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Abortion And Society

Updated March 24, 2020

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Abortion And Society essay

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.. would be favored by male society.

Other criticism claims that women who are opposed to abortion do so because they value human well being and those politicians who seek to outlaw abortion come in the name of “family values” (Saarni, 115). Thus pro-choice isnt seen as a stance, which is concerned, about the well being of people. In a quest to establish a womans choice the government is viewed as a powerful entity. Perhaps the issue of choice should be left to the individual instead of the state (Wennberg, 82). In my opinion the right to bear children or not shouldnt be just a womans decision. Why must womens liberation be related to her independent choice and not with a socially intellectual choice where all parties find a middle ground? The statement that the abortion argument is a part of a larger sphere, which includes feminism and that the powers that be are trying to put an end to this, is based on speculation.

If this were true why is it that women have gained power all across the board in all walks of life only to be oppressed in this issue. As for the women who seek the well being for life they naturally side up with the pro-life perspective. To claim that politicians with their own personal agendas are manipulating these women is saying that these women value life alongside their male counter parts and that is the reasoning why many strive towards pro-life. The argument that legal abortion harms public health is yet another reason to re-evaluate the case of abortion.

The fact is that abortion is a complicated procedure that can harm a womans body, disabling from bearing children. Complications include hemorrhaging and laceration of the cesuix (Richardson, 36). Other studies done by Stallworthy, Moolga, Oker and Walsh have reported the complications that occurred during 1,182 legal abortions. While their where no deaths, 9.5% of the patients required blood transfusions, 4.2% had cervical lacerations and 1.2% of the patients uteri were perforated. Post-abortion infection occurred in 27% of these women. Other complications in pregnancy and with abortions state that there is a correlation between pre-mature birth and a womans exposure to abortion (Richardson, 42).

This perhaps has to do with the fact that the cervix could be damaged after the use of instruments to perform abortion (Richardson, 42). In my opinion the facts speak for themselves. Abortion decreases public health and is a dangerous procedure. Other arguments for abortion stem from claims that abortion actually guards public safety by providing an outlet for young women who would have otherwise had a “back alley” abortion (Richardson, 57).

Advocates of this argument would most likely state that since the legalization of abortion an account of accurate records has been kept thus catering to health concerns. Other statements claim that since 1973 the number of women, percentage wise, who are using safer methods has increased (Richardson, 51). In my personal opinion these arguments simply state how legalized abortion has reduce the black market. It doesnt attempt to debate on the ethics of the matter, or doesnt mention the risk factor associated with abortion.

Im sure military force monitoring our cities could reduce crime, yet is this a solution which server the best interest? To argue that society is better off with legalized abortion because it reduces the black market isnt a very good solution. It is a decision that is poor, unethical, and most of all a tremendous health hazard. Another argument, which is often cited as a justification for abortion, is ones economic concerns. Many women who get pregnant but are poor are the first to get an abortion. It seems like that the struggles of modern life create an obstacle for those women in which a child becomes a burden (Saarni, 17).

Is this what our society has come to? Is this the condition of our mothers? It seems like more and more women are redirected towards abortion as a solution to their problems (Saarni, 19). Human life now comes with a price tag, it is no longer regarded as sacred but is seen as a disposable entity when “the going gets tough”. Society no longer values life and is willing to, or demanding that women, especially poor or black women control the number of babies they have or the government will control it for them (Saarni, 24). The critics take the other stance and claim that economics is one of the most important reasons we should keep legal abortions. Legal abortions provides an avenue for underprivileged women who cannot support another child in this world (Saarni, 29).

They claim that abortion is in the best interest for the mother, child and the taxpayers (Saarni, 29). They also claim that abortion services are an equalizer which maintain low birth rates amongst todays women (Saarni, 30). This means that women us abortion as a method of birth control, which enables them to remain independent, carry out a career, and live a free-spirited life. I personally believe that economics isnt a good reason to abort a life.

If one cant afford to bring a life into this world then take all necessary precautions to make sure you wont get pregnant. I dont think abortion is in the best interest of anyone but the selfish mother who has willingly destroyed the life of an unborn baby. Finally, its a shame if modern women feel that abortion is some sort of birth control. It is unfortunate that life isnt valued like it once was and that independence and financial gain gave become the new objectives in life. It is perhaps this mentality to equate abortion with birth control and thus female liberation that is the most dangerous to traditional family values. What does this say about us as a society when we begin to murder our own and then claim that we are modern and civilized? In conclusion, abortion has many ominous consequences and show how the very moral fiber of our society is disintegrating.

It is a moral crime, a crime to the unborn child, a crime to society as a whole and therefor should be outlawed. Bibliography 1. Abortion Opposing Viewpoints, David L. Bender & Bruno Leone, Greenhaven Press 1986. 2.

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Abortion And Society essay

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