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Management and Human Resources Personal Statement

Updated August 13, 2022

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Management and Human Resources Personal Statement essay

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As a Human Resources (HR) Recruiter, at Lifespire, Inc. it is my responsibility to hire the most devoted and qualified people. Lifespire, is one of the largest non-profit organizations that serve people diagnosed with intellectual and physical disabilities. My experiences there have convinced me that I possess the requisite interpersonal and communication skills to excel as a Recruiter. Moreover, it has given me the necessary determination to pursue and achieve my career goals.

My passion also stems from knowing that I will be able to assist the organization with bridging current gaps and dealing with future problems in the HR management department. I strongly believe that Stony Brook University, School of Development will formalize and enhance my flairs. The master’s degree appeals to me greatly, not only because it will equip me the necessary knowledge and enhance set skills, it will also be crucial in my long-term overall growth, effectiveness. In preparation for the HR field, I explored different avenues. Prior to being hired with Lifespire, I interned and worked in a several organizations and was exposed to people from all walks of life. My experiences were transformational and helped me to gravitate more towards the HR field.

At Lifespire, I started as a temp and due to hard work, diligence and dedication, I was immediately hired on fully time basis as the HR Coordinator. Seven months later, my supervisor, the Vice President of HR, recommended me for promotion as a HR Recruiter. To further enhance my skills, I attended Sheppard Mullin’s Labor & Employment Law seminars whereby, I gained insights on what it takes to excel at organizational management. Additionally, the CEO at Lifespire nominated me to be part of a professional project called the “Training Collaborative for Innovative Leadership”. Correspondingly, I had the privilege of joining the vice president, director and manager of HR at conference facilitated by COPA Human Resources Professionals at Spring Saratoga. Over the past few month, I’ve had to research, study, and learn new trades, while balancing my work and study schedule effectively.

This has lead me to believe that I am ready for the high demands of a graduate level education. These highlights in my career, in such a short period of time, helped me realized that I need to bridge the gap between my education and my experiences. Being amongst such effective leaders has reassured me that with due diligence I can pursue and obtain a graduate level education. For this reason I would like to commit to becoming a part- time student.

It will definitely afford me more flexibility in terms of balancing my work responsibilities and the study demands of the university. Additionally, I am interested in taking online courses as they further facilitate flexibility and efficacy of time management. The Stony Brook University is the only academy that offers the kind of collaborative experience that suits my personal needs. My professional goal is to be the leader of a HR department.

This degree will enable me to retain quality workforce and influence my strategic decision making abilities. Though, on a personal level it will satisfy my need to earn my master’s degree. Granted, tragedies and accompanied emotional burdens lead to poor academic performance towards the latter years of college. During this period, I became acutely aware of my limitations. These days I am in a more mature, positive and stable stage in live and am ready to challenge myself academically.

I am committed to the notion that the Master’s degree in Human Resource Management is all I need to reach my ultimate goal. My career has afforded me the ability to independently conduct assessments and provide help to a wide variety of people from various socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, educational and other diverse backgrounds. I am focused, diligent and excited about the program’s direction. Each course at the Stony Brook University offers the opportunity for independent research and that the faculty is open to student suggestions for improvement. The flexibility, patience of the faculty and talents of the students makes Stony Brook University a singular choice for my master degree.

I am attracted to Stony Brook University’s Human Resource Management program because it is known for its academic preparations required for professionals to advance with their careers. Commitment, excitement, organization passion and professionalism are what I offer. Overall, I would love for the Stony Brook University, School of Professional Development to be part of my career journey and success. I believe that a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management fits perfectly well with my interests, skills and aptitude. Obtaining this degree would not only prove my dedication and passion to Lifespire, but also to each person I will interact with moving forward.

Receiving a quality education from the Stony Brook University, School of Development will be a vital step to personal and career development and to the fulfillment of this long cherished aspiration of mine.

Management and Human Resources Personal Statement essay

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