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The Band Bon Jovi History

Updated July 4, 2022

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The Band Bon Jovi History essay

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Bon Jovi is a popular pop/rock band. The band members are Jon Bon Jovi, Richard Sambora, David Bryan, and Tico Torres. The rock group, Bon Jovi, was formed in 1983.Over the years the rock group has won many awards.

In 1987 they were awarded the American Music Award for the Best Pop/Rock Band, Duo or Group. Then in 1990 they won the Golden Globe Award for Best Song for their song, Blaze of Glory, from Young Guns II soundtrack. Many thought that Bon Jovi had passed its peak when the rock world was changed by the rise of alternative music, but the band overcame that musical climate problem and even became more popular. Some critics dismiss the band as lite metal and, more recently as a hair band; however, Bon Jovi has found true love with the ones who really count: radio, video, and the fans. The main reason the band has stayed popular over the years is due to their sincerity of feeling that comes through in their heartfelt lyrics and emotion-packed sound.

The members of Bon Jovi love what they do and it shows. Jon Bon Jovi is the lead singer for the band. Jon was born on March 2, 1962 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Jon Bon Jovis birth name was John Bongiovi. A record executive, Derek Shulman, with the record company Polygram changed John Bongiovis name to Jon Bon Jovi. Jons father is John Bongiovi, a hairdresser, and his mother is Carol Bongiovi.

Jon has two brothers, Anthony and Matthew. He grew up in Sayreville, New Jersey. He was in the band, Raze, in the eighth grade. Then he attended Sayreville War Memorial High School. During his early teens he was hanging out at local clubs convincing people that one day he would be a rock star. Jon was influenced by rock stars like Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, and the Asbury Jukes.

When he was 16 he was playing clubs. It was not long before he started playing in a ten-piece rhythm and blues band called Atlantic City Expressway with keyboardist David Bryan. Jon Bon Jovi also performed with bands called The Rest, The Lechers, and the Wild Ones. Meanwhile, Richie Sambora was also performing locally with a funk and fusion outfit called the Extremes. The members of Bon Jovi had crossed paths in these early days, but the current group members did not come together until March of 1983. This is when the first Bon Jovi single, Runaway, had become a minor hit.

At that time Jon Bon Jovi was working sweeping floors at a recording studio that his second cousin, Tony Bongiovi, was co-owner of. Jon had written Runaway and recorded a demo of the song at his cousins studio. A local radio station started giving the song Runaway some serious airtime. The success of the song Runaway got Jon Bon Jovi noticed and he realized he needed more than just back-up musicians like that he had used for the song Runaway.This is when Richie Sambora and the other group members signed on and the band came together as a whole. Also this is when Polygram Records executive, Derek Shulman, changed John Bongiovis name to Jon Bon Jovi.

The bands self-titled debut came out January 21, 1984. The album was filled with the groups now- signature power ballads and hooked-filled tunes underscored by soaring guitar riffs and well-crafted melodies. The album was a rugged soulful collection of songs about how tough it is being a teenager. The album went gold and sales were over 500,000. Bon Jovi released their follow-up album, 7800 Farenheit, in April 1985 which included the hit singles Only Lonely and Silent Night. This album sold equally as well as the first album.

The band then started touring as openers for the Scorpions, Kiss, and Judas Priest. This helped the band build up a considerable fan base and to give them a powerful stage presence. Bon Jovi then released the bands third album, Slippery When Wet. The album was powered by songs like Livin on a Prayer and Wanted Dead or Alive. The album went gold and platinum simultaneously within 6 weeks of its release. By April of 1987, Slippery When Wet had sold seven million copies.

The band, Bon Jovi, was on the top of the world. They won the American Music Award and Peoples Choice Awards as Band of the Year. Also, MTV gave Bon Jovi a Best Performance Award for the video Livin on a Prayer. Then in 1990 the band won the Golden Globe Award for Best Song for Blaze of Glory from Young Guns II soundtrack. The Bon Jovi band members all were born in New Jersey and had crossed paths in the early days before the band was formed.

Richard Sambora plays the guitar, piano, sax and trumpet. His nickname is the King of Swing. He is married to actress Heather Locklear and has a child, Ava Elizabeth whom was born on October 4th, 1997. David Bryan (real name: David Bryan Rashbaum) plays the piano and synthetizer.

He is married to April and is the father to twins, Colton and Gabrielle. Tico Torres (real name: Hector Torres) plays the drums and percussion. His nickname is The Hit Man. He was formerly married to model Eva Herzigova, but is currently married to model Maria Alejandra Marquez.

Jon Bon Jovi (real name: John Francis Bongiovi) is the main singer of the band and also plays the guitar, piano, harmonica, and keyboards. His nickname is Captain Kidd and Elvis. He married his highschool sweetheart Dorothea Hurley on April 28, 1989. He is the father of two children, daughter Stephanie Rose born May 31, 1993 and son Jesse James Louis born February 19, 1995. The Bon Jovi band members of Jon Bon Jovi, Richard Sambora, David Bryan, and Tico Torres started out in the bars of New Jersey, but have went to superstardom. They all grew up in the public eye and have matured both professionally and personally.

The bands ten top hits are Its My Life, Ill Be There For You, Always, Thank You For Loving Me, Say It Isnt So, In These Arms, Dry County, Two Story Town, Livin on a Prayer, and Next 100 Years. Since the time the Bon Jovi rock group was formed in 1983 to present they have received many awards like the American Music Award, the Golden Globe Award, and MTV awards. Their heartfelt lyrics and emotion-packed sound in addition to each members love of music has made Bon Jovi a popular and successful band. As the years pass Bon Jovi just gets better and better.

The Band Bon Jovi History essay

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