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Facts about coffee 1

Updated January 17, 2019
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Facts about coffee 1 essay

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Facts about coffee 1. Coffee grows on trees, the height of which can be up to 30 feet. 2. The word ‘Americano’ appeared during the Second World War when American soldiers in Europe began to add boiling water to dilute espresso. 3. Coffee lovers rarely visit the dentist. The chemical elements contained in coffee do not allow bacteria to settle on the tooth enamel. 4. One coffee tree gives less than half a kilo of grains per year and lives 60-70 years.

5. Brazil is the main coffee exporter in the world. 6. 70% of coffee lovers drink “Arabica” and the rest 30% – “Robusta”. 7. Coffee in vacuum packaging was first introduced in 1900. 8. Caffeine on the list of banned substances by the International Olympic Committee. 9. At the beginning of the 17th century, there were fierce disputes about can Catholics drink coffee.

10. Robusta beans have approximately 50% more caffeine than Arabica, but the quality of Arabica coffee is the best. 11. In Uganda, green coffee beans are mixed with sweet grass and spices, dried and hung in a sachet house. 12. Initially, people used coffee berries as food, and only then they began to prepare a drink from it. 13. The first advertising of coffee appeared in 1651 in England. 14. Coffee is one of the most traded commodities on world exchanges. 15. the first full harvest from the coffee tree can be collected only after 5 years.

16. During the American Civil War, when coffee was scarce, New Orleans residents used chicory as its substitute. 17. Humans are drinking coffee for last 700 years. 18. Beethoven was a coffee lover and he had his proportions. For preparing a cup of coffee he would use exact 60 coffee beans. 19. Green (unroasted) coffee beans can be stored for a whole year in a dry cool place and it doesn’t lose its taste.

20. A cup of black coffee without sugar does not contain any calories. 21. After the grains are fried, their taste begins to disappear after about 48 hours. 22. A cup of coffee has more than 300 antioxidants, which will stay in our body for a month. 23. if coffee were taxed with the same taxes as the wine it would be much more expensive. 24. In terms of coffee consumption per capita, Finland is on the top. 25. In the past 300 years, 90% of the population of the West switched from tea to coffee.

26. most decaffeinated coffees are sold in January after the celebration of New Year’s Eve. 27. It is believed that coffee was first discovered by Ethiopian shepherd Khaldi, who noticed that his goats are becoming energetic after they had berries from a tree. He took the berries to a holy man who turned it into coffee. 28. An American spend approximately 20$ every week on coffee. 29. The coffee maker was invented in France in 1827.

30. Europeans were first to add chocolate to coffee in the early 17th century. 31. Across the world every year more than 500 billion cups of coffee are drunk. 32. In 1675 King Charles II of England closed all the local “coffeehouses” because he considered coffee houses places of a gathering of citizens who were against him. 33. More than 25 million people are involved in the coffee industry.

34. To add milk to coffee started in the 17th century. It was prescribed to one patient by a French doctor. 35. Studies show that coffee decreases the chances of prostate cancer in men by 20%. 36. Instant coffee first went on sale in the US in 1910 and it was invented by George Constant Louis Washington. 37. The lethal dose of caffeine is approximately 100 cups of coffee. 38. There are spas in Japan that offer bath in tea, coffee, and wine, you can choose your favorite drink.

39. Light roast coffee contains more caffeine than dark coffee. 40. Scientists have found, in coffee, there are more than 800 aromatic compounds. 41. In an average chocolate, there is about 30 mg of caffeine. 42. the first webcam was built to check the status of coffee pot at Cambridge.

43. French novelist Honore de Balzac used to drink 50 cups of coffee a day. 44. Filter for coffee was invented in Germany in 1906. 45. In Brazil, more than 5 million people are engaged in coffee production. 46. The first coffee house was opened in 1475 in Constantinople (modern Istanbul).

47. Coffee is grown in total 50 countries. 48. Volcanic soil is the best for growing coffee. 49. For choosing a perfume, experts advise smelling coffee between perfumes in order to refresh receptors. 50. Irish coffee is the mixture of coffee and Irish whiskey and cream on the top.

51. In 1511, coffee was banned in Mecca. 52. Previously, patients were given a mixture of coffee with cream and vegetable oil and honey as a medicine. 53. 57% of people consume coffee during breakfast, 34% of people between meals and another 13% of people drink in the rest of the day. 54. in the USA, September 29 is celebrated as the national coffee day. 55. in 1763 in Venice there were already more than 200 coffee houses. 56. usually, Italians don’t drink coffee while eating.

Drinking coffee is given a separate time. 57. A cup of coffee has different nutrients like vitamins, magnesium, potassium, etc. 58. The most expensive coffee is called Black Ivory coffee, it costs about 50$ a cup. It is made from elephant dung. 59. Researchers show that coffee lovers have a lower risk of Alzheimer disease.

60. A caffeinated cup of café improves your blood flow.

Facts about coffee 1 essay

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