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Dr Martin Lyther King Mythologys

Updated September 16, 2022

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Dr Martin Lyther King Mythologys essay

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What method or strategies do you believe in? I believe the strategies that Dr martin Luther king used that was non-violent resistance is the best option. Martin Luther king believed in non-violence resistance because of the situation that blacks were in at the time. If a dispute was to brake out between a black man and a white man and it resulted in physical violence the black man would not even be ask what happed instead the white man putts the blame upon the black man.

But with the use of the non-violence resistance method you can use the press to publicize what is being done when a black man is being attack just for obeying the law and doing what everyday people do every day. What should African Americans do in the face of violence? -Martin Luther king made a pamphlet saying the do and the do not to avoid having violence with a white person when riding on a bus. The bus driver is in charge of the bus and has been instructed to obey the law. Assume that he will accompany you to occupy any vacant seat.

Dont deliberately sit by a white person, unless there is no other seat! Report all serious incidents to the bus driverif you feel that you cannot take it walk for another week or two (boycott pamphlet). This pamphlet was made to all black people who was taking the bus in order any violence accurse. -If a white man asks you to get up from your seat doesnt listen to him. If any violence occurs maintain in your seat and notify the bus driver. This is a proven working method used by Rosa Parks in 1955 in Montgomery Alabama; it caught national attainting which basically started of the civil rights movement.

-Students in all schools should know this form of non-violent resistance because it was used in Little Rock Arkansas and it too had national attention, which brought questions to desecrated high schools. If being harassed while you are in school pay no mind and keep doing what you have to do this is not passive non-resistance to evil, it is active non-resistance to evil (Dr. m l k on nonviolence) What is the path to greatest strength and dignity? The greatest path to strength and dignity is the path where you believe in what you are doing. It be emphasized that nonviolent resistance is not for cowards(MLK on non-violence).

It takes more courage to stand up to somebody hitting and not do nothing then hitting back. When you know somebody is wrong do you use the same method to correct him, no no individual or group need to submit to any wrong, nor need they use violence to right a wrong(MLK on nonviolence). Bibliography: none

Dr Martin Lyther King Mythologys essay

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