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Study on Theory of Group Development

Updated August 26, 2022

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Study on Theory of Group Development essay

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Ability to cooperate and willingness will spur up, communication becomes cordial, boundaries and territories decreases while members are more concerned with about accomplished task with less attention to influence, power and status. Thus, the fourth stage is known to get the work done haven’t dealt with issues in the different stages. Team members channel energy to achieving set goals and accomplishing the task and however celebrate the accomplishment of a completed task. With deep reflection on my group and the task that was accomplished, I am quite sure my group worked as a team and went through Wheelan’s theories on group development stages that consisted of Inclusion and dependency, Fight and counter-dependency, structure Trust and work.

In the beginning, group members depended on a member acting as the leader of the group. The group further went through the fighting and counter-dependency (Conflicts) stage, characterised with conflicts and disagreement. Group members engaged in conflicts of interest as to what and how the group task should be shared and presented in line with stipulated goals and contract binding all members. A member of the group was always picking on me each time I asked a simple question on our group chat regarding the group task because at one of the group meetings I was indisposed to attend. I observed that the member had a way of imposing self-opinion and feelings with the aim to influence other members of the group.

I was very upset about this development in my group when decision was made behind me that I should take a particular task of the group assignment, I obliged to it but a night to when the assignment was to be submitted, I realised that the same member of the group acting as the leader had changed decision regarding my task without any prior notice. I felt very upset and lost the feeling of been part of the group. On the long run it escalated into using insulting and abusive words through the group online chat, distance and boundaries were kept and defined. The only choice I had was to call a member whom I think I was comfortable with to report the issue, but it was glaring that the member had been instigated through the feedback I got.

However, as conflicts within my group began to escalate, members decided to write a Lecturer to intervene to ensure peace and harmony within the group. The work of (Chapter 2) further highlighted the roles and responsibilities of group members in the different stages of group development. However, it was deduced according to my personal knowledge and perception that my group members are proficient, pacesetter, team players, dynamic, creative, inovators, assessors. Again, with conscious thought and reflections, my group members brought in perspectives and strength deeply rooted in their experience and skills as a prospective international social worker that enabled my group to work effectively as we progressed further to accomplish our group task.

Throughout working with my group, I participated actively especially in the task given to me, I did my best to ensure I send in my contribution on time to enable the group to meet up with the stipulated deadline. Thus, this inspired me to read wide and do more research since group members will have the access to read my contributions on our group file created online. I would obviously say I was a team player and implementor because I worked hard my group members and did research on my given task to ensure that my task was completed in due time. I learnt so much from my group members contribution posted online, it broadened my insight and knowledge about my field of studies (International Social work) and on the other shaped my skills and abilities to work amicably with people from different cultural backgrounds.

As the group progressed from the fighting and conflict stage, I can vividly opine that our group is at the last stage where members have understood each other, high level of concern about getting the task done in a timely manner with less attention to interest, status and personal boundaries. Group members work amicably in completing the task with the primary intention to achieve the common goal and success of the group. Nevertheless, in comparing Rapatac where I did my practical placement, I was more of a team player and investigator in the project team (Sustainable Nordost) I worked with and the few days of working with the overall boss at the beginning of my internship. I was however made to study and observe how activities were conducted by staff at Rapatac activity centre for children, working relationship among staff and stakeholders. In comparing Rapatac and my study group, Rapatac has an official and traditional organizational structure that is adhered to strictly by staff, decision making, and authority follows the hierarchy in the organizational structure highlighted during this essay. The overall boss makes the decision from top passed to the manager, thereafter to members and staff of the organization without any objections.

The manager ensures that staff work strictly accordingly in pursuit of the organization decision and goals. Thus, work is done effectively and professionally in a timely manner without any form of conflicts of interest and impediments that will jeopardise the overall success and organizational goal. Staff also stand chances of been fired in the bid of not working according to organizational goals and objective. Though my study group has no official organizational structure as compared to Rapatac where one person (Overall Boss) takes the decision on behalf of all members.

All members are, therefore, participate actively in the group contract and decision making. In contrast, it adversely slows the success and progress of the group especially in decision making due to conflicts of interest that will manifest among group members. Consequently, unresolved conflicts and fights can cause the group to get stuck or fail wholly in carrying out a project that is projected to be achieved. As soon as trust is lost, insecurity sets in, motivation decreases, then members will deliberately back out obviously the group leader is saddled with the responsibility to move on with the task alone, causing frustration that could hinder efficiency and effectiveness ( Reference Chapter 2). In conclusion, working with my study group has taught me the importance of cooperation and working as a team to accomplish any task easily. Conscious effort to respect and recognise people’s viewpoints and opinions while on the other hand dealing with my personal values and beliefs about people from different background.

Now, I have gained in-depth knowledge of why it is necessary to share and accept responsibilities as a member of a group or team with active participation in decision making and the use of good communication. Thus, my self-confidence is developed in exchanging ideas with people in a way to buttress my opinion. As a prospective international social worker, my leadership skills are shaped to function in any team or group work against associated challenges that may transpire, and the capacity identify professional cultures that exist in a team. According to my understanding of ( Reference Chapter 2), to work confidently and effectively with different professional, it is important to understand personal identity as a future social worker.

However, the experiences in the feedback from members of my group and personal observation, I have discovered my dysfunctional way of relating to members of my group and perpetual misrepresentation. I have learnt to appreciate differences in people, adapt and adjust with conscious effort when interacting with members. Hence, if I find myself in a similar situation in the future, I will make frantic effort to accept ideas of other people acknowledging the fact that the differences among people shapes their ideas, perspectives and methods in carrying out tasks

Study on Theory of Group Development essay

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