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Could Have Been Different

Updated June 17, 2019

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Could Have Been Different essay

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Could Have Been Different I had a situation once when I wished that I could have re run it. If only I had thought about what was happening and the power that I actually had, I would have had an entirely different situation at hand. I could have prevented the whole thing a lot sooner. The whole thing started when I was working at an auto shop called Car Quest. My friend Tammy had just gotten me the job starting as a cashier.

Even in the few days that I worked there, I loved my job and everyone I worked with. . I really liked my boss because he was always so cool to me, letting me do my homework with my free time when no customers were around and letting me just mess around with the guys I worked with. Soon, I was beginning to close the store alone with my boss, a lot.

He would make weird comments and things but I never really questioned them. I thought that maybe he was just kidding around as everyone there always did. One night when I was finished closing my drawer with my boss Lonnie, we were heading to the front of the store when he told me he had something to say but it could wait until the next time I worked with him. I insisted that he tell me then.

He pulled me to the side and started telling me how beautiful I was and what a great personality I had. I didn’t know what to say so I just said “thanks”. Ever since then he started to ask if I would kiss him and all these offensive things. I guess I just never knew what to say to him.

I mean I was 16 and he was like 50. That was like him being my dad. I went through this for a long time before I got the nerve to tell my other boss at work Kathy. I guess she wasn’t really my other boss; she was just the only other woman I worked with that could help me out. I told her the entire situation and that I was getting sick of Lonnie’s comments.

Once I had told her this she told me that Lonnie was married and had two sons. I thought that was worse. I was beginning to get scared that something more would happen. After we started to talk to his boss and do everything necessary to get Lonnie out, someone had told him what I was doing and he started treating me like crap. He would tell me my shoes, which I wore the whole time I worked there, were inappropriate, or that my clothes were inappropriate. People had to start closing with him and I because things would get so out of hand between the both of us with screaming and yelling at each other.

The next thing I knew every day of work was hell. The job I once loved to death, I now hated to death. The next thing I knew Lonnie had closed the store and laid everyone off. He was originally brought to our store to clean things up since our store wasn’t doing too well.

He had the choice of closing the store or keeping it open and making it better. Because he found out that I was basically telling on him, he closed the store. Because of me everyone lost their jobs, and he got away with what he did to me. If I could go back and change everything that happened, I would. I would have stopped Lonnie the first day he ever said anything to me. Or I would have just quit the job before everything that happened, happened.

I wish I never went through it and I hope that no one else will have to either. I couldn’t imagine if the situation got worse. Now that I have experienced something like this, I will never ever let it happen again. So in a way what happened was good.

I learned something out of it. Stop the situation before it begins.

Could Have Been Different essay

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