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Father Of The Bride

Updated June 7, 2019

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Father Of The Bride essay

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Father of the Bride The films name is Father of the Bride. It involves George Banks (Steven Martin), and Annie Banks (Kimberly Williams). The time period is in 1991. The technique of the filmmaker is very good, it tells the middle age peoples thoughts and feelings.

The actors are believable in their roles. Steven Martin who acts as George Banks is outstanding in his role, he acts very well, so the audience knows his feelings, and feels sorry for him. The stars are not the main reason for me to see the film, but the title is. The director is trying to communicate the love from a father to his daughter.

It shows the natural love of human being, so the filmmaking works very well. The film flows well and smoothly, so the audience can follow it easily. The pace is appropriate. The director elicits from the audience the intended reaction, the audience feels sorry for George. The theme is the fathers love to his daughter. The father does all the things for his daughter; he just wants his daughter to be happy.

He spends a lot of money in his daughters wedding party. The theme is considered to be accurate, because the story is a truth that can happen in real life. The theme does not relate to any social issues. The story talks about George Banks who is middle aged, and has a daughter Annie Banks, who is twenty-two. Annie Banks decides to marry a boy who is twenty-six. However, George thinks his daughter is too young to marry, and also he doesnt want Annie to leave him alone after she married.

He knows that he cant be that selfish, so he agrees with the marriage and makes a great wedding party for her. The plot is very interesting, because George makes a lot of funny things through out the film. The story is believable, because the fathers love is a truth that can happens in families. The film is well written, because the plot is simple, but when it shows in a film, its a great movie to enjoy.

The music is appropriated to the visual images. When George is thinking about his daughter is going to leave him, it has background music of My Girl, and the lyric fits his feeling. The film uses narration, George tells what is going to be happened and defines the places. It is effective because the story is very realistic and the language is funny. The film takes place in California. The location is nature, and the houses are big, they have big front and back yards.

The location seems appropriate and realistic. The costuming in the film is important when they wedding begins, the bride seems very beautiful, so make-up is very important. It makes the character seems more natural, because teenagers usually use a lot of make-up, because they want to attract other people. After watching this film, I feel sorry for George; I understand the situation he is in. I can also feel the love from George to his daughter.

I know there are a lot of families like George, they love their children, and they will give the best to their children. Naturally, my parents are also like them.

Father Of The Bride essay

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