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Essay on The Risk Factors of Multiple Sexual Partners 

Updated August 11, 2022

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Essay on The Risk Factors of Multiple Sexual Partners  essay

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“Each year, half of the estimated 12 million new cases of STDs in the United States are happening among teens.” stated by . There are multiple risk factors of having multiple partners; there should be some type of knowledge taught to both sexes to promote these risk. Some people agree that sex education is not needed and it should not be the schools choice to teach this but a personal choice, one made at home. On the contrary, even if it is a choice made at home, some extra help may not hurt. Schools should make it a major priority to teach students about sex education and why it is important. “Approximately only 20 states require teachers to teach sexual education in school; New Orleans not being 1 of the 20” according to .

Less than half the U.S. requires sexual education to be taught in schools, even though it is part of being human. Not wanting to talk about sex will not make it go away or disappear. According to Children who are given the proper sex education have sex later than students who have not had the proper education. Sexual education actually encourages teens not to have sex rather than them too. The general consensus is it is our duty as a country to educate the youth on important things like this, and currently, we are failing. Not all children have parents at home who would take the time out of their schedule to sit and have this very important conversation with their children. Do you want to know what is even worse?

There are 35 states that have mandatory laws that allow parents to opt their kids out of a sex ed class. 3 states have mandatory laws that parents opt their kids into sex-ed class. You can not opt your child out of a math class, but when it comes to a class educating them on sex and their body you can. It is the understanding that some parents do not want their child learning about sex for many reasons including religion. Just because the parent’s values abstinence does not mean the child will too; especially living in this generation with all the pure pressure. It is extremely important youth receive all the information they can and then decide on how they want to live their life and values, instead of having it forced in them. Youth tend to act out when they are being forced to do something. Do not allow your “morals” as a parent to restrain your child’s learning.

According to Statistics show that 3 in 10 teens will get pregnant before the age of 20 in their lifetime. We can easily prevent this by educating and giving them the correct resources to have safe sex if they choose to. It is basically impossible to prevent youth from having sex because that is a decision made by them, but we can at least help them have “smart sex”. Teen pregnancy can lead to a lot of things including the dropping out of school. The sad thing is the United States has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy. What is even sadder is that the United States has all the resources to prevent these things, but we are not. Over the years these rates have increased and by the looks of it will continue too.

Sex education should be taught to young people with age-appropriate information, and the skills necessary for youth to take full responsibility for their actions and over their health when coming down to sex. It should be taught by trained professionals who know for sure what they are teaching their students. Sex education needs to teach and teach sex as a natural, normal part of human life.  “Research has repeatedly found that sex education which provides accurate, complete, and developmentally appropriate information on human sexuality, including risk-reduction strategies and contraception helps young people take steps to protect their health, including delaying sex, using condoms or contraception, and being monogamous.” Pregnancy prevention and safe sex really should be constant and on age-appropriate topics. It covers sexual development, gender identity, relations, affection, sexual development, intimacy and body photo for all adolescents, along with disabled adolescents.

Having multiple sexual partners comes along with many cons. Of these cons include HIV/AIDS, herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, scabies, and crabs, etc. It is important to realize that, STD stands for sexually transmitted disease. STD’s can be contracted in many ways including infected body fluids such as blood, vaginal fluids, and semen. They can also be spread through contact with infected skin, such as sores. Very few sexual diseases have a cure but most do not so be careful with whom you go sleeping around with, and if you are going to sleep with someone new ask them to take a test. In fact, if you ask them for a test and they refuse to, end the relationship with them because obviously, it is a reason they do not want too. Your safety and health should always come first.

When sleeping with a person for the first time, always make sure you are using some type of protection in order to save yourself from any prolonged health problems or diseases. Another con includes having a large number of sexual partners can decrease longevity. This means you basically will be “used out”; you will not have enough energy for when you actually are ready to settle down. Contracting an STD can ruin a lot of things for a person. You will not be able to enjoy life the way you wish. In the back of your head will always be the thought of this disease you have contracted because you did not take the safety precautions to avoid it. Women’s Health states “The biggest danger associated with having unprotected sex with multiple people in a short time span isn’t HIV, it’s HPV because this sexually transmitted disease isn’t detectable in men.

Sleeping with many partners at a young age can really ruin your name and reputation. Growing up in this generation people have come up with a lot of creative words, and of those words being “THOT”. Thot stands for “That Hoe Over There”. It is usually given to people who mess around with or have sex with many individuals. Being called names like these can escalate to something way worse, like bullying for example. Most people in this generation feel as though verbal bullying is not as bad as physical bullying. Little do they know is that verbal abuse tends to stick with a person longer than physical abuse. “Bully victims are between two to times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims, according to studies shown by

Everyone in life goes through their “Hoe Stroll”, but that does not define who they are. This does not give people the right to criticize them on their ways and call them out of their name. Nine times out of Ten, the people calling others out their name for sleeping around with many people are mostly men. Men tend to look down upon women who have “a lot of body’s”; people say in this generation. People will see you as just someone to have sex than rather as a girlfriend or someone they see themselves marrying in the future. Personally, I do not agree with this, but people say your past can affect your future. In some aspects of life, it can, but I do not agree with your sexual past. Why who you sleep within your younger days has to affect your present relationships? I am not standing up for sleeping with multiple people because, in my opinion, that is something I do not condone, but it can ruin your reputation drastically. People will look at you as if you are a piece of meat rather than a person of worth. Promiscuity can have a person questioning their psychological worth.

People who sleep with multiple partners tend to have anxiety and depression. Psychology Today states “led mental health experts argue that in order to reduce the rates of risky sexual behavior, it’s necessary to treat the underlying psychological issues that lead individuals to these outlets for their unhappiness or personality styles.” There are people who think that drugs will fix their problems or heal their pain, and then there are others who turn to other sources like sex for example. People who involve themselves with multiple sexual partners are risking themselves of emotional distraught. Keeping on with this cycle can lead to problems with depression, self-love, and even ineffective relationships. Having multiple partners makes is complicated to keep a healthy relationship.

Studies by shows that “people in long-term, healthy relationships have better health and longevity.” When people sleep with each other some kind of bond or attachment is formed, no matter how much us as a human species denies this, it’s true. This is where the emotion distraught comes in. You can save yourself a lot of mental health and tears if you just stick to one sexual partner and not multiple at once. In all honesty casual sex does not exist. Someone out of the pair is going to catch feelings, they might not be strong feelings but some kind of connection. It is sad to say but in this generation “hooking” up is looked upon as normal and common. Years back from now, the only time people had sex was if they were married. This sexual encounter might not be serious but it will still be marked as a dim memory from your past. These “brief” hookups can ruin your social life as well. For instance your at a party and 8 people you have had sexual encounters with attended this party. How would you feel about yourself knowing that this group of people can discuss you sexually?

Sexual relationships outside of long-term relationships are known to cause regret, shame, and embarrassment after the ordeal is long over with. Even though in this generation “casual sex partners” are normal or common, women are still looked down upon for it, while men are praised. states “The old double standard still looks down on women, but either glorifies or fails to blame men who make a habit of having frequent, uncommitted sex.” In all honesty, on both parts sleeping with many people is not safe nor do I think it is a good habit and can cause serious issues and have you questioning your self-worth. People always wonder if the people condoning in this are ever uncomfortable. Perhaps during the encounter, they are not, but after everything is done and they are sitting alone thinking, they start to regret.

Sleeping with people you barely know is basically violating your personal standards. It is not understandable how people can give themselves away in such a personal fashion and not have any emotions attached. A lot of people involve themselves with many partners because it makes them feel “wanted”. Most of this behavior starts from the feeling of being insecure and grows from there. They are not getting the attention they desire so they are looking to others to give it to them. Seeking attention usually leads up to depression when it is not the type of attention you desire. states “Promiscuity may actually be a symptom of depression.” This type of depression is the worst because not only it is emotional, but as well as physical. This thought will stay with you for years, no matter how much you try to ignore or erase it from your mind.

Getting emotionally and sexually attached to someone too quickly is extremely dangerous, and can be detrimental to a person emotional health. If being sexually attached to one person is dangerous, imagine the gravity of being attached to multiple. The real danger of emotional promiscuity is when a person tends to develop severely strong emotions for multiple people. It is okay to care about people, but it is not okay to fall “in love” with more than one person. Building a strong bond and deep emotion with a person through sex leads to a great deal of heartache. This is where the depression comes. Once you get emotionally attached with a lot of people at once, you start worrying too much, which creates anxiety. You are so worried about what they are doing and who they are with, you forget about your actions.

Essay on The Risk Factors of Multiple Sexual Partners  essay

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