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Dialogue Story, the Ginger Ale Mystery

Updated April 15, 2019

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Dialogue Story, the Ginger Ale Mystery essay

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“So Hans, how was your day today?” said Miguel. “Not all too well,” said Hans with despair.

“I broke a string on my violin today at the orchestra.” “Broke a string eh?” said Miguel. “Did you see it in time?” “No, no one told me until after the performance. Damn, I wish people weren’t so intimidated by people who are blind.” said Hans. “Yes, I can relate. Hmmm…..

Your violin you say? How would you like me to take it off of your hands?” said Miguel, with a hint of interest in his voice. “What? What could YOU possibly give me for my prize Stradivarius violin?” screamed Hans. “Well, we could make a little wager.” Miguel was now full into the violin. “I am a particular mystery fan.” “Well, so am I, Agatha Christie always makes me laugh!” cried Hans, with tears in his eyes. “No, not that kind of mystery.

I’m interested in locked room mysteries.” whispered Miguel. “Do you know what they are?” “No, I can’t say that I do.” mused Hans. “What are they then?” “They are mysteries where locked rooms are involved,” said Miguel, “and where one person might have to do something to get into the locked room and change something, for instance, put ginger ale into a glass of ice.” “Ginger ale into a glass of ice? That’s quite easy.” laughed Hans. “Yes, but not when YOU are in a locked room, the ice and glass in a safe, and me with the Ginger Ale outside!” exclaimed Miguel.

“That is quite extraordinary, if you could do it. But what would I get if you didn’t do it?” asked Hans. “Head seat of all violinists, plus 100,000 dollars, in CASH.” said Miguel. “Now i’m in it.

But you want my Stradivarius violin if you do it?” asked Hans. “Yes, thing’s aren’t cheap these days.” said Miguel. “We’ll see what you can do! The wager is on. You must come into a dark, lightless room, with ME in it, open the safe, take out the glass, take out the ice, and pour in the ginger ale, all without me hearing you?” asked Hans, just to be sure. “Of course.

And the date for this little wager shall be three days from next wednesday, on saturday.” said Miguel. “And good luck.” “Good luck to you my friend, you’ll need it.” snickered Hans. “He’s left! I’ve got him now! I can’t possibly lose!” screamed Hans. “Ouch! I shouldn’t dance so much when I can’t see anything, especially that darn sofa!” exclaimed Hans.

“Ouch! My knee hurts!” “Ha! Ha! The day has come! Let’s see what Miguel can do now!” laughed Hans, waiting for Miguel. “Hello my friend. Are you ready?” asked Miguel. “Ready and waiting.” said Hans.

“Let us begin.” said Miguel. “Here we are, in the room I’ve chosen.” said Hans. “This is fine. Where are the glasses and the ice?” asked Miguel.

“Right on that coffee table.

Dialogue Story, the Ginger Ale Mystery essay

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