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Definition of Development and Definition of Underdevelopment

Updated August 26, 2022

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Definition of Development and Definition of Underdevelopment essay

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Development means change towards the betterment. It is a positive approach which can make better for the man, for the society and for the country. It refers to the planned and calculative transform towards a terminal condition. Development is directed towards the dissatisfied conditions to satisfied condition. Hence, development is a nonstop process of transform connecting social, political and administrative aspects. Development implies enhance in living standards, better health and well-being for all and the achievement of whatever is regarded as general good for society at large.

Development is used in three main senses a vision or measure of a desirable society, a historical process of social change and purposeful effort for progress by development agencies. Its a multi-dimensional process which involves transformation in structures, attitudes and institutions as well as the acceleration of economic growth, reduction of inequality and the eradication of absolute poverty. Development as ‘social transformation’ or fundamental or structural change – for example, an increase in income. Development as ‘managed change’ or intervention and action, aimed at improvement, regardless of whether betterment is, in fact, actually achieved.

Underdevelopment refers to a situation in which resources are being actively used, but used in a method which profit dominant states and not the poorer states in which the assets are found. Undevelopment refers to a condition in which resources are not being used. For example, the European colonists viewed the North American continent as an undeveloped area: the ground was not dynamically cultivated on a balance consistent with its potential.

The term underdevelopment refers to that state of an economy where levels of living of stacks are very low due to very low levels of per capita income follow-on from low levels of output and high growth rates of population. Underdeveloped countries are now known as ‘developing countries’ signifying that such nations are capable of and are in fact making serious efforts to beat their problems of poverty and low income.

Definition of Development and Definition of Underdevelopment essay

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