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As a support staff

Updated January 17, 2019

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As a support staff essay

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As a support staff, often we are into the situation where, we need to engage ourselves conversing with others related to the school objectives such as the newsletter, Child report, Performance tracker, Invitation emails to the parents for meetings. Once we enter into a professional school environment, it is important to maintain the professionalism throughout the communication such as email, letter to the parents or a student report. (2) In a classroom set up, we are up to challenge in terms of dealing with different children from a different background.

It is important to identify their cultural differences and work with them appropriately. Gestures we practice here is not necessarily the same in other cultures. What here we follow could have been disrespectful in some other countries and their cultures. For an example, we consider eye contact with someone provides an honest communication. But the same is not the best practices in other cultures.

(2) Nodding your head means approval or yes for something in general practice here. However, in some parts of Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey it refers ‘No’ to something. When communicating with others during that if one closes his/her eyes means that they feel sleepy or bored. Whereas, in Japan, Thailand, and China it represents that ‘I am listening and concentrating’.(3) Regardless of culture and social differences, communication between individuals always needs to be polite, sincere and professional in order to maintain good relationships and for the effective communications.

As a support staff essay

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