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Benefits of Electrical Cars Tesla Motors

Updated August 9, 2022

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Benefits of Electrical Cars Tesla Motors essay

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Information technology and electronic devices have grown exponentially in the United States of America. Majority of devices and other electronic things use electricity, so why not the cars that we operate on daily basis. Electrical cars are trending in an upward direction. Some big companies like Honda, Toyota and Tesla are trying to introduce to us to a new innovation of electric car. The government officials, law makers, scientists and humans in general have a huge concern about our planet and the air that we breath, so to combat the hazardous toxic fumes, companies mentioned above have created various electrical cars. Purchasing an electrical has some disadvantage but it also has a lot of advantage also, that out weight the negatives, some of those benefit are fuel economy, pollution, individual health and low maintenance.

That is why it strongly recommended that we start protecting our planet, our health and health of younger generation by investing by purchasing electrical vehicle. “Electric vehicle refers to the one with power of storage battery for vehicles and drives the wheels with the electric machinery, including pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, and it complies with the requirement of road traffic and safety regulations” (Zhu, 2015, para. 1). One of the newest and biggest electric car producer is Tesla Motors. “Tesla Motors, based in San Carlos, Calif., is in the process of bringing the all-electric Tesla Roadster sports car to market. It is capable of going from zero to 60 mph in around four seconds, has a top speed of better than 130 mph, and can travel up to 250 miles on a single charge. The car’s power comes from its Lithium-ion Energy Storage System, or battery pack, which can be recharged in about 3.5 hours” (Gorbachev, 2010, para. 4).

One of advantages of the electrical cars is fuel economy. Every time an individual goes to the gas station, it seem like price are always on the rise; by switching to hybrid, semi-hybrid or fully electrical vehicle, the owner can save tremendous amount of money by eliminating fuel cost. “Fuel prices are increasing at the highest rate they have done for some time and each day (oil now costs over 100$ a barrel, NYMEX, 2008), as a nation (and as a population) we are being told more and more how we must not continue to use energy at the rate that we currently are doing” (Page, 2009, para. 1). There is a correlation in price of oil and gas, every time oil prices goes up, gas price at the gas station tend to go up too. Ultimately, if an individual wants to save or completely eliminated spending his/her hard earned check at the pump, one should strongly consider buying an electrical vehicle.

Second advantage of electrical car over gas consuming cars is pollution. On daily basis, you hear in the new, how our world is changing and how it is effected by toxic fumes that come from major factories and the cars that we operate. “Our personal vehicles are a major cause of global warming. Collectively, cars and trucks account for nearly one-fifth of all US emissions, emitting around 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other global-warming gases for every gallon of gas”(‘Cars and global warming,’ para. 2). “Hybrid cars represent an important innovation in environment efforts to minimize gasoline consumption and resulting carbon emissions” (Oliver & Rosen, 2010, para. 1). “Hybrid cars reduce greenhouse gas emission by increasing fuel economy by 10 to 40 percent over similar-sized vehicle” (Oliver & Rosen, 2010, para. 1). Fully electrical car completely eliminate emission, since it is not burning fuel. Tesla is one of the newest companies that manufactures electrical cars. “The very purpose of an electrical car is to promote energy innovation; and Tesla Motors’ goal is to achieve this without causing any negative impact on the environment” (Choleman, 2017, p. 3). Ultimately, by switching to electrical car, an individual will not only save money, but will also make the world safer and the air that we breath every second our life cleaner.

Another advantage of electrical car over generic car, is there is no toxic fumes that human breath in on daily basis from exhaust that comes out of back of the car. The toxic fumes are known as carbon dioxide, if an individual inhales to much, it can lead to weak lungs and even worse it can end your life. “ Better air quality will lead to less health problems and cost caused by air pollution”(‘Benefits of electric vehicles,’ 2018, para. 10).

The final advantage of electrical vehicle over generic gas fed vehicle is lower cost on maintaining the vehicle, which can also relate to fuel economy and savings. Even though there have been some questions with hybrid cars and newly created Tesla, on how they catch fire due to batteries and while conducting self-driving test there were some errors and incident, the electrical car are still cheap on maintenance. Hybrid cars, semi-hybrid car, and a newly release Tesla does not require much maintenance. One of the main maintenance procedures or replacements required is batteries. Considering that those cars run on batteries instead of gas. Instead of spending tremendous amount of money on filling up you gas tank, electrical cars use electricity; the owner can charge the vehicle at his residency or a valid charging station in various locations around the world. “Tesla Model S could achieve a range of more than 400 miles” (Fung, 2014, para. 3).

“Tesla Motors creates vehicles that conform to all U.S. safety, environmental and durability standards. The cars include modern safety equipment such as airbags, front crumple zones, side impact protection and 2½ mph bumpers” (Gorbachev, 2010, para. 9). The main repair/replacement issue would be batteries, ultimately making repair/maintenance minimal, and ultimately once again keeping your money safe. “A battery electrical vehicle (BEV) has a lot less moving part than conventional petrol/diesel car. There is relatively little servicing and no expensive exhaust systems, starter motors, fuel injection systems and many other part that are not needed in an AV”(‘Benefits of electric vehicles,’ 2018, para. 3). With less moving parts, there will be less lubrication required; owner will not have to worry about replacing a starter, which is required in regular cars. If the starter goes out, you will have to spend a pretty penny on replacing the starter. By avoiding fuel, the car will run smoother and there will be less residue stuck in fuel lines and will require less preventive flushing of fluids in the vehicle. The only way electrical cars will become an issue, if you completely loose electricity or have an extended power outage.

In conclusion, electrical cars are on the rise, many companies starter implementing hybrid technology and company like Tesla Motors have manufactured a fully electrical cars. Every day you see more and electrical cars on the road. They are fun to drive, eco-friendly by eliminating emission, electrical cars are cheaper on gas, which will help you keeping your wallet stuffed with cash instead of wasting on gas, and it requires less maintenance. “Tesla and three other leading innovators were honored at the 7th annual Designing a Sustainable and Secure World Awards, an event co-sponsored by Global Green USA and Green Cross International” (Gorbachev, 2010).

Benefits of Electrical Cars Tesla Motors essay

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