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After the World War 2

Updated January 17, 2019

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After the World War 2 essay

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After the World War 2, the cold war had began. Conflict sparked between the Soviet Nation and the United States on the topic on their beliefs in communism and democracy. The Democratic Nations led by the United states while the Soviet Union led the Communist Nations. The aim of the Cold War was to go against communism and the spreading of it, the United States wanted communism to banish, their idea of communism was that it’s existence was only to corrupt and ruin the entire world, they were faced with propaganda, competition in the economy and constant military clashes. The Cold war began on September 3rd and its ending was on 1989.

The Iron Curtains came down on the Eastern Europe in 1945, as it was stated by Winston Churchill in this speech. As stated in Document 1, this was the beginning of the Cold War. The Soviet Union formed countries and named them “Soviet Satellites”, It’s a nation that is effectively dominated by another. These “Soviet Satellites” consisted of Bulgaria, Romania, East Germany, Albania, Yugoslavia, Poland, Czech and Hungary.

After the World War 2 essay

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