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Updated February 13, 2020

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Divorce essay

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Divorce July 9th 1983 the most troubling news I have ever received was given to my sister and my self our parents were getting divorced.

March 22nd 2000 trouble strikes my family again with the announcement of my mother and the man I new as father were getting a divorce. As you could of guessed I have had experiences with divorce, and the reason that I have chosen to write about the divorce issue is that with the ever-growing number of divorces in the United States we must look at what it is doing to our children. With our children being our link to the future we must watch over there mental state and from experience I know that a divorce can harmfully affect a childes growth both mentally and physically that is why I believe that we must stick through the hard times in a family relationship and look to divorce as an easy way out. Last year the justice department of the United States announced that the rate of divorce was up 44% from the previous year.

Some people use divorce as a way out of their problems and in doing so they affect young America. There are some people who would disagree with my point of view in that divorce is the right way out for people in semi troubled marriages. A study done by the United States justice department also shows that children from broken or divorced homes are more likely to become delinquents. An independent study done by Dr.

Susan Gettleman and Dr. Janet Markowitz who family therapists has shown that while the parents of adolescence are involved in divorce their grades in school drop a great deal. We also must concider what I like to call the guilt affect. The guilt affect can be two things actually. The main guilt affect in which we should put the most emphasis on correcting is the guilt children have toward them self when the divorce is happening in their family.

The children usually blame their self for the seperation of their parents. This can cause for the child to fall into a deep depression and hold in the feelings that they are having about the divorce says Dr. Warner Troyer. All in all with all of the research that I have done and all of the factual information that I have gotten in the process of writing this paper I hope I have shown you what I believe to be a growing problem in America. Also I believe the only way for me to further emphasis my point would be to keep researching and digging deeper to find more truthful and factual information.

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Divorce essay

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