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A Million Men and a Donkey

Updated June 5, 2019

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A Million Men and a Donkey essay

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What would you do if you were on a gregarious island with one million men and a donkey? Well, the superstitious beliefs that we consume through or journey called life brings this question into play.

To answer this question, answering another one is necessary. If you had an Oedipus complex which shined through your teeth fervishly, would you admit it. I would guess not. Not in my case, but in the case of my dog. He had an Oedipus complex which showed through the snarl and gnarl he gave people.

If one were to talk to him, he would set you in the will of his ways toward the communistic views of his elders. For example, give what you get is his moral belief. He gets one pound of puppy chow, he will give one pound of puppy chew. Basically in his life, his supercilious, and superstitious beliefs could be the donkey. Many people ride the donkey in saying that my dog gives what he gets.

Now Tazio, my other dog could be the people. He is the one who rides my other dog Tesi. The basic reenactment that these dogs do show the moral values of a communistic world. Dogs who give what they get our donkeys, but the one million other dogs who ride them are known as relativists, getting what they can.

A Million Men and a Donkey essay

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