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Updated August 18, 2022

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Indian women are imaged as traditional and cultural personalities. They are practiced to follow the traditional values and traditional of accepting the responsibilities forcefully. The society has shaped the women desire in varies imagery like mother, wife, daughter in law, mother in law and daughter. By the playing these roles women slowly loses their own identity. They are forced to take the responsibilities. Women does not have their individualism and not allow to protest and participate in social activities.

Women responsibilities is to care of children, husband and her family. There are types for each and every relationship. Familial relationship such as mother and daughter, mother and son, mother in law and daughter in law, father and son, father and son in law, father and daughter, brother and sister, mother in law and son law, father in law and daughter in law, husband and wife and other familial relationship comes under interpersonal relationship. Even love relationship also comes under interpersonal relationship.

An interpersonal relationship refers to the association, connection, interaction and bond between two or more people. There are many different types of relationships. This section focuses on four types of relationships: Family relationships, Friendships, Acquaintanceships and love relationships. Love is one of the deepest emotions known to human beings. There are many kinds of love, but most people seek its expression in a dreamy relationship with a compatible partner.

Idealistic relationships are the most meaningful element of life, providing a source of deep fulfillment. The ability to have a healthy, loving relationship is not innate. A great deal of evidence suggests that the ability to form a stable relationship begins in infancy, in a child’s earliest experiences with a caregiver who dependably meets the infant’s needs for food, care, protection, stimulation, and social contact. Those relationships are not destiny, but they appear to establish patterns of relating to others. Failed relationships happen for many reasons, and the failure of a relationship is often a source of great psychological anguish. Most of us have to work consciously to master the skills necessary to make them flourish.

Family relationships are ideally life-long, although as children become teenagers and then adults, it is usual for them to have more independence and for the parental relationship to become less one of guidance and more one of mutual support. . Manju Kapur says about in her view on relationship in an interview Shah Rukh Khan On TED Talks India Nayi Soch; I write novels, and for this I look at relationships deeply. In life we spend the maximum time with family.

And in the same family, girls and boys are brought up differently. Boys are taught they must be responsible for the financial and practical wellbeing of their parents and siblings, find solutions for problems, obviously find a good job. When they get married, it must be to a girl who gels with the family, because she is not only marrying the boy but the entire family. Girls are taught repeatedly to adjust and compromise.

They are taught that the needs of others must always be kept before their own. That is why they know how to be sensitive to other’s emotions. This ability is not seen in boys because it is hardly touched upon in their upbringing.( On TED Talks Indias Nayi Soch)(video transcription). Manju kapur in her novel A Married Women exhibits the impression of middle class women in the society. Manju kapur brings out unique portrayal of man- women relationship and women –women relationship that adjoins interest and magic in the novel.

She concentrates on staging women, taking part in the different context of social and political activities. She fetches out the journey of women in two forms; one is from innocence to experience and another one is from ignorance to knowledge. A Married Woman is different from other novels of Manju kapur because it looks as a revolutionary to set off a different themes and morality. Manju kapur says about in her view on man woman relationship in an interview Shah Rukh Khan On TED Talks India Nayi Soch; As is often seen in a man-woman relationship, if the man does not get his way, he starts showing his anger by screaming, taking offence, throwing tantrums, and sometimes it gets to raising his hand. Whether the issue is big or small, a man’s anger is a weapon he uses to show his power and show the woman her place.

The entire family has got together and made men such that they don’t need to put in any hard work to maintain relationships. The loss because of this is that when the man has to deal with his partner maturely, he fails the test because his emotional education is flawed.( On TED talks Nayi Soch)(video transcription) Astha is only child for her parents. Astha’s parents is worried about her future. They want to make Astha’s life secure. They buy properties and save money for her betterment. Astha parents has two different ideas regarding Astha’s future.

Sita, Astha’s mother believed marriage makes Astha life secures in her old traditional way. She prays for Astha to get good life partner and better life after marriage. Astha’s father is a new thinking person, encourage her to get better education knowing her potentials. He advises her to concentrate in mathematics. He helps Astha to improve in her weaker things. He directs Astha to focus in competitive exams.

He makes his wife to understand about the importance of education. He tries to remove Sita’s old ideas that marriage secures and settles her daughter. Astha’s father pacifies Sita that if Astha passes IAS exam she can get good life partner. Manju Kapur creates new aspect of educating girl through the character of Astha father in this novel. Even though Astha’s father has a good thought regarding daughters getting good education gives them better future he too never thinks beyond marriage. Whether a daughter get educate or not, the result is only marriage.

Here female is not supporting another female. This is womanism. At first glance, this seems similar to the thought process of third wave feminism, which embraced the concept of intersectionality. The difference lies in the valuation placed on intersectionality within the theoretical frameworks. “Womanism espouses the idea that the culture of the woman, which in this case is the focal point of intersection as opposed to class or some other characteristic, is not an element of her femininity, but rather is the lens through which femininity exists “(Womanism)(Wikivvidly).”According to Alice Walker Feminism is incorporated to Womanism “(Encyclopedia)(Womanism).

Astha meets Bunty who is in same area. Bunty has come for holidays from defence training to meet his family. Astha and Bunty fell in love with each other. Her affection towards in her teenage towards Bunty is natural.

From the beginning of the novel Astha’s love relationship with Bunty ends within the short period. Astha is very truthful to Bunty where Bunty is not much truthful to her. Sincerity is missing in their relationship. Astha is unable to forget Bunty.

Astha has been portrayed a strong girl who openly speaks about her likes and dislikes. This nature has imaged in Astha and Bunty relationship also. Many letters are exchanged between them from time to time. Astha lives her own fantasy.

She dreams about Bunty every day. On the other hand Bunty is not able see her. Bunty is force to leave her by Astha’s mother. Astha’s mother plays vital role in Astha’s life. Here also Astha’s relationship with Bunty ends because of Astha’s mother. Even though Astha’s mother is reason for their separation, both Astha and Bunty does not fight much for their relationship.

Bunty tries his best to make meet Astha but he fails. Astha’s mother stops Bunty from meeting Astha. Bunty confess everything to Astha about her mother doings through letters. Teenage love is only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity. Astha’s love relationship with Bunty is also bond of a little foolishness which is unstable. After few years, Astha does her higher studies.

Astha’s parents start thinking about her marriage. While Astha focus on her education, her parents focus on finding bridegroom especially Sita, Astha’s mother. Sita starts finding bridegroom in matrimonial. Every mother thinks of getting marriage when she cross teenage. Mostly at old age the marriage is twelve or thirteen. Sita believes in old traditional values.

So she is curious in Astha’s marriage. Sita’s logic is obvious. Astha has crossed teenage, after her degree completion, Sita wants to arrange Astha’s marriage but Astha does not seem to be hurry in marriage. Astha wish to enjoy her present life.

Astha finds her new love interest Rohan after her break up with Bunty. Astha and Rohan relationship seems to be kind of lust bond. Within the limited period Astha and Rohan share a good friendship bond later on love blooms between them. Astha enjoys new love life.

Astha and Rohan relationship seems to be curiosity of lust, almost its relationship of physical interaction. Relationship is made of trust and understanding, not lust and physical interaction. These kind of relationship does not have a true value of love. Love relationship connect with heart not physical interaction. Physical relation fail to have true emotions and feelings. In the case of Astha, there is some emotion and feeling that leads to physical relation.

Astha and Rohan’s relationship can also be called as platonic relationship. A relationship between two individuals without any feelings or sexual desire for each other is called a platonic relationship. Platonic relationships might end in romantic relationship with both the partners developing mutual love and falling for each other. Astha and Rohan have crush on other which they assume as love. They does not have any particular feelings for each other. Especially Rohan, only for the sexual desire he is being with Astha.

At starting of the relationship Astha just have a crush on him but later it turns into love. Astha and Rohan relation seems to be namesake love. Astha and Rohan feels good with each other within shorter period. So they starts physical relation. One day Astha and Rohan feels cozy in car which leads to physical relation.

People who are present outside watches their physical involvement which embarrasses them. Astha feels the worse and worse. People who are near attempted to break the car window and tries to rape her due to their shameless act. The people attack Rohan, when he tries to intervene they beats him heavily.

On the other side Astha’s parents thinks that their daughter breathes a fresh air. They are blinded by Astha love. If they knew this they may kill her or may not be too. Youngsters sometime fails to understand the parent’s love.

As a mother Sita is right of planning Astha’s marriage. Each and every mother have a fear until their daughter gets a good life partner as Sita has. Sometimes as children become teenagers and adults, there can be an increase in arguments and conflicts with parents as the growing child tries to assert their independence and find their own identity. This is perfectly normal and often calms down once the teenage years have passed.

It is important to have strong communication with family members as, if a healthy relationship is cherished, a family can be a lifelong source of support. The children is unable to understand parents’ point of view. The relationship between Rohan and Astha is not supported by anyone. Most of the love relationship ends without any support. The relationship between Rohan and Astha does not continue for a longer period. Love relationship is one in which you feel very strongly attracted to the other person, both to their personality and, often, also physically.

This is shared by the other person in the relationship this is same thing happens with Astha. Astha and Rohan relationship is connected with love and physical relation. Astha and Rohan relationship is seem to be attraction. Youngster roams as a boyfriends and girlfriends just for a fashion as a passing love. But in the case Astha and Rohan it is not a passing love.

They are close to each other on certain terms. Some relation goes with marriage, some ends within short period and some relation goes longer and longer. Astha’s relationship with Rohan is shorter and Bunty is little bit longer but both ends because of Sita. In the fast changing Indian society the type of relationship is visible everywhere, although it is assisted by traditional concept. Sometimes, this also bring many kinds of falsehoods in making of successful human relationship in upcoming days.

The bond with a family can play a very important role in personal wellbeing and the ability to form other kinds of relationships outside of the family unit such as friendships and love relationships. In the both love relationship Sita is major cause. Sita’s motherly fear is one of the main reason. She has a fear that her daughter have to go in right path. If she misplaced in wrong hands then her future will sure spoiled, Sita’s fear is acceptable. As a mother Sita is right in place and she is justified also.

Even though Sita is major cause of ending the relationship Astha, Rohan and Bunty is the responsible for break up. Breaking a relation is easy when the relation is weak. For Sita it is not easy to breaking their relationship but it is not difficult also. When the relationship is strong, no one can break it even family and friends. Astha’s love affair with Rohan is a physical relation which is not much connected through understanding and trust which makes Sita easy to separate them.

Apparently, it see m to be like infatuation. Astha’s love relationship with Bunty and Rohan is like immature crush. For Astha it is a fairy tale and dreamy love. Astha’s love affair with Bunty seems to be little different while comparing to Astha and Rohan relationship.

In their relationship, they are not connected physically. They have bond of crush with love. They have little understanding. It is not easy for Sita to separate Astha and Bunty. Bunty tries his level best to meet Astha but because of Sita he is unable to meet her.

In Rohan and Astha relationship, Rohan does not take any step to keep their relationship survive. Astha and Rohan relationship is weaker than Astha and Bunty relationship. For Astha it is not easy forget her first teenage love and second love. Even though Astha’s love relationship is like attraction and infatuation. For ending a relationship there can be many reasons like dissatisfaction, exposure, negotiation, termination, resolution and transformation.

Even though Sita is reason for breaking up Astha’s two love affair, it is their responsible to reconcile and fight for their relationship. Age difference, unequal involvement and physical attractiveness are not the problem in both the relation. Vaughan a sociologist says about the relationship breakage: Vaughan ‘getting out of a relationship includes a redefinition of self at several levels: in the private thoughts of the individual, between partners, and in the larger social context in which the relationship exists’. She considered that ‘uncoupling is complete when the partners have defined themselves and are defined by others as separate and independent of each other – when being partners is no longer a major source of identity’. (6)(Vaughan)(Turning Points in Intimate Relationships).

Astha’s parents is in search for bridegroom for Astha finally come to an end. The proposal for Astha comes in her final year of degree. Sita is quite happy in this proposal. Hemant is an MBA degree holder from United States of America. Astha’ first meeting with Hemant gives approval to her marriage. She is quite nervous while meeting Hemant.

She is thinking about her early relationships with Rohan especially. She is in confusion state whether to tell Hemant about Rohan and Bunty. After their meeting within the short period their engagement is done. At June, the wedding date is fixed.

They have a grand wedding. Sita feels shown her fulfillment and desire. Sita is happy in securing life of Astha. With the tears Sita bids adieu to Astha.

Each and every mother fears ends when their daughter marriage happens successfully with good guy like Hemant. Even though Astha is in love with Rohan, she understands her parents’ love which makes her to accept for the marriage. She truly loves her parents. If she refuses for the marriage, it is difficult for her parents. Sita is typical mother who wants her daughter Astha to get better life so she plans her marriage with Hemant after knowing her love affair.

Astha is able to understand her mother love which makes Sita little easy to convince. Only a mother can feel the right thing for her children, especially, when it comes to a daughter’s future, mothers’ feelings are to be right. The couple goes to Kashmir for honeymoon. They enjoys physical relationship at their honeymoon. Astha recalls Rohan while visiting some places. Astha feels that she must come out of Rohan thoughts.

Rohan has abandon her which makes Astha move towards her marital life. She feels Hemant is her husband, he loves her, he respects her, he cares for her and he think her pretty too so she need to forget Rohan. Astha is satisfied with Hemant. She is able forget Rohan and Bunty in Hemant’s love. From the feelings of Astha it is clear that Hemant is a nice person. He gives Astha everything what a wife needs.

The relationship after marriage seems to be true on those days. The marriage life of Astha is going very well. The relationship between Hemant and Astha is started with a bond of love, respect, care, trust, understanding and commitment. In her past love relationships there is love and little understanding but they are not seem to be in commitment.

Astha realizes that Hemant love is true not Rohan’s love. Astha is able to forget Bunty and Rohan is Hemant’s love. Even though Hemant is satisfy with Astha, he is not satisfy with his own life. Hemant feels bad for coming to India.

Only for the sake of his family he is in India. He thinks if he is in America he can earn lots of money. Most of them wishes to live and lead a foreign life. But Astha seems to be different. She makes him understand that the real happiness is with the parents not money. And also she adds money comes and goes, till the last family will be there and we can earn money at cost but not families love.

Money is also need to survive in this world but not more than family. Astha respects the value of relationship, so only is able to make Hemant understand. Hemant and Astha relationship is not started with love at first. They tries to understand each and other.

After that love blossoms in between them. That understanding is the main reason for Astha to step for forgetting Rohan and creates love for Hemant in her heart. Astha and Hemant understands each other so that only he tries to understand about the value of relationship when Astha is explaining about the value of relationship. They have a physical relation with love not lust. Physical relation after marriage grows strong with emotion and feelings. May be, it is a tool for creating a marriage bond in Hemant and Astha relationship.

Hemant shows his love in each and every moment when Astha does not have any feelings for him. Astha’s physical relation with Rohan does not have any feelings apart from lust but Astha’s physical relation with Hemant is not a lust. Steinberg defines love in terms of intimacy, passion, and commitment, which he claims exist in varying levels in different romantic relationships. (Steinberg)) (A triangular theory of love) (A psychological review).

According to Steinberg definition, in Astha and Hemant relationship there is love with intimacy, passion and commitment. But it fails in the relationship between Astha and Rohan. When there is no passion and commitment in love, the relationship ends. Even though Sita separated them, Rohan has no passion and commitment. That is one of the vital reason for their separation. The bonding between mother and the daughter seems to be different after daughter’s marriage.

Before marriage, daughter shares the secrets with friends and sometime to father but after marriage, daughter shares the problems and happiness to mother. The closeness between mother and daughter increase after marriage. Astha’ father is a friend and guide also to her. He motives her in education and gives complete freedom.

Sita used to control her thinking of Astha’s safety. After the retirement of Astha’s father, he become ill. Her mother wants to manage the house alone, so she plans to shift. Astha’s father is able to survive for a longer period. She takes her mother responsibility. It is great lose for Astha, she loses a person who always supports her.

Astha’s bravery of taking her mother’s responsibilities alone after the marriage shows her care and love for her mother. Without the support of Hemant and her mother in law Astha cannot do this. Astha becomes pregnant in two years of her marital life. Every women wants to be a mother. A woman reaches womanhood after she become a mother. The relation between mother and child is purest form and true relationship than any other thing.

Without woman, the universe does not exist. In the male dominated society woman struggles a lot to survive. On those days, during pregnancies. They used to check the baby is girl or boy. Some men tortures the women even during their pregnancies also. Human relationships on those days and present situation varies.

Hemant is a protective husband who have pampers her at normal days itself. In pregnancy situation he treats her like little baby, he pampers her more. And also her mother in law and Hemant does not bother about the child is girl or boy. They are ready to accept both the child. Astha freely enjoys her pregnancy period without any stress and tension.

Like other women in fashionable society Astha does not ignore her time of pregnancy. Astha being a bold women does not hesitate her husband’s love and care, she accepts her desire without any hesitation. Some men ignores their wife during pregnancies. Woman become fat during pregnancy period, some men tease and ignore it. Hemant is opposite character of those men.

He admires Astha during her pregnancy than before. Some of men does not like the physical changes of their wives. They just ignore them or used to show their hatredness towards them. Hemant does not shows any negativity towards her. In order he gives her extra attention. He says “My wife is becoming a woman in front of me” (22) (A Married Woman).

The love and affection of Hemant makes Astha more comfortable during her pregnancy period. During the pregnancy period some men ignore their wives and goes to another women. Astha fears that Hemant will go away from her. She notices what happening every time. But Hemant is not like that, he touches her belly, he loves to feel the presence of child.

After the birth of child also Hemant continues his love towards Astha. It is baby girl for them, they name Anuradha. After birth of he become protective father too. He loves and cares so much.

He becomes a lovable and caring father for Anuradha. After the birth of the child, men just carry the child and plays with them, some does not show any love outside and on those days if it is a baby girl they refuse accept the child itself. Hemant is different, as a loving husband he does not hurts Astha, as a caring father he does his duties. Even though Hemant is educated in America, like a typical Indian father he says if next time it not a boy then we can try another time also. That means he accepts the girl baby in some compulsion and he believes that boy child birth makes the family growth.

Hemant helps Astha in Anuradha related works. Hemant take palm and rubs Anuradha’s body. And even he baths Anuradha at every Sunday morning. Hemant used to hear about Indian fatherhood in America.

Hemant and Anuradha relationship symbolizes the growth of love. Manju kapur agrees on the questions ask by Shah Rukh Khan about men taking care of chidren: We should not tell men that this is your responsibility xyz — that is also wrong — and not tell girls that you have to look after things, compromise. If we start from here, there will be a change in society. Totally.

Isn’t this what you wanted to say? She replies “Yes” to it. In A Married woman through Hemant and Astha relationship it is clearly understandable. Both Hemant and Astha take care of their born Baby girl Anuradha. Hemant establish a new business at Noida. He owns factory television sets manufacturing factory.

Day and night Hemant works at factory. He is not able spend time with Astha. From that time onwards the problems between Astha and Hemant starts. At the beginning Astha is not able to understand the changing behaviour of Hemant.

Early morning he goes and comes at late night. Astha wishes to be with Hemant but due to his work Astha cannot spend time with Hemant. Hemant’s new behaviour is rather unavoidable. Hemant want to take care of many responsibilities. His business goes well and he need to take care of his developing business. Apart from the business Hemant need to take care of his family also.

He gives little time to family and more time business. Astha asks to Hemant why he is not spending time with her. Whenever Astha and Hemant have a conversation they speak about business only. She questions Hemant everything.

Hemant explains that he is in busy in his work and he wants to take rest at home. Also he insists her to tell him everything about Astha’s feelings because he is not having any time. Men used to work day and night even sometimes they do not eat and sleep well, they completely works every time for the betterment of the family only. Hemant is also in the same condition, he hardwork for the family but Astha fails to understand Hemant. Most of the woman like Astha fails in it. It is common that a wife wishes to spend time with husband.

What Astha is thinking is not wrong but she must try to understand Hemant’ situation also. Astha and Hemant relationship is not normal relationship like others. Astha wants to be close with Hemant but she cannot. Hemant tries to fulfill the Astha’s wish but is not able to do. Hemant struggles to balance between his wife and business.

Astha keeps on questioning him what is wrong in their relationship. Astha assumption makes a distance in their relationship. She assumes that there is problem in her so that only Hemant keeps a distance with her. But there is nothing like that, Hemant tries to make Astha understand that she thinking too much. In a relationship understanding is most important one.

Though Hemant explains his point of view why is not able to spend time with her she is not able to understand. Astha feels she is not happy because of this distance but how can Hemant be happy. Astha is completely in thoughts of Hemant. She just want to spend time with him.

Apart of this she not at all thinking about anything else. On the other side Hemant is busy with his business. Hemant insists that nothing is wrong in their relationship and no distance too. Sometime men do not have time for woman. Business, job, mental stress and physical tiredness, social responsibilities, etc…, .are the some of the reasons are not able to give time for family. Hemant is also in the same situation.

It is responsibilities of woman to make comfort and understand. Astha instead of understanding him she increases his worry, stress and not even able to take rest. Astha’s behavoiur is not intentional. She just wants to be close with husband. Hemant may have an own reason. Hemant is just thinking about the compulsion of Astha.

Astha compulsion for the sexual desire is common between husband and wife. But sexual desire is not important in a relationship. More than sexual desire, mental satisfaction is important in a relationship which is missing in Astha and Hemant relationship. Is sexual desire is that much important than mental satisfaction in a relationship. Sexual desire is only a part of the relationship. Apart from the sexual relation there is many thing in the relationship which Astha fails to understand on that time.

Even Hemant wants to console only by physical closeness. It is the usual habit of man to console or express their love only by the physical closeness. Hemant is not a nature of man who is far away from physical closeness. When he need to have a physical closeness with Astha he comes close her. Hemant always tries to console Astha’s dissatisfaction by showing physical closeness towards her. By showing the physical closeness towards Astha he is not just full-filing Astha’s dissatisfaction instead he is full-filing his own dissatisfaction also.

Hemant and Astha relationship is bond of love, trust and understanding at the beginning of their relationship. At the beginning of their relationship both trust and understand each other but slowly it disappears. When sexual desire becomes more important than anything else in the relationship, the trust and understanding will slowly disappear in any relationship. During the Astha’s pregnancy time, at some situation Astha trust on Hemant turns over into doubt on him. When other women speaks about the men goes to other woman for the physical relation due to the woman physical change she starts doubting on him instead of trusting . On that time understanding disappears for some period.

Astha notices Hemant’s behavior but within the short period Astha trust Hemant that he cannot do this because he loves her and for Hemant physical changes is not important, so he cannot keep relation with any other woman. But when it comes to physical closeness Astha is not able to understand Hemant. Astha is unable to handle the situation. Both tries to manage the situation only by the physical closeness. Actually they are not managing the situation it is their relationship by physical closeness. Martial relationship does not only survive with physical closeness or sexual desire.

To keep surviving the relationship the couple wants to trust, sacrifice, love and understand each other. Astha and Hemant fails to make it in their relationship. Astha slowly starts to realize the importance of marriage. Marriage means sacrifice of personal interest, personal feeling, personal emotions, giving own space, self- pride, own happiness and own comfort.

Couple need to give space to other and respect each other feelings, thought and emotions. Martial relationship is commitment which leads to sacrificial. When Astha starts understanding what relationship is, the distance between Astha and Hemant slowly decreases. If there is no mutual understanding, commitment and respect for each other in the marital relationship. Hemant and Astha martial relation also suffers from the same problem. They are distracting from the aspirations and determinations.

Their relationship is in uncommon circumstances. Astha soon realizes about what is marital relation. Astha’s realization makes their relation in a different mode. Astha realization save their relationship. Physical relation is more not more important than partners comfort zone.

Hazan and Shaver defining love using Ainsworth’s attachment theory, as comprising proximity, emotional support, self-exploration, and separation distress when parted from the loved one. (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology) (Hazan. C and Shaver) (Romantic love conceptualized as an attachment process). After the birth of her son Himanshu, Astha’s responsibility increases and she feels her family is complete. Astha takes care of her mother, mother in law, husband, daughter and her son. Now she is mother of two children, wife of a dutiful husband and daughter in law of rich parents.

Astha is happy with her family. Her happiness shows the glimpse of satisfaction in life that she has full-filling her responsibility properly. But the situation in their relationship remains the same. Hemant is still busy with his business, his business increases day by day.

Hemant is developing is business at one side and on other side Astha is looking after the family. After becoming parents of daughter and son, Hemant and Astha are growing up maturely. Astha and Hemant’s relationship survives now not only by love but also by trusting and understanding each other, especially Astha sacrifices her stubbornness towards physical closeness. Astha and Hemant are not egoistic person. There is no ego in their relationship.

Astha and Hemant starts sacrificing their desires directly or indirectly slowly. When Hemant goes wrong, Astha tries to make him understand. And likewise Hemant also do the same. Astha starts thinking about her own identity.

Astha is proving that she is a good mother, daughter in law, daughter and wife. She has an identity as a mother, wife, daughter and daughter in law only. When some people speaks about what woman is, Astha starts questioning herself for her identity. As Astha aspires for her own identity, she completely busy in searching it. Her transformation is because she is unable to bear the distance between them.

Hemant’s business going prosperous and prosperous day by day because of government policies. Since India is a huge country Hemant gets may orders. On the other hand political parties opposes the policies and raises the voice against poor. The prosperity in the business makes Hemant busy.

He used to go to the business trips often and brings many things from there. Hemant and Astha both are busy in their own world. Though Astha is busy for her own identity she hardly misses Hemant. She is in search of independence.

Astha in laws is rich and cares her too. She has no problems in her in laws house. But Astha wishes to work at school. Astha and Sita used to speak through letters. Astha’s mother is in Haridwar.

More than Astha’s in laws, Astha mother fails to support her. Astha wants to join the school. She feels happy that her mother is in Harirdwar. Being a woman Sita always stops the growth of Astha in certain things. According to Sita, a married woman must take care of children and family only. She wants lead a life by doing households work and caring the family but not by working.

Always Astha’s father supports her in education and going out freely. He completely gives her freedom by trusting Astha. But Sita always stops her from education and going out of the house. Astha’s father makes Sita understand each and every time while Astha’s father speaking about her education she speaks about Astha’s marriage. On early days it is common that a man stops a woman from educating, going out of the house, working and participating in social problems.

But most of the woman also against for all these things like Sita. It is opposite situation here. In Astha’s situation, her father is supporting her and letting her in own way. Always a mother supports their daughter and father stops her. But in Astha’s situation it is Sita who always fails to support.

As a mother her fear for better future is reasonable, so that only she stops Astha from going out freely. As a mother breaking Astha’s relationship with Rohan and Bunty is acceptable but stopping her from education and doing work is not acceptable. Astha is a married woman now, after becoming a mother of two child also Sita stops Astha means, it is not acceptable. In this situation also it is fear of Sita that making her to do this. If Astha goes to work, she will be in busy in work and not able to look after her children, husband and family. Sita fears that her aspiration for her own identity may not create problem in her marital life.

Astha father is also not there for supporting her. It is difficult for Astha to get own identity. Sita fails to understand that a woman can maintain the house and work. Still Sita is not able to understand her daughter that she can balance between her aspiration and marital life.

Understanding is very important in any kind of relationship. If Astha does not understand Sita then she will not able to marry Hemant. Only because for the benefit of her parents Astha accepts marrying Hemant. But now is the time for Sita to understand and support Astha. Astha keeps in first step for achieving her identity. Astha in laws also does not stops her.

Sita absence is plus point for Astha, or else she will be first hurdle for Astha. Astha writes letters to Sita from time to time. She writes about the meaning of life. During the childhood a mother teaches daughter about the value of life. After growing up daughter becomes mother of her mother and explains about value of life.

Astha also do the same she tries to make Sita undertand about the meaning of life and women power. Astha writes poem very well. When Astha shows Hemant her poems he praises her a lot. A wife will not bother if others are not praising her but she bothers if husband fails to praise her. Hemant makes Astha happy by praising her poems. Hemant is also appreciable husband because he does not stops Astha from her dreams.

After the death of Astha,s father , it is Hemant who supports her now but not like Astha’s father he supports a little. Sita cannot speak anything against her husband and son in law. Sita is old traditional women. On those days women does not speak anything against her husband and son in laws. Even they will speak very few only and give respect to them, their words and obey what they says etc… Sita follows those traditions.

Now a days, mother in law and son in law relationship mostly seems to be a son and mother relationship. Mother in law respects son in law and listens to son in law but she thinks him as her son. But here, Hemant use to think her as mother only, he respects Sita as his mother and listens to her. He allows Astha to take care of her. After the death of Astha’s father, Hemant leaving Astha to take of her mother is appreciable. Some women are not allow keep a close relation with her parental home.

Astha is able take the responsible freely. He gives Astha her own independence. Hemant is respectable son in law and husband who understands the problems of his mother in law Sita and wife Astha. Not only Hemant, his mother also supports Astha. Astha’s mother in law is not like a typical mother in law.

Astha and her mother relationship goes smoothly. Astha’s mother in law also supports her in gong job and taking care of her mother. Rarely only it happens because mostly mother does not support her daughter in law. But Hemant’s mother support Astha is noticeable. With support of her in laws, Astha goes to school as a teacher.

In 1987 the principal of the school inviting Street Theatre Group for a workshop. Astha is an ability teacher, so principal wishes Astha guide them. Principal introduces Aijaz Akhtar Khan, the founder of Street Theatre Group to Astha. Aijaz is well known personality who is always keeps himself busy in social works. Astha meets him and within the fifteen days they get close with each other.

She is loving to watch Aijaz at stage, especially his spirit, approach towards life and everything about him. In these fifteen days she is viewing a little thing which makes a huge transformation in Astha. Because of Aijaz, Astha is getting new meaning in her life. The relationship between Astha and Aijaz is just friendship.

It is not easy for a woman to speak freely an unknown person but for Astha it not even a problem. Her love relationship in teenage and collage days is an example. Rohan is her collegement and Bunty is her neighbour both are unknown for her but the attraction towards them make her to be in a relationship. Only for the work Astha and Aijaz communicates with each other which has later turn on friendship. Only for the friendship attraction does not works. Friendship is a relationship bond of affection and understanding. The bond of friendship begins only after good understanding. Astha and Aijaz relation grows as friendship. They can freely share their problems. They understand each other. Some matters cannot be with anyone but we can share with our friends. Likewise Astha and Aijaz also shares. The relationship between Aijaz and Astha is an interpersonal bond. Interpersonal relationship bonds with love, solidary, regular businesss interactions and social commitment. Not only familial relationship is called interpersonal relation, friendship is also an interpersonal relation only. The bond between Astha and Aijaz grows as friendship is because of business and social commitment. If the bond of Astha and Aijaz is wrong on the view of society is only because of their marital and religious status. After meeting Aijaz, Astha’s life is completely changing. Her excitement increases day by day. She is experiencing something knew and gaining knowledge. Astha and Aijaz relationship is bond of loyalty, kindness, trust, honest, understanding, respect and affection. Friendship bonds with some characteristics such as honesty, loyalty, self-sacrifice, humanity, unselfishness, understanding, sympathy, virtue, empathy, kindness, affection and compassion. Astha and Aijaz relationship has most of these characteristics. When Astha sees Aijaz, she starts respecting him. After that Astha notices each and every actions of Aijaz which makes a friendship bond between them. They are together because of work only, if there is no loyalty and honesty the work does not goes well, so they tries to keep their honesty and loyalty with each other. Aijaz is use to raise slogan for unemployment, he wishes that everyone get jobs. When Aijaz wishes to come to school where Astha works, principal allows Astha to work with him. When Astha questions principal if someone for outside comes he needs an experience person how can I guide him? Principal replies that he does not need any experience because he is dramatizing for unemployment. Aijaz is respectable person who just sees people’s talent only that he is able to change the life of people. Aijaz and Astha friendship bond is little different. Aijaz helps Astha to achieve her aspiration. As a friend Aijaz is with Astha and supports for her growth. Whenever Astha is in problems Aijaz used to help her. As Astha wishes for her identity, Aijaz involves her in social activities. Astha is getting inspiring for Aijaz. Aijaz will not get anything for supporting and helping Astha but he helps and supports only because for friendship. Only in friendship there will be humanity and self-sacrifice. Selflessly Aijaz is doing well for not only Astha but for all. The relationship between Astha and Aijaz is based on the qualities such as humanity, virtue, honesty and loyalty. Aijaz and Astha’s friendship bonding becomes strong day by day. One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understand. Astha and Aijaz tries to understand at the beginning and now after strong friendship bonding they understands each other. When there is some positive vibration and positive attitude, one can achieve their dreams. When there is a friend like Aijaz, Astha will be able achieve her aspirations. Aijaz always gives positivity to Astha. Astha and Aijaz enjoys each other’s company. Their friendship is a reciprocal relationship, Astha and Aijaz accepts each other as a friend. Astha and Aijaz friendship is decent relationship. While some friendships can be close and some friends choose to greet each other by hugging or kissing on the cheek, other friendships may have no physical contact, or may simply shake hands. Physically intimate or romantic contact is not appropriate in a friendship. These physical contacts are not in Aijaz and Astha relationship. Friendship does not bonds with any physical relation. In 1980s a man and a woman hugs in the name of friendship then it is wrong in front of society, it is impossible to happen. That kind of is not in between Aijaz and Astha. Their friendship is pure and true relationship. Their friendship has no jealousy, ego and hatred. Aijaz is a revolutionary man, he guides the people. He is antagonistic towards communal feelings of the people. It is period of Hindu and Muslim religious controversy war. People fights with each other for this controversy. Astha is Hindu woman and Aijaz is Muslim man, both became as good. Because of the religious controversy they suffers a lot. People does not understanding their friendship, that, for friendship religious does not matters, only truth, trust, understanding, honest, self- sacrifice, kindness and unselfishness. Aijaz’s love relationship also faces Hindu- Muslim controversy. Because he is in love with Pipeelika, a Hindu girl. He hates the people who are thinking wrong ideas in the name of religious. Pipeelika is also revolutionary woman by nature and keeps isolate from the conventional society. Aijaz is neither in favour of mosque nor appreciates the construction. Pipeelika’s mother raises the questions regarding his religion. Her mother plans her marriage with Hindu boy. Every mother has a special plan for her daughter’s marriage like Pipeelika’s mother. As a single parent Pipeelika mother cannot do anything, only her parents support is there for Pipeelika’s mother. Pipeelika and her mother relationship openly clears that Pipeelika is not understanding her mother and stands for her love. Pipeelika and Aijaz relationship faces religious controversy. Even Pipeelika’s grandmother tries to make her understand. Pipeelika argues with her mother for her love. She tries to explain them that he is a good man, sensitive, intelligent, social commitment, a history professor and theatre activist. And also she shouts at her for rejecting Aijaz only that he is a Muslim. Pipeelika and mother’s relationship is not weak, it seems to be weak because Pipeelika and Aijaz relationship is strong. Their love is stronger than any other controversies. In spite of Pipeelika’s mothers opposition she decides to marry Aijaz. Pipeelika marries Aijaz at Tees Hazari Civil Court of New Delhi. No relatives are not present in their marriage. Marital relationship must start with the blessings of the parents. But without anyone’s blessings Aijaz and Pipeelika’s marriage is happens. Only Neeraj their friend is present for the witness. Two partners must trust each other in this relationship. A sense of respect and mutual admiration is essential. In their relationship there trust, mutual understanding, respect and love is there. That’s why Pipeelika and Aijaz decides to marry. Both understands and supports each other. Pipeelika leaves Aijaz in involving social activities, especially in Babri Masjid controversy.

She knows that this will make their life danger but she allows Aijaz. Only because she loves him, she supports him which clears their understanding. In the novel their relationship is strongest one. Aijaz as a good friend makes Astha in involving in social activities. Aijaz persuading Astha in performing his stage play regarding Baber Masjid: Fact, Fiction and You. Since Aijaz is the social activist his life is in danger. After this stage performance the dangerous increases. Astha is very enthusiastic regarding this play. She is very dedicate person so that only she is able to be sincere in the play. Hermant cannot understand the mood of Astha. But he does not fails in appreciating her work. Every wife wishes appreciation from the husband which Hemant gives Astha. He never fails to appreciate her talent. This appreciation gives Astha some moral support and encouragement. Unfortunately Aijaz and Street Theatre Group artists are no more. Their dead bodies floats on the river. Astha cannot read this news anymore. Because she loses her good friend. With teary eyes she states a man who wishes something good is dead now. Only because he trying to reach something good to people he is no more now. Astha and Aijaz are close to each other. When Astha sees Hemant, he has no feelings and emotions for him at all. Astha becomes anger. She questioning him that ten men is no more now, he does not have any feelings for him. If Hemant understands Astha, he can atleast try to mourn for them. He fails to understand Astha. If does not understand Astha also, on the humanity bases it may show his feelings but Hemant does not show any sympathy towards them. The premature death of Aijaz brings Astha a great shock. She cannot bear the death of Aijaz. She is also an artist, she realizing the pain and suffering. Hemant does not have any feelings for Aijaz’s death. So Astha is struggling to find a solace and result is only isolation and dejection. If Hemant understands her then there no problem but he fails understanding her. If he does not have any feelings for Aijaz’s death is somewhat tolerable but atleast he can try to understand his wife’s pain which he fails and it not tolerable. When Astha needs Hemant, he is not with her and fail to support Astha. Astha and Hemant relationship struggles in lack of understanding only. Marital relationship is based love with trust and understanding.

In Astha’s and Hemant’s relationship love is there but not understanding. Their relationship is completely depending on physical interaction. Astha has lost her friend who always supports in her growth and everything. As a wife she starts to understand him but Hemant fails. He must altleast try to understand by seeing her teary eyes and face but not, he is in his own world. Her each and every activities clears that she need solace. If Hemant does not giving solace then who can give it for her because Astha mother is at Haridwar and two kids cannot even understand what is going on. Martial relationship is not only on the bases of physical interaction but also it needs some partnership. Partnership in the sense when both husband and wife need each other they must be with each other. Astha’s isolation makes her to participate in social activities. Her motive is justice for Aijaz only. She raises slogans for Aijaz. Astha proves her as good friend and good human. A good friend is to be with the friend in the critical situation also which Astha proves. Now Astha takes Aijaz position and fight for the right justice. She needs the justice for not only her friend Aijaz but also for the ten men death. Her isolation and dejection turns into anger. She participate in each and every social problems as Aijaz use to do. To make Aijaz’s soul peace she fights hardly. Her boldness, energy, and brevity is at peak position which is not in before. This only because of her friend Aijaz death. After the death of Aijaz also their friendship lives, that’s why Astha is fighting for him and standing in his place. Astha is busy in her social works day and night. So she is unable to spend time with her family, especially with her daughter Anuradha and son Himanshu. Anuradha and Himanshu need their mother love and caring. They wishes to be her always. She is not able to spend time with them but loves and cares for them. Astha is completely busy in getting justice for Aijaz. Children expects mother’s love and caring only which Asha is unable to give properly. Already Anuradha and Himanshu is missing Astha because her school work, stage play and little social works. Now her social responsibilities increases so she cannot give proper time to children. Astha misses Anuradha birthday. Anuradha is waiting for her in party but she comes after the party which makes Anuradha sad and disappointing. Astha promises her that she will come to the party but she breaks her promise and also Anuradha’s heart. Even Himanshu wishes to be with his mother only. He loves to go to Astha’s school more than his school only because he can spend time Astha a little. Always children needs their mother at any cost. When the child feels for the mother love than mother also feels it. It is the bond of mother love, but Astha does not shows any motherly love because of her busyness. Astha must make close bond with her children for their purpose. Hemant plans a Goa trip in order to spend with Astha and his children. Astha’ activities makes Hemant’s anger. She is not giving time him and children. This creates a tension in Astha’s mind. Already she has a tension regarding her social activities. So keep her mind relax she accepts going to Goa trip. Anuradha and Himanshu is happy that they going to be with their parents. Both are not able to give proper time to children.

Hemant plans this trip especially for the physical interaction with Astha. For the long time they do not have any physical interaction. On the contrary, it is producing upheaval and disaster only because Astha does not finds any interest on Hemant company. It is difficult for Astha to be with him. In each and every moment she feels agitate and intolerable for her. Hemant and Astha relationship seems to be in distance way. Astha found Hemant little possessive. She feels every men come closer when they need and it is according to them only. In martial relationship physical relation helps to bond their relationship but not apart from love. When the partners shows some love and caring all the time apart from physical interaction so it can be survive. In Astha and Hemant’s relationship is also the same. First Astha wishes physical closeness and now Hemant, Astha is away from because he does not show any interest on her when she is in mourn of Aijaz dealth. He does not even given a solace to her. On that time he fails to understand her. And now in the trip also he fails to understand Astha because she is in tension regarding social mission. Here also understanding plays vital role in their relationship. Astha spending more time in social activites creates a distance between them. Hemant is starts to dislike it. He has no problem in involving in social activities at starting but now Hemant disliking it. Because Astha is not giving him time and also family. He thinks Astha need to take care of family also. He heartily left herfor working and some social involvement. Even he does not having problem that Astha participates in Babri- Ayodhya movement which is organized by Hindu and Muslim harmony and brotherhood. At first Hemant refuses Astha to participate seeing the consequences and safety of his family, he fails to understand the real consequence behind it but later on he leaves according to her unwillingly sometime he teases her. But Hemant needs a complete house wife now. Astha’s mother in law opens for the regarding Babri- Ayodhya movement. She ask her think about her children life. But Astha risking her life she is participating in the Babri- Ayodhya movement. In Ayodhya, the relationship between Astha and Pipeelika starts. Astha meets Pipeelika in Babri- Ayodhya movement. Pipeelika is also there for participating in the movement. Astha and Pipeelika have same feelings regarding religion. They shares good moment within a little time. In first few minutes Astha does not identify Pipeelika. Later on Pipeelika shows her intentions. Pipeelika is examining Astha. Reshana says to Astha that Pipeelika is Aijaz’s wife. Astha is not believing she meet Aijaz’s wife. She recalls her memories with Aijaz. Astha and Pipeelika have a good bond at Ayodhya. When Astha returns to Delhi, Anuradtha and Himashu hugs her. Hemant gives nice welcome gesture. Anuradha and Himanshu missing their mother, so her arrival is sweet treat to them. She notices condemn in the suitcase of Hemant. She is doubting Hemant and she is in anger too. Astha burst out after seeing it. Astha imagines many things. Her womanhood cannot be tolerate anymore. She throws the suitcase in front of Hemant. She questioning him in anger that with whom he has slept. After seeing condemn she loses in hopes on Hemant, she leaves the words as who has slept with him girlfriend or she has just travel him. Hemant does not stays for a longtime in a place. If Astha trust Hemant then it will not be such a big fight. Only Astha is shouting.

She cannot resist her anymore. She is saying to Hemant it is a big thing and serious to her. Seeing condemn in the suitcase is not smaller thing. Without any anger Hemant makes her understand it is his clients. His client has make an arrangement in a club. He does not uses this before the arrival of the girl he gently comes out. The client forces to have this condemn as he wish to give Hemant a girl. Astha fails to trust Hemant. During her pregnancy period also she loses the faith on Hemant by believing some woman words and now seeing this condemn. Any woman reacts like Astha only but if she tries to understand him means it will not go so much wrong. After hearing the words of Hemant that he is not that type of guy she built hopes on him. Even the condemn is not even used, again and again their relationship struggles in lack of trust and understanding. Astha and Pipeelika relationship is most special part in the novel. Their relationship is sense of unorthodoxy. Woman and woman relationship on the bases of physical interaction is not common in our society. People cannot be do this even in dreams and imagine in our Indian tradition. These kind of relationship is becoming in reality in our society also. Like Astha and Pipeelika’s there are many unnatural relationship in our society. In 1980s itself Astha and Pipeelika has bold enough to take such a step. Their relationship is called as lesbianism. Lesbian feminism is a cultural movement and critical perspective, most influential in the 1970s and early 1980s it is primarily in North America and Western Europe, that encourages women to direct their energies toward other women rather than men, and often advocates lesbianism as the logical result of feminism. Lesbian feminists consider same-sex relationships legitimate and use their lesbian identity as a basis for community building and collective action. Lesbian feminism challenges the perception of heterosexuality and male supremacy as “normal” and presents alternate ways of thinking about gender and power. In the beginning of their bonding Astha cannot find the true intentions of Pipeelika. Pipeelika starts this woman and woman relationship. Pipeelika praises Astha’s painting. They are developing the good intimacy. Gradually the relation between Astha and Pipeelika bonds with intimation. They are crossing their boundaries. Pipeelika initiates this first always. Astha always shows her shyness. One day at bathroom they are doing something which they need to avoid it. Astha and Pipeelika are sitting in the Pipeelika’s flat drinking beer before an early lunch. Pipeelika is pulling the hands of Astha towards the bathroom and makes her to stand in front of the mirror. Pipeelika is totally different kind of woman. She is daring, unorthodox and unconventional. Her mother ask her to remarry her after the death of Aijaz but she refuses. Again Pipeelika refuses her mother’s word. The bond between Pipeelika and her mother is not that much strong. In their relation, whether the problem is in Pipeelika or in her mother it is difficult to find out it. Her mother is not able to make her understand and Pipeelika fails to understand her mother.

If she obeys her mother’s means she and Astha may not be in a relationship. Pipeelika wants to be close with Astha always and in every aspect. Pipeelika crosses all her boundaries without hesitation. She does not need a man to satisty her physical impulse. May be this can be a reason for her not remarrying. She gets extreme pleasure in the company of Astha. She is bold enough and brave to be in a lesbian relationship. But Pipeelika have some planning. She finds pleasure in Astha’s arms. Pipeelika forgets the characteristics of womanhood. She is not able to decide what is wrong and what is right. The intensity between Astha and Pipeelika relationship affects the relationship between Astha and Hemant. All the time Astha begins to think about Pipeeelika instead of her children and Hemant. She is hovering over these consequences of her relationship with Pipeelika and suffers from a sense of guilt. She is quite sensitive in realizing the reality of this type of relationship. It is unorthodox to a certain extent for her to satisfy the physical compulsions of another woman. Now she gives more time to Pipeelika and less time to her house. She gradually gets suspicious about her husband also. Hemant comes close to her and pleases her in his own way. But she moves away. Hemant thinks that their relationship distance is because of condemn but he does not know actually it is not. He says he has no affair with anyone and he only loves her. There are many questions regarding these issues. Whether Hemant is responsible for their lesbian relationship or Astha herself allows her in this relationship. Both is possible in Astha’s situation because both Astha and Pipeelika faces loneliness. Astha gradually keeps her intimacy with Pipeelika in terms of association. Astha’s meeting with Pipeelika increases. Pipeelika drops her at house and pick up her also. Astha without caring even her children she regularly meets her. In the company of Pipeelika, Astha finds an independence and realizes about the importance of independence. Astha thinks that Pipeelika is happy because she is independence and free from responsibilities. Human relationship such as husband and wife and mother and children becomes burden to her. One day she out of frustration to Hemant that she needs independence. By hearing such a words from Astha he gets surprise and can feel new kind Astha as his wife. He realizes the change in Astha. He just asks “Who is putting these ideas on your head’ (63) (A married woman). There is not healthy relationship between Astha and Hemant. Children are the worst suffers. Anuradha and Himanshu scores less marks in examination. Their grading decreases day by day. They does not reads. They do understand the conflicts between their parents. If parents does not keeps eye on children and take care of them then obviously children suffers. Hemant is little caring but completely ignores them When they speak about the conflicts she tries make the children understand but not able understand her own children’s feelings and emotions. The relationship between Astha and Pipeelika creates bad impact on the children. They are deviating from the company of Astha. The relationship between Astha and Pipeelika becomes closer. One day at the apartment Astha is ready to fulfill her strange feelings. Within three months Astha and Pipeelika realize the inevitable. They are talking about the pleasing pleasure in the intimacy. And Astha things how can woman love woman. Pipeelika gets more satisfaction in this relationship. Astha is in dilemma. She thinks she is not free as Pipeelika. She is a wife, daughter in law and a mother of two children. She is have some satisfaction but have many questions. In the beginning of the relationship Astha does not have any interest. Hemant also can find a change in Astha for many days. Astha herself realizes the change in her. Astha does not want this sense of changes in her and also sense of anger present in her. She does not wants to lie anymore to Hemant. She wants says to him everything. The relationship with Pipeelika, Bunty and Rohan.

Only for the sake of their relationship and children she decides to leave Pipeelika. She finds a change in Hemant now, he is loving and caring husband. Astha likes his transformation. In the relationship with Pipeelika always in state of dilemma. She is not able to know the fate regarding this kind of human relationship. Pipeelika does not care about it much. She also understands her dilemma. Astha cannot come to the normal state of relationship. Pipeelika is aware of Astha’s responsibilities and she cannot leave this very easily. They plans Ekta Yatra. She says to Hemant about this. Already Hemant has allow in many social works, stage performance and Babri and Ayodhya protest and now he cannot bear anymore. He is not able believe that his wife going Ekta Yatra from Kashmir to Kanyakumari for one month. He is in a shock state that Astha is leaving him and children and house responsibilities, she is not caring about them. Hemant burst out in anger and says the consequences in it. Astha also need to understand him. Astha realizes her more participation in social activities and thinks about her own prosperous life. She is thinking Pipeelika is having a future plan but what about her. She realizes that she has not pay no attention to her family and their responsibilities. Passion has no control at all. When ambition becomes passion then life will become dangerous. The family becomes nothing when something is in main. Astha’s decisions is self-orient only. Her social involvement is better but too much involvement is risking her life. Astha goes to Ekta Yatra. Her character seems to bundle with many thoughts about the society as well as her relation with Pipeelika. In Ekta Yatra also she is trying to find opportunities for a physical interaction with Pipeelika. After the realization, Astha feels for her children. In Ekta Yatra also us always in contact with her children. Astha realizes the importance of mother and children, husband and wife and other human relationship also. After returning home she realizes importance of human relationship and about woman and woman relationship also. She is happy in experiencing the fulfillment of Ekta Yatra. And also she feels the relationship with Pipelika is nothing. Woman has many responsibilities and wants to change according to the situation. She realizes being in home is not a defeat but victory. She realizes the same in arms of Hemant. Astha goes America with Hemant and her children. They visited many places and enjoys there. Now the relationship between Astha and Hemant is better. There also Hemant tries to keep physical relation with Astha but she refuses. She hears the problems regarding Babri Masjid and Ayodhya in India. She is an activist, she cannot remain for a long period. Many people are losing their lives. After return to India there is nothing normal between Pipeelika and her. Pipeelika scolds her for the miscommunication. They sees each and other and shows love towards each other after the fight. Pipeelika’s business makes Astha to be in house responsibilities. She loses her charm day by day. She is happy thinking that shs is with her family. Astha is pondering over the thoughts of Pipeelika. Babri Masjid demonization makes loses of many lives. She creates a painting at Tagore Street to divert the people from this. She gets appreciation from people especially from Pipeelika which makes her happy. Astha’s relationship with Pipeelika in terms of physical relation is not acceptable. Blaming Hemant is wrong because he works for family only. Hemant cares for family. Astha also must realize her responsibilities which she fails because of this relationship.

She is in search of identity which leads her as teacher, activist and participation in movement. As a woman she has many responsibilities at home also in which fails. Meeting Pipeelika in Ayodhya is normal but getting into a physical relationship with is not right. They fulfills their anger. Hopes, satisfaction and everything in their relationship. Lesbian relationship is not our Indian traditional. It is against in our conventional society. Astha thinks about it in a confusion state. But Pipeelika does not care about it. This is not only Astha’s transformation journey from innocence to experience but also about bold and brave Pipeelika. Astha has a many changes in her life and meaning for because of Aijaz. Pipeelika has no responsibilities but Astha. She finally realizes her responsibilities and importance of human relationship when she feels guilty. After that also she is not be without Pipeelika and trying to keep a relationship with her. Astha’ transformation from innocence to experience and from ignorance to knowledge proves her as a capable woman.


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