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Describe what is meant by Equality

Updated January 17, 2019
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Describe what is meant by Equality essay

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Describe what is meant by Equality.? ? ? (1.1A) Equality ? Overall Equality does not mean that everyone has to be treated the same, although people have different needs, situations and ambitions therefore early years practitioners do have a part in supporting children to live in the way that they value and choose to be ‘themselves’ and to be different if they consider. Although every person should have equality of opportunity,furthermore equality is about ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents,believing that no one should have poorer life chances because of where, what or whom they were born, what they believe, or whether they have a disability.Although quality recognises that historically, certain groups of people with particular characteristics e.g. race, disability, sex and sexuality, and who have experienced discrimination within to meet the needs of disabled people therefore the equality act 2010 states that reasonable adaption can be made for disabled people because its not illegal discrimination to treat people positively than non – disabled people because of their disability furthermore its important people are aware of the laws that protect them from discrimination and if a issue or a concern occurs they should know how to get help because every student has a equal opportunity to reach their ability and to make the most of in their lifes.Therefore Birkbees equality policy means its a part of every employees’s job description because it is their duty to report any concerns to the nursery manager at the earliest opportunity for example if any problems occur then this will be taken to investigation matter and disciplinary action will be invoked under the nursery’s disciplinary policy. ? (1.1B) Diversity ? Although diversity refers to the differences in values such as attitudes,cultures,beliefs and life experiences of each individual of any group of people therefore in the UK in the early years curriculum frameworks priority of developing every child’s sense of identify and promoting a positive sense of pride in each child’s family therefore starting with themselves and young children can develop a sense of belonging to the local community and they begin to understand and respect less familiar cultures however diversity includes in knowing how to relate to those qualities and conditions are different from us outside any other groups on were we belong to and where a large number of people from different backgrounds or cultures within the the same environment working for the same goals.Overall diversity is important because this is where having a variety of individuals points to be viewed and where it is represented in a department with people working within each other for example in a group of people where its just not on their racial or ethnic background this refers to their age.their education within their gender and life experiences,although in graduated schools diversity includes a range of different beliefs and cultures where children and people are from.

? ? (1.1C) Inclusion ? Therefore inclusion is a term where its used within education and to describe the process of ensuring the equality of learning opportunities for all children of where their disabilities or disadvantages are this is because all children have the right to have their needs that are connected in the best way and where children are seen as being part of the community if they need particular help to live their life within the community overall inclusion is about taking action to remove the barriers to participation and learning which involves eliminating discrimination and promoting equality for every child should have the chance to participate.In Birkbees they understand that making inclusion a thread that runs through the entirely of the nursery is important for example by encouraging positive roles models through such as the use of toys,imaginary play and activities,promoting non – stereotypical images within language and challenging all discriminatory behavior with in the setting although it is known that inclusion is seen as a universal human right because the aim of inclusion is to embrace all people of whatever race,gender,disability,medical or other needs within therefore it is about giving equal access and opportunities and getting rid of discrimination and intolerance to remove barriers.The Birkbees Nursery recognises the importance of training as a key factor in the implementation of an effective inclusion policy where as all the new staff will receive induction training including specific reference to the inclusion policy and the nursery will work towards the provision of inclusion,equality and diversity training for all staff. ? ? ?1.1D Discrimination ? However in Birkbees all there staff are expected to co- operate with the implementation, monitoring and improvement of this and there other policies because there staff are expected to challenge languages, actions, behaviors and attitudes which are oppressive or discriminatory on the grounds for their policy within and they want their staff to recognise and celebrate other cultures and traditions and to understand that everyone has a different cultures and traditions. ? ? ? 1.2 Explain current legislation and codes of practice relating to equality,diverse and inclusive practice.? ? ? ? ? ? ? 3.2 Explain when to access information, advice and support about equality, diversity and inclusion. ? ? ? ?? 4.1 Interact with children in a way that values them and meets their individual needs?? ?? Children are easily influenced by the attitudes and behaviour they see from their parents and guardian bodies.

We should be aware of how we come across to them because it affects the relationships that we have with them. It is important that we encourage young people not to have judgement towards the other children’s race, gender, ethnicity or religion. This is taught in schools everywhere as it is our duty as enforce positive energy in relationships and also to respect and accept others regardless of their background. Some children have disability issues therefore it is vital that we do not judge or underestimate their worth or ability to do something because of this. As a young person it is not always clear what’s right and wrong, so as carers and practitioners we should explain to them that disability is a sensitive topic.

If your child hasn’t already encountered a person with a disability, it’s likely they will at school where children with special needs are with the other kids. One way to discourage negative comments, appropriate language should be used when explaining a disability. Another way to promote diversity is to ensure children learn about their own backgrounds, and also ?learn about the backgrounds of people who are different from them. They should frequently be exposed to activities that eliminate stereotypes in the social world and ?learn that harassment due to poor behavior is never acceptable. Specific individuals and groups may come across physical and systematic obstacles to equality because of their personal backgrounds and because of this they find it harder to fit in. If we challenge stereotypical behavior children will pick up on it and will develop their own understanding about people of different races, gender and religions.

Some people are comfortable with being around others who are like them which means it can be difficult to break that segregation but they must take part in investigating and exploring differences and unfamiliar things. ? 4.2 Reflect on the impact of own attitudes, values and behaviour when supporting equality, diversity and inclusive practice. ? We should examine our own beliefs and apply that to our children’s learning about diverse communities. If there is offensive language when engaging with people of different beliefs, race or sexual orientation, it could have a negative effect on young children and could impact them to behave in the same manner. Children have a young mind so we should let the explore different races and beliefs, so as they grow older they can apply that to themselves and build their own identity. Slowly they will learn to accept different groups of people and build friendships.

Helping young children to develop a sense of belonging can be difficult but if we support inclusive practice and diversity, they will understand, appreciate and respect family cultures. It is essential in your work with young people that you apply principles in the way which you shape relationships in school both with adults and children and as acting as a role model. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Reflect on the impact of own attitudes, values and behaviour when supporting equality, diversity and inclusive practice.Tahoma 18px ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ?Import Word Document

Describe what is meant by Equality essay

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