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Updated November 1, 2018

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Egyptians essay

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“Did the early Egyptians have help in building the pyramids?” All over the world remain fantastic objects, vestiges of people or forces which the theories of archaeology, history, and religion cannot explain. There is something inconsistent about our archaeology. They have found electric batteries many thousands of years old.

They have found strange beings in perfect space-suits with platinum fasteners. They have also found numbers with fifteen digits- something not registered by any computer. How did the early men acquire the ability to do this? par ab Some say all these questions can be answered through the evidence found in ancient wall paintings and carvings, and the sculpture and buildings found in many different parts of the world. All over Europe and South America there is evidence left behind by the ancient people of these great civilizations.par ab First, a look at whether there is or could be intelligent life on other planets.

It is conceivable that we world citizens of the twentieth century are not the only living beings of our kind in the cosmos. Because no alienspar from another planet is on display in a museum for us to visit, the answer, “our earth is the only planet with human beings,” still seems to be legitimate and convincing. But that is a very narrow-minded way to look at things. The idea that life can flourish only under terrestrial conditions has been made obsolete by research. It is a mistake to believe that life cannot exist without water and oxygen. Even on our own earth there are forms of life that need no oxygen.

They are called anaerobic bacteria. A given amount of oxygen acts like poison on them. Why should there not be higher forms of life that do not need oxygen?par We are still convinced that our earth is the center of everything, although it has been proved that the earth is an ordinary star of insignificant size-30,000 light-years from the center of the Milky Way. The human race is certainly more willing to accept the possibility of extraterrestria l contact now than it was, say, half a century ago. So if there is evidence shown the extraterrestrials did have an influence on ancient civilizations, we should be able to look at it and make a intelligent decision for ourselves.par ab Much evidence is found on the walls of ancient buildings and temples. The walls of tombs and even caves have the signature of something other than human.

In Anannhet, Tassili there are rock paintings 8,000 years old with strong figures. These figures are flying above a spherical object with a hatch like lid and two protrustions, l that seem to be spitting fire or smoke. Also, on these rock paintings there is a painting of a creature with antenna-like excrescence’s on his arms and thighs. He has a helmet with slits for eyes nose, and mouth. There is a naked woman next to him. Also, in the Libyan Desert there are Stone Age Cave paintings of floating people, creatures.

How do cavemen, or how would they think of floating men? They didn’t ev en have a spoken language. On another Tassili Mountains there is a man that seems to be wearing a close fitting spacesuit like that in modern times. A disc was found named the “genetic disc”. It was named this because on each side on the disc there were carvings of the life from conception to full growth the disc is dated around 12,000 B>C> This is very amazing since prehistoric inhabitants of Colombia or anywhere else for that matter didn’t have microscopes and therefore it would have been almost impossible to know of spermatozoa.

So where did they get this knowledge Many wall paintings and carvings are just this. They show men in modern day astronaut suits and wings. There are carvings of flying machines in many places all over the world. Did these ancient people just think of these creatures and very modern objects? One must remember most ancient civilizations depicted everyday life on their walls and things that really happened to them. So why would they draw space suits and flying men and objects.par ab There are also m any sculptures that have certain characteristics that are unusual to the normal art of the civilizations and its people. Sculptures of half human half animal creatures are found in many parts of the world.

Also on Lake Maracabo, Venezzuela a female figure with four faces and huge slanty eyes was found. Some archaeologists even think that the statuettes of the pregnant women even represent something. They think that the abnormal huge shape of the women shows that they had to be carrying something more then normal embryo. Is it that or just the depiction of the pregnant women to these ancient people. There are legends that say giant people invade Malta. That they impregnated their women and that is why the women were so huge, they had huge babies inside them.par pard ab ab Kebra Negast tells use about wombs split at birth ab because the fetuses had grown too big.

A Sumerian ab cuneiform inscription from Nippur says that Enlil, god ab of the air, violated the child of earth, Ninlil. ab Ninlil beseeched the profligate: “…my vagina is too ab small, it does not understand intercourse. My lips are ab to small, they do not understand how to kiss…”par ab ab I do not venture to speculate whether Enlil was ab an extraterrestrial or a first generation descendantpar ab but it does emerge clearly from the Sumerian text that ab his body and its parts were too big for the normal- ab sized maiden, Ninlil.par par pardsl480 ab So does the prove that there were extraterrestrials? No, but it does give one more piece of evidence to support that theory. par ab Next, let’s look at the buildings and the architecture of the ancient civilizations.

First, in Sacsayhuaman, Peru there are huge steps that are made with such accuracy and are so large there is no credible explanation for them. There are also monoliths that look as if they had been pre-par cast like modern concrete. Thrones for giants? These are huge. Did ! giant men sit in them? There water conduits are cut out solid p ieces of exact measurements. They have polished insides and outside surfaces, with smooth cross sections. In Tiahuanaco there are blocks that have holes and ridges in them as if there were clamps that held the two stones together.

There are also massive stones that have been cut in La Paz, Bolivia, presicely and with such sharp edges they couldn’t have been made by the stone axes or wooden wedges used in the time this was carved. A ball made of one solid piece of stone stands in San Jose, Costa Rica, as a decoration. This ball is dated several thousand years ago. It stands with a diameter of seven feet, one inch. The surface is very smooth and the ball is a perfect sphere.

All of these structures are amazing in that, it is unexplainable how people of these ancient civilizations could have made them with the resources they had to work with. However, I think one of the most amazing of all the ancient structures are the pyramids of ancient Egypt. These pyramids are so awes ome in size that it is very hard to believe that any human being, or even several hundred human beings together could build such a mammoth structure. It might be more convincing if they made the pyramids out of small blocks. It would take a long time, but they could do it.

Instead, they were made out of huge blocks of stone and carried from far off places. There are many theories on how these pyramids were built, but all theories have been disproven or at least quite far-fetched. There are many structures that cannot be explained. So should we look to the stars? There may be an answer.par ab From the sky there is another facit to the theories of extraterrestrials on earth.

From an airplane, one can see an ape, 260 feet high included in a geometrical system of lines drawn with an extreme accuracy that would have been inconceivable without a knowledge of surveying. There are also pictures scratched on the hillsides near Nazca that show figures several yards high, with radiating crowns, similar to the aureoles in Christian painti ngs. In Peru there are worshipping figures in rock drawing, they have zigzag lines that are attributes on the gods, according to Peruvian tradition. How could these be made? They are high sophisticated designs that are to large to do while on the ground, without a way to see it. par ab We have only looked at a very small portion of the evidence.

There are book after book that give evidence to support these theories and to explain how it all fits together. Are there any answers? Really all there is , is the evidence that one archaeologist or another has said was done or was the work of extraterrestrials. One must look at the evidence. All the wall paintings and sculptures, all the amazing structures with no real reason or explanation. To reallly look at thie subject, one will need to open their mind and forget about all the traditional rules and decisions and maybe see that the possibilities are endless.par } Category: Science

Egyptians essay

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