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Cell phones can cause attention deficit disorders

Updated January 17, 2019

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Cell phones can cause attention deficit disorders essay

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Cell phones can cause attention deficit disorders. Children who take their cell phones to school are less likely to pay attention to lectures and impact their grades. It is a constant distraction and disruptive to the educator who is trying to teach.

It also causes less interactions with other people and keeping them from doing more productive things like exercising and reading. Children with cell phones lose sleep because of talking at night or because of being anxious that they do not miss a call or text, and as a result suffer from headaches and sleepiness during the day, which interferes with learning at school. A number of studies connect delayed cognitive development in children with extended exposure to electronic media. During the first three years of life, changes that happen in the brain become the permanent foundation upon which the brain function is built.

In order for the brain’s neural networks to develop normally during this period, a child needs specific stimuli from the outside environment. When a young child spends too much time in front of a screen and not getting enough stimuli from the real world, the development becomes stunted. It is a risk for children who have cell phones that are connected to social media accounts. There are many sexual predators that use cell phones to prey on children. Children don’t always fully understand the privacy settings and may be too quick to reveal their identity and location. Most children are also not aware that the GPS location services on their cell phones have been activated.

Cell phones can cause attention deficit disorders essay

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