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Boone and Yost

Updated April 6, 2019

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Boone and Yost essay

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1) Boone and Yost were supportive by establishing good relations with subordinates. They used the participative style where they allow the team to participate in decisions, both coaches were achievements-oriented where they sets challenging goals and seeks improvements in performance. Boone and Yost inspired the team to find solutions to the problems they are facing, because finding solutions is a motivating force for the team. They used these different styles each time they were facing a problem in the team to bring back the team together and let them focus on the relationship. 2) “Attitude reflects leadership, captain”.

That shows that Julius is satisfied by the way his captain is thinking. Managerial leadership has influenced organizational activities in many ways. These influences include motivating subordinates, budgeting scarce resources, and serving as a source of communication. We are referring to the LPC contingency theory. “The first and perhaps most popular, situational theory to be advanced was the Contingency Theory of Leadership Effectiveness’ developed by Fred E. Fiedler” (Bedeian, Glueck 504).

This theory explains that group performance is a result of interaction. (Online reviews) At the beginning, Practices get off to disastrous start, with white players accusing blacks of not playing up to their potential, and blacks accusing white players of failing. According to that, Coach Boone orders black and white youths to spend time together, interviewing one another. The captain’s attitude towards a team is very essential.

It leads the players to reach their victory. 3) Coach Boone is devoid of warmth and humor. Coach Boone inspires the team to follow his mission. He has the experience and ability to work and motivate the team. He has always supported his team by encouraging them at all time in order to perform well and to head towards the victory.

He tried to create equal opportunities between the players in order to maintain a team where everyone is respected. Boone shows to be as tough as any coach comes, and it’s this characteristic that helps bring the blacks and the whites together on the team. Coach Boone was helpful in solving problems that occurred in his team. For example, he wanted the white and black players to communicate between one another. He was ecologically sensitive, a leader who knows the obstacles that are or will face the team.

His vision focused on the team and its members at all times. Regardless that he is tough, his way of dealing with the players, gave them more confidence to themselves. Transformational leadership arose to give Coach Boone its distinctiveness. In the simplest terms, transformational leadership is a process that changes and transforms individuals (Nor house, 2001).What proves that, is that he has the ability to get people to want to change, to improve, and to be led.

4) Coach Boone followed different techniques and styles in order to overcome the prejudice among the players. Prejudice is commonly defined as an unfair negative attitude toward a social group or a member of that group or team. Coach Boone and in order to heal racial tensions between the players, have decided to create some kind on interaction between them. He ordered them to spend more time with each others, to share different races, feelings, customs and background. He even divided them into groups of mixed black and white in their rooms.

5) Coach Yost is a thoroughly honest and moral person. He is passionate about winning and committed to help the players realize their full potential on and off the field. Coach Yost gets along very well with all the players, black or white. Both coaches continually put service to their community above personal desires. Coach Boone believes in motivation of oneself. He has the ability to motivate the others and to examine their feelings.

He never looks back, he is always trying to battle the problems and looking towards the victory.Altough, he was having some difficulties dealing with the committee that was not an obstacle for him. He was moving on a road where only leadership and victory were to win. 6) This film fits into a legacy of films about teens learning to put aside divisiveness and work together; and life-changing growth experiences that teens will carry into adult life. Remember the Titans are an excellent history lesson for younger people who never experienced racial segregation.

This movie shows how a team should be built and how its members should communicate with each other as a group. Learning to win, having confidence and strong will are the bases of bringing people together, to be as one. As well as, the movie describes the Subjugating of the needs and desires of the individual for the greater good of the team and the community. (Online e-article) This movie helped me understand and realize how a member of a group should act and perform. It gave me more attention in observing how people more different races and cultures and cooperation one another.

A great way of learning is to capture the manners of the people within a society and a group and to build a strong relationship as well as confidence.

Boone and Yost essay

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