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Education is the keystone of a nation

Updated January 17, 2019
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Education is the keystone of a nation essay

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Education is the keystone of a nation.

It determines our future and our success in life. It is the basic factor in enhancing people to better live their lives and be active in their societies. As it was said by Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.” It is one of the fundamental needs and rights of a human being. Nowadays education became a business just like any other services or goods available in the market which can only be affordable by the rich. I believe that for some reasons, free education should be provided or supported by the government to guarantee equal chances for all. .

Firstly and most importantly, free education is very important in people’s lives, it provides equal opportunities to each and everyone to be all they can be depending on their abilities ,motivations and hard work. Providing free education enables students to actually focus on their studies and gaining education and not to worry about working part-time jobs to pay for all their fees and expenses. A university education opens the doors wide for students to improve their lives. It provides a wide range of opportunities for poor students to be able to serve their communities and guarantee a better life other than being a burden on their societies.

That is why it has always been a great depression for many students who worked very hard and their best to be unable to complete their education and register for a university program simply because they cannot pay fees or the expenses. It is a basic right for such students to have the chance to complete their university education otherwise they will turn to be thieves or criminals and spoil their communities. Compared to people who have money and don’t care about their grades in school or university , high achievers deserve the chance to get free education. It is a big shame and a complete frustration to discover that you are not allowed to complete you study because of poverty which has never been your fault from the beginning . Free education will give students the motive to go to universities and get educated. Therefore , rather than worrying about having debts , or no financial support , students will have an amazing studying experience that will influence their lives and their way of thinking in the future.

Our abilities , qualifications and efforts should not be dedicated for anything but to learning , research and gaining real life experiences. It is really unfair to have students stressed and worried about how to provide their fees at this age. It is the responsibility of the whole society to prevent such situations. Secondly, Free education will increase the amount of skilled people in different fields and various areas. Free education will ensure that the labour force is at the wanted level of skills, which is needed in our world nowadays.

Studies indicate that countries who propose free education have a higher rate of innovation and evolve faster. So by achieving high life standards and prosperity, governments will have back their money. They will also profit from the graduates when they work. It is not only by having productive people in the society , but also in having people who are able to support their families and contribute positively in the lives of others. Therefore, educated people are needed in countries around the world to work.

Countries need people who will work in jobs such as teachers , doctors, engineers and many others. If people don’t have enough money they will not get into such majors , so the only people who can get into these majors are rich people , which means there is going to be a shortage of people who will work in such important jobs. This is why in some countries the government gives some financial support , or scholarships for some students to get into universities. Because they know that they need more students in different majors. Finally, Education is a powerful thing, it can change your life both socially and economically and keep you away from poverty. Education and more educated people lead to a more advanced and improved quality of life in the society.

This will provide a better chance to hire more suitable people. People who will focus on improving the standards of work in many fields such as management and administration other than trying to full fill their basic needs. This will lead to positive and fruitful consequences on the whole community. They will be more careful when producing foods to people , more careful when building houses or bridges simply because they have a full and better understanding of the consequences of doing the opposite.

Therefore free education will have a positive impact on the way of thinking in the whole society. The motto of :” one for all and all for one” will spontaneously be implemented among people because they know deep in their minds that this will lead to a better life for them , their families and the coming generations. It is by changing the way people think and see things you can improve their lives not only by rules and regulations. This can only be achieved and guaranteed only through having educated people which can be obtained by making education free for all. In conclusion, I believe that by getting free education, everyone will get the opportunity to develop themselves and have a good successful life. This will also lead to a better and more peaceful community because the world will be run by educated people who respect rules as well as people.

It is true that this might be very expensive for the governments, but the results on the long run are invaluable to the society and the well being of people. It will definitely produce citizens who are more loyal to their countries and will in turn contribute in its success and prosperity. We should all encourage this attitude and we should support the people around us to chase their dreams and strive to gain their rights every time.

Education is the keystone of a nation essay

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