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Charles Dickens Great Expectations

Updated April 28, 2020

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Charles Dickens Great Expectations essay

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Comparison between the book end the movie MovieBook takes places in 1980stakes in the 1800s Boys name is Fin BellBoys name is Pip Magi is Fins sisterMrs. Joe is his sister Fin meets the convict in the seaMeets him at the churchyard Joe work as a fisher manJoe is a blacksmith Fin bits his nailsIs not mentioned Takes places in the USTakes places in England Fins sister is nicerShe is mean to him and beats him a lot Name of the old lady is Mrs. DimsmoreMrs. Havisham Joe get Money from Mrs. DimsmoreHe doesnt Fin and Estella meet outside when Joe was picking up moneyThey meet when Fin was invited Joe and Magi bring Fin to the HouseJoes Uncle Pumbelchook brings him to the house The convicts name is ArthurHis name is Mrs.

Magwitch They do catch the convictThey dont catch him Mrs. Dimsmore isnt in her wedding dressShe is She has petsShe doesnt He house isnt very darkHer house is very dark She moves and dancesShe doesnt moves much Fin goes over there to dancesHe goes over there to play cards The Lady pays Fins guardiansShe doesnt Fins drawsHe doesnt They kiss in the water fortuneThey dont Magi leavesMagi dies Fin and Estella go to a Dinner PartyThe never go out Rainier is the name of the lawyerMr.s Jaguar Fin is going to new YorkHe is going to London He is staying by himselfHe is staying with company He stays in the same apartmentHe moves He meets Estella in New York againThe dont meet in London They both smokeIt is not mentioned The convict diesHe doesnt die Estelle says Fin was her first LoveShe doesnt say that Walter is Estella boyfriendDrummble is Estellas boyfriend Estelle has a daughterShe doesnt Mrs. Dimsmore goes to New YorkShe doesnt leave her house Fin and Estella stay togetherThey dont Estella is nicer in the movieShe is mean to him There is a lot of swearingNo swearing They speak FrenchThey dont No PumbelchookPumbelchook is Joes uncle Estella and Fin do have a relationshipThey dont Estella isnt Mrs. Dimsmores daughterShe is Mrs.

Dimsmore seems happyShe is not happy at all There is no Molly, Wemrick, HerbertThere is

Charles Dickens Great Expectations essay

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