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A perfect life

Updated November 1, 2018
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A perfect life essay

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What Is A Perfect Life? In life, the reality that we face on a normal basis is depressing, disappointing and lifeless. A perfect life is a life without hate, jealousy and pride. A creation or thought of emptiness to which only myths or legends originate from. But if a dimension of omnipotent peace was resurrected this is what it would be like. Hate, a feeling of demonic control of anger. A bitter rotting corpse of emotion balled into a pale, cold, burnt of flesh smelled dough, waiting to be molded by any passing faceless victim.

But in a perfect life, people wouldnt hate, only love and consider other peoples feelings before their own. Fights and riots would cease to exist. Prejudice and racism would abolish. Race, religion and nationality wouldnt be looked at or judged. Being commended not scolded for what you have done, not what you have sinned.

Forgiveness dies along with confession. No hatred, nothing done wrong, so the abolishment of priest is a must. Besides the majority of our religious leaders lie, cheat, rape and molest their congregation. Jealousy is the root of hate. Jealously, a reaction to your own self-denial of knowing your wrong.

Death would halt because there would be no reason to kill. Kids being murdered for hundred dollar sneakers to match their two hundred-dollar name brand created by some rapper to which they never did any honest thing in life with the exception of dealing crack to the local crack addict and an exceptional bag of crack cocaine. The accusation of teenagers in Colorado schools would stop, leaving behind reason to make fun of kids with a lower family income. The destruction of monuments that symbolize world peace would never be a thought. Third world countries wouldnt have a reason to fly aircrafts into a melting pot of culture.

Pride, makes a person cold. Pride makes a man and woman divorce. Pride makes a dead-beat dad not call to check to see if youre alive. Pride makes a teacher give you a bad grade, even when it is a great paper, because she doesn’t agree with the particular subject manner. Pride creates a fasod; a mask for people to hide behind their cowardly, spineless and pointless life.

Pride makes you not call an ex-girlfriend, knowing you think about her everyday. If pride was gone, emptiness and loneliness would stop. You would never lie awake in a wonder less state of depression only cured by some type of pill or illegal drugs.In the end, a perfect life couldnt exist. Sin, mistakes and forgiveness makes us as people, give us identity.

God couldnt live in a perfect world because religion gives us hope. In a perfect world you need not hope, dreams, nor reasons. You are what you are; A robot brainwashed by the evils and impurities to which makes you become a slave to your own self-misery.Words / Pages : 508 / 24

A perfect life essay

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