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A few years ago

Updated January 17, 2019

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A few years ago essay

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A few years ago. When I’m so young. I’m traveling with my parents. We have the plan to go to the sea. It’s my best place I ever go.

It has been cleaned sands and cleans the sea. That place made me feel relax. When a time for lunch we order seafood though expensive, we don’t have any options but it’s delicious. After lunch, I’m ready to swim. The weather looks like nice for a short while.

An instant later the rain coming. It’s ruined my schedule vacation made me feel uncomfortable. The rain stopped we prepared to ready to travel back home due to weather. So my schedule of rest was stopped due to weather but, I prefer that place. For now, I don’t need to travel to that place once more than a result of its trash on the ground and so the ocean smells like stink because people come more and more of yet don’t seem to be interested in keeping their beauty Yet, it’s still a good memory I ever go there. If you ask for from me to travel again? I can say never come again.

A few years ago essay

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