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City Of Angels

Updated December 11, 2019

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City Of Angels essay

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City Of Angels The film City of Angels depicts the existence of an angel watching over a doctor who is deeply shaken by the loss of one of her patients, thus making the reality of angels on earth a possibility for me. Not only does this film make me seriously consider the existence of celestial beings, but I now believe in the possibility that a guardian angel is looking after me. The belief in such beings can be comforting during times of need and in matters of life and death. City of Angels portrays the grace of Heaven meeting the beauty of Earth. Two souls, one mortal and one celestial, must struggle with their willingness and their need to sacrifice everything familiar for the sake of love.

Seth is the guardian angel who watches over Dr. Maggie Rice. After learning that it is possible for an angel to become mortal if his love for a woman is deep enough, he realizes the strength of his love for Maggie and agrees to fall from heaven to be with her. Until I watched City of Angels, the thought of invisible beings guiding and protecting me was not a major interest of mine.

At the age of eight my uncle, whom I was very close to, passed away, and his death was tragic. Being young and not understanding the concept of death, I had endless questions. “Where do people go when they die?” “Is there really a heaven or hell?” “Are their souls still on earth, just not visible to humans?” Providing some explanation to my uncertainties, the scene in the film involving a library book with a mysterious origin suggests one method in which angels could convey subliminal messages. Seth leaves the book with a section marked for Maggie to consider the existence of angels around her. This scene gives me the sense of spiritual beings roaming earth after death. So where is my late uncle now? In contrast with the belief that a person’s soul travels to Heaven or Hell after death, I feel that my uncle’s soul is still nearby.

It is clear that my uncle is my guardian angel. Similarly to the scene in City of Angels where Seth leaves the book on the nightstand to send a message, I have felt as though my uncle was present in a time of concern. Around the age of eighteen my aunt, his widowed wife, began feeling ill, and ironically in one of my dreams she was admitted to the hospital. He appeared, without communication, suggesting my aunt will be all right. Within a few days of my dream she seemed healthier.

This dream occurrence has given me the comforting idea of a departed-loved one returning as an angel. City of Angels provides a foundation for my beliefs on death and the likelihood of life thereafter. I now accept that the souls of lost loved ones can become angels watching over, protecting, and guiding me as my uncle does. The belief in angels may be a myth or difficult to explain, but believing my uncle has returned to earth as an angel is comforting because I feel he is safe.

In this lifetime, I may never know the true answer to where the human soul travels after death; however, having a guardian angel provides me with a sense of peace and security. Cinema and Television.

City Of Angels essay

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