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Essay on Reflection of Course

Updated August 11, 2022

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Essay on Reflection of Course essay

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This essay has been submitted to us by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our writers.

This is a reflection of my perspectives, insights and experience concerning the English language and grammar. It will also address points from the video which is called, “Grammar Revolution.”

I did watch the video that is entitled, “Grammar Revolution.” It is detailed in that it portrays both sides regarding the views pertaining to the grammar debate in our modern world. Some people saw the standardized grammar implementation as unnecessary and others believed it was foundational for good English (Martineau).

I agree with the view that it is foundational for good English. This helps people to communicate well, to do well in higher education and to succeed optimally in their careers. (Martineau).

It is unfortunate that grammar is not strongly taught in some schools. I do like the idea that the woman in the video tried to find innovative ways to teach grammar, so that it would not be so dry and boring. The fact is that when something is more exciting, this makes students more interested to learn and to apply their best efforts (Martineau).

Learning English and grammar certainly has its ups and downs. In the first grade, I had a strict teacher, named Mrs. Farner, who was sure to tell us when to capitalize a word and where to put a period and a comma. I am grateful, even though she sent me, for the first time, to the principal’s office.

I then moved to a new area, which meant I attended a new school. There I had the same teacher for a few years. He did not emphasize punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc. He more emphasized knowledge via discussions and experiences. I suffered in my reading, spelling, writing, etc.

Due to my Mother finding better opportunities in a new city, I moved and attended yet another school. The teacher was shocked at how behind I was in comparison to other students in her class. She consulted with my parents and recommend a tutor.

I had a tutor for a year and a half. It made a real difference in my life to get me caught up to where I should be academically regarding reading, grammar, spelling, etc. Since that time, most teachers had been pretty good about following the grammar and English curriculum; and I had learned a lot, as I always try to pay attention and do my best to learn well.

I have enjoyed being refreshed about references, resources, parts of speech and more, as I had already been exposed to such elements. The conferences and videos have been pleasant, instructional and insightful.

I have enjoyed being exposed to dictionaries again. I love browsing dictionaries. This is a pastime of mine even outside of the classroom. I love discovering new words and their meanings. I try to apply them in my assignments and in my conversations.

Sometimes people look at me like they do not know what I am talking about. But it is fun. If they do not understand me, I tell them what the word means. Then they have the opportunity to learn something new too. I do not do this in a boastful or condescending way; but I do it rather in a light, helpful and cheerful manner to make the experience pleasant and engaging. Word of the day app in my phone is also pretty nifty.

I believe that I have provided a detailed reflective report. Thus, according to the requirement of the course, I believe that I have provided an in-depth paper. I have provided an introduction, a body that has three main sections and a conclusion. Furthermore, I have been careful to proofread this report to ensure correct spelling, grammar and rationality, etc. In regard to the matter of sentence composition, I have applied what I have been taught in this course with a strong variety in the arrangements of the sentences.

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Essay on Reflection of Course essay

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