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Applications shall reach the CMC

Updated January 17, 2019

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Applications shall reach the CMC essay

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Applications shall reach the CMC (MMOA-3) via the board portal NLT 31 August 2018. Submissions shall be uploaded to the corresponding web based board portal by the applicant at https:(slash)(slash) Electronic transmission and uploading of applications to the web portal eliminates the requirement for a NAVMC 941 to be completed as required by reference (b): receipt of the completed application shall be provided electronically by CMC (MMOA-3). 7.e.

An example application is available on the MMOA-3, Manpower Management, Manpower&Reserve Affairs website at https:(slash)(slash) 7.f. Applicants should conduct a thorough OMPF review to ensure the accuracy of their electronic record and Master Brief Sheet. 7.g. All applicants should have a current photograph within their OMPF two weeks prior to the convening date of the board.

Reference (d) contain guidance for the update and submission of photographs to HQMC for inclusion in the OMPF. 8. Correspondence forwarded after the deadline shall include full name, rank, unit, EDIPI, and shall be addressed to: “President, FY20 CWO to LDO Selection Board”. Correspondence received after the deadline will only be accepted with the approval of the board president: send late correspondence

Applications shall reach the CMC essay

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