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The Act Of Killing

Updated September 22, 2022

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The Act Of Killing essay

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Euthanasia is defined as, The action of killing an individual for reasons considered to be merciful. People feel that if they are suffering or they feel the need that they should not live anymore that they should have the right to an assisted suicide. Euthanasia has been around since the early 1900s when in 1906 the first bill was drafted in Ohio. People felt even back then that they should have the right to an assisted suicide. There are four types of Euthanasia and they are Passive Euthanasia, Active Euthanasia, Physician Assisted Suicide, and Involuntary Suicide. Passive Euthanasia is the death of a person by withdrawing some form of support and letting nature take its course (Example: Removing life support equipment). Active Euthanasia is a person knowing that they are going to die because of a terminal illness, so they are injected with a controlled substance that kills them.

Physician Assisted Suicide is when a physician provides the drugs or carbon monoxide, so that a person can terminate his/her own life. Involuntary Suicide is the killing of a person in opposition to their wishes. People choose these four options because of a chose and it will somehow fulfill them. Many Physicians take part in assisted suicides. One of those men is Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

Kevorkian is one of the first people to assist in Euthanasia. Dr. Kevorkian has assisted in 130 suicides that are publicly known. In 1956 he Published a journal article, “The Fundus Oculi and the Determination of Death,” discussing his efforts to photograph the eyes of dying patients, a practice that earned him the nickname “Doctor Death.” On June 4, 1990 Kevorkian is present at the death of Janet Adkins, a 54-year-old Portland, Oregon, woman with Alzheimer’s disease. Her death using the “suicide machine” occurs in Kevorkian’s 1968 Volkswagen van in Groveland Oaks Park near Holly, Michigan. Kevorkian likes to help people who feel that they no longer need to live because of an illness that they have.

In a way he considers himself a healer. Many people feel that assisted suicide is a better way out. In percentage wise 57% of people from the US are for assisted suicide according to a poll taken in June of 1997. In Canada 76% are for it, in Britain 80% are for it, in Australia 81% are for it and in the Netherlands 92% are in favor of assisted suicide.

Many people who agree with assisted suicide maybe people whose quality of life has shrunk to zero. Someone who finds the indignity of being cared for, as if they were an infant may find it difficult to bear without also can be someone who wants to die with dignity before they become very sick. This group may also include many people who are suffering from ALS, Huntingtons disease, Multiple Sclerosis, or maybe AIDS. Ultimately, Euthanasia is a question of choice and no one is ever going to make you do something that you do not want to do.

People ask, Should Euthanasia be made legal all over the United States? There are many different opinions to that question. According to an article by USA Today on July 6, 1998 Physician assisted suicide is legal in Oregon under tightly controlled conditions. It is not specifically mentioned in the laws of North Carolina, Utah and Wyoming, but it is illegal in all other states. Many people have tried and sent a bill through the states system, but it has been rejected every time. Most AIDS community groups have supported legalization, arguing that terminally ill persons have a right to choose to end their life at the time they themselves choose. Legalizing Euthanasia often defend their case by mixing two types of argument.

One is based on social policy; the other is related to individuals, their liberty, dignity, pain and suffering. Legalizing Euthanasia can have its upsets, but what about the people who feel that is should be legalized and what about the people who feel that if they are suffering they should have the right to a physician assisted suicide. In todays society people are suffering with many different diseases and if they feel that no longer want to live then they should have the right to a Physician Assisted Suicide.

The Act Of Killing essay

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