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EMINEM Paper Analysis

Updated May 15, 2020

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EMINEM Paper Analysis essay

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In the past couple of years, the rap genre of music has slowly but surely taken over the music industry.

Today rappers talk about prostitution, drugs and diseases. When will a rapper rap about real life situations that catch societys ear? Eminem (aka Slim Shady) has accomplished just that. Although people may think that Eminems lyrics are inappropriate, it is absolutely necessary that a man, who has experienced such a burden on his life, be able to share his problems with the rest of the world. Eminem videos should not be removed from much music.

Eminem has experienced great problems in his youth. He was born in Kansas City. His father was an alcoholic, who would physically abuse his mother, and cheat on her. His parents divorced at a young age, which left Eminem moving back and forth between Kansas City and Detroit every two to three months.

I don’t like to give the sob story: growing up in a single-parent home, never knew my father, my mother never worked, and when friends came over I’d hide the welfare cheese. Yo, I failed ninth grade three times, but I don’t think it was necessarily ’cause I’m stupid. I didn’t go to school. I couldn’t deal.” ( Constantly moving back and forth, it was very hard for Eminem to keep a job, succeed in school, but most importantly make friends.

“My family has never been there for me. ( He would get picked on at school, beat up, and would constantly get robbed. Eminems uncle committed suicide after his girlfriend broke up with him. Eminems only escape from his miserable life was to turn to drugs and rap. Eminem was a youth in America going nowhere fast.

At the age of 18 he began rapping, and sending in self made cassettes of his work to small time record companies. Everywhere he turned was a different door being shut in his face. A man with such a disturbing childhood, with no one to reach out to deserves his opportunity to rap to the youth of the world, the life that he had to struggle through, and the message behind his lyrics and success. Eminems goal in life was to become a successful rapper, and after working hard for years pursuing his goal, it finally paid off. While people may think that Eminem is just a disgustingly rude, heartless, and a careless person, his songs do show some compassion, and love towards things. Off of the Slim Shady LP, the song Just The Two Of Us is a rap that he sings to his daughter, telling her how much he loves her.

He begins his rap with: Baby your da-da loves you and I’ma always be here for you no matter what happens you’re all I got in this world I would never give you up for nothin Nobody in this world is ever gonna keep you from me I love you. Is it possible for such a careless man to say such meaningful loving words to his daughter? Much like everyone else in todays society, Eminem has a heart and feelings as well. I’m not alone in feeling the way I feel,” he says. “I believe that a lot of people can relate to my sh*t–whether white, black, it doesn’t matter. Everybody has been through some sh*t, whether it’s drastic or not so drastic.

( Clearly Eminem writes lyrics that most people can relate to in one way or another. He may say it in an offensive way, but in todays society, people are entitled to say, think and believe in what they feel strongly about. Canada is a country where freedom of speech is allowed. This means that Eminem in allowed saying what he wants, when he wants. Eminem does not intentionally say things that will shock people.

People confuse the lyrics for me speaking my mind. A lot of my rhymes are just to get chuckles out of people. Anybody with half a brain is going to be able to tell when I’m joking and when I’m serious.” ( Eminems latest single Stan, is a rap that his fans inspired him to write. Fans that take his music too seriously, and look too deeply into his lyrics.

The song is about a man named Stan, who has killed people, hit his wife, and done everything that Eminem raps about. Little did Stan know that most of Eminems lyrics were for laughs, Stan ends up going too far, and in the end kills himself. With a song as breathtaking as this one, Eminem encourages his fans to not take his lyrics seriously, and to enjoy them for what they are. While Eminem is on this planet, he feels as if it is his duty to send out important messages through his c.d.s and music videos. He just chooses to send this message to the public in a controversial way.

Eminems music videos and lyrics may seem insulting or shocking, but a man with such a disturbing life deserves to be heard. To have someone like Eminem rapping in todays society is in fact a benefit to the worlds youth. Eminem sends out deep messages in his music videos, and by putting them into catchy raps that everyone will like, helps better to convey those messages to society. If your son or daughter came home and said Im going to pursue my goals and never give up all thanks to Eminem, would he still be the bad person that society makes him out to be? Bibliography:

EMINEM Paper Analysis essay

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