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A study by Allen and Walter

Updated January 17, 2019

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A study by Allen and Walter essay

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A study by Allen and Walter (2016), deliberately looked into the proof for personality as a correlate of body image. Electronic databases and reference records were observed in May 2016 examinations detailing a relationship between no less than one measurement of personality and no less than one area of negative body image. Twenty-six investigations (33 discrete examples) met consideration criteria. Sixteen examples were coded as medium-high quality. The outcomes showed that negative body image was related with more elevated amounts of Neuroticism and lower levels of Extraversion.

Agreeableness was not identified with body image, and results for Conscientiousness and Openness were uncertain. Subsequent to considering study quality, negative body image was likewise connected with reducing levels of Conscientiousness. Neuroticism was related with negative body image in the men and women. Sex moderation effects for Extraversion, Openness, and Conscientiousness were uncertain. Comparative investigations indicated indistinguishable outcomes which are examined as takes after.

A study by Allen and Walter essay

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