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Updated March 30, 2019

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The secrets of eBay Power Sellers! How to MAKE MONEY on eBay Use this valuable guide as a MONEY MAKING TOOL. Read it from start to finish over and over. The amount of information and wholesale sources you will find seems overwhelming at first, but dont be intimidated. Take your time and be patient. It is going to take you several days to check out the sites because there are just so many items to choose from. This guide is updated for 2003 and the resources are used by eBay Power Sellers ALL the time.

I have been selling on eBay for some time, almost 3 years now. Almost from the beginning, I wondered how Power Sellers obtain products so cheap that they can sell on eBay and STILL MAKE MONEY. Here are THE ANSWERS. Since eBay has millions of users, I dont feel its going to hurt my business to share this easy to read guide. Youll find it easy to follow and learn the tips & tricks to selling successfully on eBay along with the very best wholesale sources to get you started. REMEMBER! Read this guide over and over again.

Check out all the sites and links. Its amazing to find that you can buy products at incredibly low prices when you know where to get them at true wholesale. SELLING ON EBAY 1. WHAT TO SELL & HOW DO YOU WANT TO SELL IT: It does not have to be something that you enjoy selling, but it is easier to sell something that you would use yourself and that you believe in. I enjoy selling anything that does not earn me a one way ticket to the dark side in the afterlife, (lol), but will make me a profit in the present life. For starters you can purchase antiques, CDs, and just about anything you can imagine at true wholesale prices, and either list them on e-bay, your own website, take them to the flea-market, or your own retail store and make some real money with them.

In fact, there many people around the country who have become a Wholesale Supplier themselves. What I mean by this is that they will get a few sample products, head to the flea market or local convenience stores, mark up their samples 10-15 %, and eureka, they are in business. At that point, all they need to do is keep their clients shelves stocked and count their cash!! I will tell you this a few times throughout this guide and remember itDo Not Be Afraid To Talk To People. 2. TIMES TO LIST: Never list your items to end during the day, unless you end them on the weekend during the day.

We have found that 10-day auctions work the best. This is especially true if you are selling an expensive item. You will pay a bit more but it is definitely worth it to allow as many people as possible to see your listing. We try to do a bit of listing everyday from 7:00 pm until 11:00 pm (east coast). You don’t want to list your items too late. The most exposure your auction will receive will be during the last 4 hours of your auction.

That is the busiest time for bidding on items. If you list too late in the evening, no one will be willing to stay up just to bid on your item unless they use a software tool (snipe) that will do it for them. 3. TOOLS: I highly recommend investing in a digital camera.

Film and processing are very expensive. If you plan on doing eBay full time, the camera will pay for itself incredibly fast. I suggest that the Buyer pays for shipping. You want to make sure you quote their shipping price correctly. The post office has a list of prices according to weight. It is a good idea to get a list for your records.

We also recommend calling the number on the priority boxes, they will send you most of what you need for FREE!!!! TAPE, PREPRINTED ADDRESS LABELS, BOXES etc! The profit margin will decrease if you find yourself paying for these items here and there. You will also want to ship all of your items out at least 2 or 3 times per week. Buyers want their purchases fast so try to avoid negative feedback by shipping out the merchandise yourself, or having it drop-shipped as quickly as possible. 4.

LISTING: I don’t recommend listing items as reserve auctions. I think it scares potential buyers away. If someone is bidding and bidding, and after a while of seeing reserve not met yet, they are going to get irritated and leave your auction. Our thought process is: If an item is valuable, people will find it. We also suggest starting your auction price low.

Let’s say you are selling a watch that is worth $500.00, you can start the auction at $1.00 and say in the ad that the watch is worth $500.00. This will get many people interested in your item; they will think they can get a great deal. This is where bidding wars can start! Be sure to put in as many keywords in the title as you can fit. EXAMPLE: you are selling a watch, just dont say, Nice mens watch by Seiko in your title.

Instead say BEAUTIFUL NEW SEIKO MENS WATCH BLOWOUT See the difference? I always also use CAPS in my titles, it makes the title stand out better. We always recommend selling your item with photos! This is VERY important. No photograph usually means no sale. Be sure to list your item in the proper category, so people looking for this type of item will find it automatically. If you generalize your item too much, people may not find it easily.

5. NEAT EBAY TRICKS: Featured Auctions can be a double-edged sword. They are not cheap. If you have a popular item listed in a featured area, chances are all of your auctions will do better in the end (if you are running more than 1 listing at a time. I have paid as much as $125.00 (home page featured) to list an item, and even though we might normally sell that item for one hundred dollars, it made all of our other auctions sell at a higher price! Another great eBay trick: I highly recommend starting a mailing list.

Keep all of your bidders and winners e-mail addresses on file and when you list other similar items; send out a mass e-mail telling them you have listed more items they might be interested in. Never send unsolicited e-mail. Your first email to previous customers should be asking them if they would like to know about products you might be selling in the future. 6. PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE: Everything takes time.

Once you get the hang of eBay, you will find your own tricks that work for you. Much of what you will learn is by trial and error. Always try to list many items at once. This will make all of your items more popular.

Eventually you will begin to have repeat customers and your business will begin to grow. It takes hard work and investing time now for future rewards. 7: BE HONEST. Always be clear, concise, and honest about the product you are selling.

If the item has a tear, hole or dent, make sure to write that in your description. This will save you a lot of headaches later. —-The Wholesale Guide—- Please read the entire guide. It is full of contacts & even more tips listed below that will save you some serious money!! To date, the feedback on this wholesale guide has been nothing less than outstanding. It is honestly a great value for your hard earned money.

Please be sure to read it over and over again. Check out all the sites and links. It is incredible how low you can buy products when you know where to get them at true wholesale. I am going to repeat this, check out ALL the sites and links, you are going to be amazed at some of the unbelievable prices. You may never feel safe shopping in a retail store again. This information will blow you away!! Please do not be overwhelmed with the information you will find.

There are a lot of links to thousands of wholesale companies. Take your time when you look around. You will be amazed. If you have questions about a company or their products, don’t be afraid to call them. They need your business more than you need theirs.

They will be happy to help you. When I began selling online, it seemed like it took me forever to get the nerve to call a supplier (I really don’t know why), guess I just had the butterflies. Now, it is no problem at all. A good piece of advice, write down your questions before you call a supplier so that you do not forget to ask them what is on your mind. Take your time when talking to them and do not let anyone talk you into buying something you do not want.

When you see something you think you can sell, research it on eBay and see how the completed auctions went. The auctions that had the most bids, see when they started, ended, and what category they were in. If you are using this information for offline sales, look around at other vendors and see if anyone else is selling the product and see if you can sell it for less and still make a profit. Here is a big tip.

If you go to a department store like Wal-Mart and see an item you would like to sell, pick it up, check out the packaging, and write down (or record if you have a voice memo recorder) who manufactures it (you can find out how to buy direct from the manufacturer by doing this). Go to the web and see if they are online. Get in contact with them and tell them you are considering them as a supplier and would like a price list. Don’t be afraid to call or e-mail them.

Be sure to represent yourself as a business and not just an individual. Be professional. It is really easy. Look around right now. Pick up some items in your home, just by looking at the labels, warranty information, or packaging, you can find out who manufactures & distributes it. If you can’t get a phone number off a label or package, call the 800 directory, give the name of the company and get their phone number.

When you talk to them, tell them you want a price list and would like to get set up as either a distributor, or retailer for them. If they are not in the 800 directory, you can find out where they are located by looking at their warranty address information. Just call directory assistance for the state they are located in and call them. I call this “Label Tracking”. It works like a charm.

If the company only deals with “large” retailers, ask them for a list of their distributors and just keep calling their distributors until you find the one with the lowest prices. Well, I bet you would like to jump right in and see what else you can find. The links below will take you to not only the main suppliers for eBay’s power sellers, but also retail outlets across the nation. If you do not have a tax id number, just enter your social security number in place of it (*big tip, you can do this with almost any wholesale company*). I have a great deal worked out for you with called the CLICK50 promotion. As a special offer for buyers of this guide only, you can get $50 off your first order of $200 or more at StorePower by entering CLICK50 into the Promotion / Advertising Code field when you register & log in and place your first order.

(The Register button is in the upper right-hand corner of the home page.). If you are not a retailer, please enter CLICK50 and your social security number in the Resale Number field. Keep in mind this is $50 off in ADDITION to their already low wholesale prices. Be sure to enter CLICK50 into the Advertising Code field (or the Resale Number field) to get your $50 off. You can’t loose with this offer!! They are one of our biggest (and best) suppliers, and guess what, they actually answer their phones, return your e-mails, and ship your order extremely FAST!! They are the granddaddy of wholesale suppliers & you have seen this companies items all over eBay. Once you check out BNF’s site, give them a call, they are very eager to set you up.

This can be done over the phone. All you need to do is to let them know you are an independent business entity, and are not buying for personal use, only for resale or promotional. They are extremely helpful & will help you get set up. A site that does not require a resale # to purchase from is

I have been set up with them for quite some time now. Simply register with them and choose your username & password. The following company will be helpful to you as well: . PCI has an outstanding product line of consumer electronics & they do offer dropshipping service! After you browse there a while & check them out, go to . This site has a built in search engine you can use.

They have direct links with over 80,000 products at wholesale pricing. Be sure to sign up for their free monthly catalog. It is full of suppliers, and if you do not find what you need there, it is probably not online. If your search pulls up more than 1 supplier of the same item, be sure to shop each company, they are flexible, and will normally go out of their way to keep from being undersold.

Another one to use is . Again, be sure to sign up for their free catalog as well. One of my favorite sites for name brand electronics (but not the only one) is The name of the company is Premier Products.

Do you need cellular phone equipment, batteries, or accessories? Look no further than for all your cellular needs. Looking for closeouts, overstocks, or surplus items? Perhaps brand new apparel? Then try , you can get some great contacts for PS2, xbox, and much, much more here. Simply use the search button, type in what you are looking for (e.g. playstation, xbox, etc), or if you are looking for several suppliers, let’s say for apparel, electronics, etc., simply click on the catagory link on the left of the homepage. puts you in touch with a ton of suppliers & contacts. Remember, do not be afraid to call the supplier, they are always happy to help. Be sure to check out . They have great deals on tremendous super selling merchandise! They offer quality surplus assets on an exclusive basis from reputable sellers at tremendous savings! They have secured service such as: due diligence on sellers, insured escrow, and your ability to inspect the assets once received guarantees that you get the items as advertised. Looking for government repos, bankruptcy liquidations, US Marshals items, etc, go to .

They have all kinds of different items you can get dirt cheap!! is where you will find top-quality merchandise from your favorite name brand companies! You’ll also find a great selection with new products added every day. The products are top quality, just like those in the nation’s finest department stores, and they’re backed by the warranties you expect. Once you get your feet wet, and want to make some international contacts, go to , and . Both of these sites will put you in touch with suppliers from all around the globe. Ok, now for the Free To Sell ebook bonus.

Simply click on the link below & save it somewhere easy to find on your computer. It is a virus free download. Simply follow the instructions when you execute the saved file. All you need to do is download the main ebook with this link, then download any other titles you wish from within the main ebook!! It is great!! These guide & bonuses are fantastic!! They are going to be very helpful to you. We have never had any complaints on this guide and have had many customers thank us over and over for helping them get their online, or retail business started. BEST OF LUCK AND HAVE FUN!!

ebay powerseller essay

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