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Chief Web Designer

Updated February 19, 2019

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Chief Web Designer essay

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Chief Web Designer Summary A chief web designer is responsible for designing and maintaining the look and feel of a web site as well as designing and publishing content for one key product area on a site. This person will work independently and with other web designers to develop key cross-product areas of the site such as the commerce area, the support area, the galleries, feature tours, product navigation pages, and the home page.

A chief web designer will work with a web design team, product marketing managers, and others to create cutting edge graphics and animations, design and maintain clear navigation and site organization, and create guidelines that ensure consistent branding and corporate identity throughout a site. This person will provide direction to others within the company. The pace and quality of work is very high. The person in this position needs to have expert Flash skills and an intimate knowledge of design and technology on the web. I chose this career because it sounds interesting and challenging. Responsibilities Design main and navigational pages, including the home page and product pages Design and produce web content for one key product area.

Project manage and lead client relationships for designated areas on a site. Work quickly to provide cutting edge design solutions, show multiple design treatments for larger projects, and able to gracefully incorporate input from numerous sources. Create designs and develop publishing systems that can be used by other web designers. Review other web designer’s work to maintain high design/production values and ensure that all content on a site is consistent with the look and feel of the company. Review prospective web designer’s portfolios and help build a strong web design team.

Requirements Expert Flash skills. Formal training in design with a solid understanding of page layout, animation, typography, and branding. A minimum of three years experience as a web developer or art director on a high-traffic web site (exceptions can be made). Ability to write clean HTML codes.

Strong communication and organizational skills. Able to balance multiple projects simultaneously. Ability to respond promptly, effectively, and meet aggressive deadlines. Ability to work with web tech and other web teams to ensure designs can be successfully implemented.

Ability to learn and use new technologies quickly. Ideal Working knowledge of JavaScript and site detection schemes. Experience designing for a database driven web site. Director Shockwave experiences. Energetic, organized, and flexible. Location Virtually anywhere in the United States.

States like California, New York and Michigan, which are on the rise of technology, are especially hiring. Salary A chief web designer is usually independent and is paid by the work done. $80,000 per site is a typical salary in the high technology states.

Chief Web Designer essay

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