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The Topic of Power in the Inspector’s Call

Updated June 30, 2022

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The Topic of Power in the Inspector’s Call essay

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Explore how the theme of power is presented in ‘An Inspector Calls’. How would an audience react to this presentation? In ‘An Inspector Calls’, power is presented in different ways and by different characters.

Each character exudes or uses their power differently. These different methods of portrayal may shock the audience, and make them see certain characters in a different light. At the start of the play, the first hint of power we see is through the appearance of Mr Birling when Priestly describes him at the start of the play. Mr Birling is described as a ‘thickly built’ man, which gives us a sense of power due to his size. The audience (only being able to see the actor playing Mr Birling) may respect Mr Birling due to his appearance, confidence and his position in society.

The Topic of Power in the Inspector’s Call essay

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