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Do You Want to Be an Entrepreneur

Updated August 8, 2022

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Do You Want to Be an Entrepreneur essay

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There are several successful millionaires in just America alone that do not have a bachelor’s degree. Now let’s be realistic, for the average American you probably will need a higher education to have a successful business but if you can come up with the right idea, the value of that idea significantly outweighs the value of a degree. Let’s look at some of the names of those who do not have a bachelor’s degree or higher education. Some of the obvious that we all know are people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Now let’s look at some of those we may not be aware of the fact that they do not have a higher education. You also have those like Ralph Lauren, Steve madden, Rush Limbaugh, Coco Chanel, and even Simon Cowell. But all these people have one thing in common a great idea for a successful business and an obvious successful implementation of that idea. Is now a good time to start your own business? With the ability to easily and effectively market a business utilizing online software and marketing tools, this is definitely an ideal time to start a business as long as that business can fulfill a need of the people. As for becoming an entrepreneur all you need is a great idea any good plan implementation. Most do not realize that the majority of entrepreneurs do not have a bachelor’s degree or higher education.

A lot of entrepreneurs Ashleigh dropped out of school because it was not entertaining enough to keep their attention. Providing a quality education is more than just going through a course of instruction. Teachers and professors must find a way to keep the student’s attention. One of the saddest factors in the American education system is what I like to call; “The self-inflicted Medical Escape or Excuse”. Over the years we have labeled our children with so many learning disabilities just, so we can prescribe them medication for profit, that now even the teachers are taking advantage of these so call disabilities.

There used to be a day when, if a student could not learn the way a teacher or professor taught the material, then the teacher or professor would put forth the effort to teach that material in the way so that person could learn. Nowadays if a student is failing a class then the teacher simply says oh they must have a learning disability vice taking on the responsibility of making sure that student learns the information. Although higher education could be very useful in the management of your business it is not necessarily needed to have an idea. We all know that and entrepreneur is an individual who starts his or her own business. Whether or not an entrepreneur mandatorily goes through any type of formal training or education may or may not be always necessary.

There has been no proof provided through research or statistics that have determined whether or not a higher education degree is necessary for an entrepreneur to be successful. In fact it would be a waste of time to try to prove this because there are so many successful entrepreneurs who do not have a higher education. I believe that one of the biggest moneymaking scams’ in America is paying for higher education. I have long since felt and experienced the notion the college is more of a business then it is an educational institution. For example, when you were in high school and you missed a class or did not show up for school at all, parents receive a phone call or email from the school informing them that you were tardy or absent. Having had four children go to college I can tell you from experience that if a student misses or is late for class no one is notified. However, if payment for that students’ courses is not made, everyone involved and more get a phone call or some sort of notification.

Simply put, there is punishment for missing payment but there is no punishment for missing class. This analogy alone proves that the money is more important than the education so why don’t we just be honest enough to say it? There are several countries in the world that offer their citizens free higher education so why can’t we? So the original question was, do I want to be an entrepreneur? In my current circumstances I would have to answer no to that question simply because my wife is already an entrepreneur and a very successful one. So in essence maybe I’m already an entrepreneur because I help her in many aspects of her business.

Do You Want to Be an Entrepreneur essay

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