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Animal Farm Narrative Essay

Updated April 1, 2019

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Animal Farm Narrative Essay essay

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The Novel Animal Farm, was written by George Orwell. This story takes place on a farm where the animals revolt against the human owner of the land and take control of the farm. During the reign of the animals, many conflicts occur over who holds the most power and who should be making all of the decisions on be-half of the rest of the animals. Eventually Napolean gains power over Snowball.

This causes many problems on the farm because Napolean uses much of the money to entertain himself and does not take necessary action to help the rest of the animals. The author chose to name the book “Animal Farm” because in a literal term, the animals own and run the farm. This is clearly shown in the book when we see the animals force the human owner off the farm and they begin to run everything that happens. This novel belongs to the modern period of British Literature. During this time period, a significant resemblance can be seen between the context of the novel and communism.

The two pigs, Napolean and Snowball, represent the leaders of communism, Stalin and Trotsky. While they hold the power, they both have differing views and attempt to gain a superior power over the other. When Napolean gains total control, it represents what communism turned out to be. This involved one leader controlling the entire body of people and forcing his ways on everyone else.

The author’s point of view is that communism is something that should have never come into existence. He believes that all the power should not belong to one person because that single person will take advantage of their power and use it to their advantage. The effect of this is that it gives the reader the idea that nothing good can come of communism. This makes everyone who reads the novel believe what he believes. This can be a reliable source because what is written in context truly represents history.

Orwell describes his characters indirectly. This is because of the resemblance to the history of communism. Some of the characters were meant to represent an actual human being that once lived, so the description of that character can be taken from the character traits of the actual person that they represent. In conclusion, this book is very good to read if there is a need for another view on communism. It shows how communism comes about and what happens once it is in power. Although everything symbolizes an actual occurrence in real life and may be a little difficult to comprehend, it can easily be translated into something that can be understood, if there is a basic understanding of what communism actually is.

Animal Farm Narrative Essay essay

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