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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Updated April 14, 2019

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde essay

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1. Analytical Method 1.1 Library Card Title and Autor: Dr.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by R. L. Stevenson (1850 – 1894) Editor: Aage Salling Cover Design: Ib Jorgensen Illustrations: Oskar Jorgensen 1.2 The Story According to the author every person has good and bad inside of him. There is a continuous battle between the two forces, when the bad force won Dr.

Jekyll committed suicide which is a lesson for us to keep the good force always on the outside and inside of us to live in harmony and peacefully. This book is about a man called Dr. Henry Jekyll he is a rich man who lived in the city of London in 1885. He was a strange character, who was conducting experiments on him self by taking drugs and shifting into another character. He called this character Mr.

Hyde thus living with two different personalities to an extent where he wrote a will leaving all his belongings to his other character in case he shifts to the other personality permanently. This confused his friend the lawyer Mr. Utterson who started investigating with common friends about the mystery of the will as Dr. Jekyll did not even introduce him to this unknown heir.

At first Mr. Utterson discussed Dr. Jekyll’s character with Mr. Enfield. Mr. Enfield told him about the most unusual story of a man who tripped over a little girl without realizing his fault and just stood there silently with out any reaction for his bad deed, while people gathered around to help the crying girl.

The girl’s father came shouting for the police. The strange man finally spoke asking them not to call the police offering a 100 pounds. They accepted the offer and went with him to a house where he brought out a Checkbook in the name of Dr. Jekyll and signed as Mr. Hyde.

Mr. Enfield took Mr. Utterson and showed him the door to that house. A new clue is added to Mr. Utterson’s knowledge. To follow the mystery Mr.

Utterson started to get more suspicious because Dr. jekyll never mentioned Mr. Hyde’s name to him. He then went to visit Dr.

Lanyon, a very close friend of Dr. Jekyll, to ask him about Mr. Hyde. Though Dr.

Lanyon knew Dr. Jekyll but he had no idea about Edward Hyde. Thereafter Mr. Utterson kept watching the old black door night after night, finally at the third night he saw a little man wearing large clothes approaching the door. He stepped up to him and addressed him by the name of Mr.

Hyde. The man answered back how do you know me. Mr. Utterson told him that Dr. Jekyll informed me about you because I am his lawyer. The man ignored Utterson and quickly unlocked the door, walked in and shut the door behind him.

Furthermore Mr. Utterson went to Dr. Jekyll’s house and asked his servant, Poole, whether Dr. Jekyll is in the house or not.

Poole said that he was out. Then he asked him if he knows a Mr. Hyde and the servant answered that he is a friend of Dr. Jekyll however he had never met him because he usually comes in through the back door of the laboratory. 1.3 Structure The book is divided into 10 chapters The story is mostly chronologically told but.

Only once when Mr. Enfield tells the story about Mr. yde running over the child. The truth is obviously hidden else the story wouldn’t be interesting. The characters are Illustrated in the book. 1.4 About the book Characteristic for Stevenson’s novels is power of invention, psychological depth, and skillful use of horror and supernatural elements.

Arguing against realism, Stevenson underlined the “nameless longings of the reader”, the desire for experience. 2. Reading Experience 2.1 Subject The book is about a Doctor who invents a potion which seperates good from evil in a person. By drinking he becomes schizofrenic.

It was nice concept, there is no other book or film where something like that happens. I have heard about schizofrenic persons before but they make fun of them most of the time. 2.2 Events The idea’s are more important I guess. There aren’t much events but what the persons think and know is more important.

Most of the book consists of conversations. The things that happen are rather exciting but they have a sad ending. I found really sad the part where Mr. Hyde killed a person and Dr. Jekyll couldn’t help it because he was posessed by the evil part of him.

2.3 Persons The main person isn’t a hero. He’s not a regular person either cause he’s pretty rich and is a Doctor. Dr. Henry Jekyll is a rich man who lived in the city of London in 1885.

As the story is fiction the persons aren’t real. they were made up. The characters have some characteristics. <insert opinion>

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde essay

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