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Expressive One Word Picture Vocabulary Test

Updated August 11, 2022

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Expressive One Word Picture Vocabulary Test essay

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The purpose of the Expressive One Word Picture Vocabulary Test is to obtain a basal estimate of a childs verbal intelligence. The test provides valuable information about speech and learning disorders, English as a second language, and auditory processing. The Eowpvt can be administered by a variety of professionals. Examiners should have some training in the administration and interpretation of educational/psychological tests. The test itself consists of 100 drawings of common objects. The examiner presents pictures one at a time to the child. The students task is to name the object shown.

Presenting a picture matching the childs chronological age begins the test. If an error is made, a picture corresponding with a lower chronological age is shown until the child responds correctly to eight consecutive prompts. This is known as the childs basal level. The testing continues until the child makes six consecutive incorrect responses establishing the childs ceiling level. Indices of internal consistency and standard errors of measurement are reported for the different age levels.

Explanations for these indices are provided. For a test as long as the Eowpvt, reliability estimates are high ranging from 84 to 92 with a median coefficient of 90. However this internal consistency is the only reliability the Eowpvt offers. The validity of inferences based on scoring on the Eowpvt indicate that the items were selected to represent a common core of English words.

However it was also seen that the core vocabulary was restricted to single words which could be illustrated without ambiguity. The  Eowpvt correlates more strongly with a test of general cognitive ability than with other measures of expressive or receptive vocabulary. Although the test is said to be appropriate for Spanish speaking children, there is no validity evidence for this use.

Expressive One Word Picture Vocabulary Test essay

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