have knowledge about specific machine, products, process and the use of tools. For example, the manager who would need this skill is supervisors and unit heads. Management StrategyThe suitable strategy to achieve the company goals is use the effectiveness.

The effectiveness is the suitable because using this type can easier satisfaction customers. This is pay attention to the quality. When did the product which can satisfaction the customers that only pay attention to quantity to satisfaction more and more customers. ConclusionThe Apollo may create a new product that is ice-cream. So that in the first will make a good management. After that will find that how the packing would customers like that only will go to mass production to the market.

Apollo Food Industries Case Study essay

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