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Essay on Self-Reflection Exercises

Updated August 11, 2022

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Essay on Self-Reflection Exercises essay

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This summary will discuss the week’s readings. This will discuss the self reflection exercise questions as mentioned by Peter Drucker, in this 2005 article “Managing Oneself.” Drucker encourages managers to examine the following five questions. I will consider these questions as I engage in self reflection. I will also consider the contribution of Mintzberg in his 1990 article “The Manager’s Job: Folklore and Fact.”

To begin with, I will engage in a self awareness exercise as explained by Peter Drucker. Drucker poses the following five questions which I will answer.

What are my strengths? (Drucker, 2005) For my strengths, I will add that I’m highly analytical, and very good at solving through a problem with logic, and with a calm demeanour. Drucker also believes that a good manager should possess these qualities (Drucker, 2005). Drucker also acknowledges that it takes more effort to improve from incompetent to mediocre, versus going from first rate performance to excellence (Drucker, 2005).

How do I engage in work? (Drucker, 2005) I believe that I engage in work in a calm and methodical manner. I go through each task step by step, and I break down large tasks in smaller, easily manageable sections. Drucker encourages managers to consider whether they are a reader or listener (Drucker, 2005). I would say that I’m definitely a reader, as I often search online for solutions to tricky problems, at work and school. I do also listen and consult my co workers when I find a job task to be challenging.

What are my core values? (Drucker, 2005) Drucker acknowledge that managers can do well and be successful, even when their conduct doesn’t fit within their personal value system (Drucker, 2005). An example of this would be a manager who helps his or her organization be highly profitable, at the expense of being unethical. I personally always strive to be honest and ethical, and that forms a key part of my core values.

Where do I belong in an organization? (Drucker, 2005) In an organization, I feel that I’m best in a background, behind the scenes type role. The reason for this is that I’m shy, introspective and analytical. Drucker feels that each person should examine his or her best role in the organization (Drucker, 2005). Some are better at the forefront, others best behind the scenes.

What should I contribute to the organization? (Drucker, 2005) Drucker encourages managers to examine what he or she could best contribute to the organization. In my case, it is my calm, analytical ability. I’m quiet, but I can break down a large problem into smaller parts, and I don’t get panicked easily. Drucker points out that it is important to understand the people who you work with and assess their strengths and what they can best contribute to the organization.

For this part, Mintzberg addresses the issue and common misconception that managers do not actually do a lot of hard role in their role (Mintzberg, 1990). Mintzberg has found quite the contrary. Mintzberg believes that managers have a key role in the organization and are very important (Mintzberg, 1990). Furthermore, Mintzberg believes that a good manager can actually be the backbone of the organization (Mintzberg, 1990).

In addition, Mintzberg finds that it is important that manager look inside themselves and engage in introspection (Mintzberg, 1990). This is similar to the views of Drucker with his five key questions. Mintzberg also offers some self study questions similar to those posed by Drucker (Mintzberg, 1990).

In summary, it can be said that there are similarities between the approaches of Drucker and Mintzberg in their examination of management. Both authors acknowledge that it is important for managers to look inside themselves and to be self aware. Both author also acknowledge that managers are an important part of the business environment and are not simply people sitting at their desks, ordering others around. Both authors contribute greatly to the study of management and the understanding of the profession.

Essay on Self-Reflection Exercises essay

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