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Education is essential for a progressive nation

Updated September 15, 2022

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Education is essential for a progressive nation essay

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It is the future of the country. It has the power to change minds and create a culture of people who will hopefully contribute to that society. However, education has changed over many years, even decades. Women were not allowed to even attend school at one point, and there are still areas in the world where they still cannot attend. Education has also changed for students that have special needs and disabilities.

Also how classes are more inclusive and student centered. In evaluating the value and significance of women education, I reflected on the education of the women of the 19th century. Their outlook on education is somewhat different than ours today because of the fact that it was difficult and rare to be an educated woman during this period. Women’s education has had an impact for many people in the early nineteenth century women’s education has had made a drastic change for all people in general. In Bustle it states the impact that women have gained in education “It was in the 19th century that the blossoming of higher education for women really started to accelerate around the world (Thorpe Jr, Bustle).” Women started making colleges and university for themselves so they can get the education that they deserve.

For example Emily Davies and Barbara Bodichon founded a university together. ” In 1873, for instance, Emily Davies and Barbara Bodichon founded Girton College at Cambridge, an all-female college — but it wouldn’t be officially affiliated with the university till 1948 (Thorpe Jr,Bustle).” Even after women were receiving there education they were still discriminated on it. The women that wanted to get there education in britain were called names and teased “bluestockings”. “Women who wanted to go to college in Britain were often called, with some sarcasm, blue stockings (Thorpe Jr, Bustle).” They were called Blue Stockings, because of a collection of intellectual women in the late 1700s who had banded together to attempt to further their studies on their own..Women with color had a fight with there on education because even though all women in general were able to receive some sort of education women that had color had to fight even more through their education. After the nineteenth century that had set the ball rolling for women education it began to go uphill in the early twentieth century.

Education for women were being more accepted throughout america. EDucation now for in the twenty first century has taken a turn because now both male and female get treated the same in what education we receive. We receive the same respect that male were given in the past.

Education is essential for a progressive nation essay

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