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Ceremonial Howard Stern Award

Updated October 3, 2019

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Ceremonial Howard Stern Award essay

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Ceremonial – Howard Stern Award Know for well, everything.

From playmates too angry drunken dwarfs. The FCC?s most wanted, a legend of his own making, not just a radio personality. This year FM-my category goes to HOWARD STERN. Now you might have heard of Howard or his name chanted in feminist circles along with the word NO! Howard is a man of the people. Since 1997 Howard has done his part to combat breast cancer by giving free breast exams to the women of New York. What a nice guy you say.

According to the article ?Howard Stern caught for malpractice? Joal Ryan 1997, One person thought that it was unlawful to play doctor and administer breast exams and is now suing. This is an example of why Howard deserves this award, he has been fighting through this sort of frivolous allegations since the beginning of his show. Howard Stern?s first radio experience was at Boston University, where he volunteered at the college radio station. Along with several other students, he created an on-air show. Predicting his tendency for controversy, the show was canceled after its first broadcast, which included the comedy sketch Name That Sin, a game show where contestants confessed their worst sins on air.

From this point on the FCC has had their eye on Howard. According to the article ?The Saga Continues: Howard Stern Vs. the FCC? Joal Ryan, 1997. In 1995 alone the FCC fined 1.715 million dollars to clear more than 100 claims of indecency on Howard?s part. Even though Howard and his crew including robin quivers, the late hank the angry drunken dwarf, stuttering john, high-pitch Eric, with the list going on and on, is a bit crude at times. Howard is an excellent morning talk show host that provide information in a unique and humorous to most, way.

Before bringing Howard out I would like have a moment of silence to pay tribute and give thanks to Howard for his efforts in dealing with the Sep 11, 2001 Terrorist attack. As you might know Howard’s studio is in New York, not far from the trade centers. Howard stayed on air to provide a relay for the continuously updating information to his viewers. Other people had left the building in fear but Howard stayed on. He has also set up a relief fund that is doing very well. Along with his constant plugs for Red Cross, The relief fund, and an outlet for discussion of things that are going on in the united states today.

Howard keeps us informed with the daily new and topics of interest. In summary, Congratulations Howard you deserve this award because you are probably the most real celebrity and personally you wake me up every morning with a new twist on something. As the article ?NASA chief quits after 10 years on job? states ?There will be good people who come behind.? Now with no further adieu I bring you Howard stern accepting the award for Most Liked? Bibliography Bibliography 1. Dunn, Marcia. ?Nasa Chief Quits After 10 years on job.? OC Register, 18 Oct.

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Ceremonial Howard Stern Award essay

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