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Effects of Cyclone Winston on Kaiti’s Family

Updated September 20, 2022

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Effects of Cyclone Winston on Kaiti’s Family essay

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Natural disaster is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the earth; examples are floods, hurricane, earthquakes and tsunamis.

The occurrence of such events have a heavy impact on the environment, the lifestyle of individuals including the effect it has on the psychological and emotional minds of the people. These case study further emphasizes the impact of Cyclone Winston, which took place in February 2016 on a particular family and how has it affected them psychological and emotionally and will further elaborate on the significance of family, the trauma that the family has to undergo after the devastating event, the use of Bowlby’s theory to explain the psychological attachment, Urie Bronfenbrenner’s theory on how the family can be helped in regards to their present circumstance and arranging of interventions that could be recommended and used to help the family. Different races and religions of people have their own meaning of family. Family is a single word, with a variety of meanings (LoveToKnow, Corp., 2006-2018). Family are a group of people who live together as a whole which consists of one or two parents and their children. In an individual’s life family plays a vital role.

Family is important as human beings cannot live lonely lives at all time. As we need love and support from our family to achieve our goals. A person is never complete if he/she doesn’t have family and its love, care and concern. We have our own fears as well because we are not machine, so feeling of secure are given to us by our family members. Humans have its basic requirements like emotional needs which is important for our wellbeing.

Love, laughter and a sense of belonging are full filled. Full protection and comfort are felt when we have a family that stands beside us in thick and thin no matter how bad the situations are, one cannot feel alone in this area. Helping of children and guiding to make decisions comes with it. When we face the outside world for the first time we do panic but it disappears as we have a family to look back to, who will not only make us rise but it will make us fell special as well. There is always a whole team of people behind us who wants the very best for us and who will always be there to call upon when we need someone to talk to or a helping hand.

Attachment is a natural behavior, which leads to an affectional bonds between children and their parents. This mainly focuses on relationship during early childhood, and the impact that these have on the emotional development and mental health of children as they grow up. John Bowlby is the 1st attachment theorist. He believed that the earliest bond is formed by children with their mother. The mother is bonded with the infant. Attachments are considered a part of family because that’s where emotional bonds are build.

A child is confidence to explore his/her environment and develops a good sense of self-esteem. This attachment helps a child to be happy and functioning adult. Kaiti’s parents were really shocked of how Kaiti has turned up after losing her 5 year old brother. They were really worried and sad. Kaiti’s parents were facing a hard time in that phase as they are human beings and we have emotions.

Parents were broken completely after the loss of their son and seeing the daughter in a traumatic stage where they got helpless of not knowing what to do next. They felt week, experienced pain. Situations like this can arise anytime which enables a person to think properly. Other siblings would have been missing other one.

The house would had been filled with tears as they would had cried a lot on his funeral. When someone dies their memories with us stays for a lifetime, it cannot be erased. John Bowlby in 1930s worked as a psychiatrist in a child guidance clinic in London, where he treated many emotionally disturbed children (McLeod, S. A.

Feb 5, 2017). Bowlby also observed that a child will feel distress when they are separated from their mothers. Infants are attached first to their mothers because they are the ones who breastfeed them, that’s where sense of touch and belonging develops. Attachment is a permanent psychological connectedness between individuals. Attachments with other people regardless of culture and race helps to a person to survive. This attachment theory is important as it helps in promoting good parenting skills and to support disadvantaged families throughout.

Attachment behaviors ensures survival because it keeps people close to those who offer love, protection and support. Example, Harry Harlow’s Monkey Studies where he studied contrivances by which newborn rhesus monkeys bond with their mothers (Prior, V., & Glaser, D. 2006).This showed that infants completely reliant on their mother for nourishment, safety and socialization. This resulted that mothers provide tangible comfort, suggesting that infants have a natural need to touch and stick to something for expressive comfort. This happens to human beings as well for my own example, I got emotionally attached to my mother. She was the one who breastfeed me in my infants days, be with me for long hours, play with me, sing me songs to make me sleep, hugged me and made me comfortable.

This all contributed to the attachment theory as I was more attached to my mother rather than my father. Urie Bronfenbrenners conveyed the ecological theory that explains the inherent qualities of a child and his/her environment interact to influence how he/she will grow up and develop. This also offers a framework through which the communities’ psychologists examine individual’s relationships within the community. There are five systems which are microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem and chronosystem (Kail, R. V., & Cavanaugh, J. C, 2010).

These system without doubt work together with and influence each other in every aspects of a child’s life. A child’s development is shaped by the environment they live in and how they interacts with other people in its environment. Microsystem is the immediate environment in which the child lives for example home or daycare. The child will talk to the people who are closest to such as parents and siblings. Environment is the most important part of a child’s life because they spends majority of their life. Microsystem is the main root of an individual if it’s broken the whole system collapses just like kaiti she lives with her parents and four siblings where she lost her youngest brother in cyclone Winston that hit Fiji in 2016.

It was seen that kaiti missed the brother a lot and the parents were broken down by the loss of their youngest son. They never imagined that a day would come where their life’s will change completely with a sudden loss of the son. Mesosystem provides connection across microsystem because what happens in microsystem is likely to influence other systems. Kaiti missed her brother which affected her in her studies.

She wasn’t focused on her studies at all the only think she would think about is her brother. Kaiti was counseled by the school chaplain and the counsellor in order to overcome her grief of the death of the brother. Exosystem is a large system where child doesn’t not function directly. The parents decided to move to Suva to continue her studies.

This decision was made in order for kaiti to live a normal and happy life. Changes in environment and the new people will divert her attention from the trauma she is facing. Macrosystem includes the physical, geographical, viewpoint and emotion context of an individual. As foe, kaiti had lost her brother also the house where she lived which was destroyed in the cyclone which showcase of her identity.

The government is required to help them, although the government cannot help in the loss of a person. Many countries around the world helped Fiji in these hard times in providing aid. This influenced kaiti to become more aware, safe and comfortable. Chronosystem is the overall system of the life as in it involves all the experiences that one goes through. Kaiti she experienced loss of the brother and home which made her pass urine in her sleep, nightmares and waking up I the middle of the night.

The environment was changes therefore, this experience has shaped her being sensitive, understanding and self-esteem. There are interventions that could be devised that could be suggested to assist kaiti and her family in order to overcome the trauma which they are facing. Some of the interventions could include participating in church services that can ease her pain which she feels within her. Secondly, her parents can send her to the counselor that can really help her to overcome her nightmares that she is having every day and that she can openly talk about her feelings openly and continues to live a happy life.

Thirdly, Kaiti needs to indulge herself in extra circular activities to divert her attention so that she can cope and face circumstances in her everyday life (Regel, 2014). Lastly, the government should assist the family in their financial as they have lost their home and son. Where they moved to Suva so that kaiti can have a normal life as she is still in shock of the loss of the brother. To conclude, family is very important in one’s life as family provides us with warmth, care, concern, love and protects us. As it is said that the love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.

John Bowlbys theory explains that a child is emotionally attached to the mother first as she is the one who breastfeeds the baby whereas Urie Bronfenbrenner’s relates the development of the individual with the aspects of biological environment. Cyclone Winston made a huge impact in everyone’s life and living them traumatized with the loss of their loved ones. Losing someone you love is not easy to accept it however being able to understand that life is short and a day would come where we will lose the ones we are so close too.

Effects of Cyclone Winston on Kaiti’s Family essay

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