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Fidel Castro

Updated May 21, 2020

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Fidel Castro essay

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Fidel Castro Fidel Castro, a well known bloodthirsty dictator, was born on August 13, 1926 on a farm in Mayari. Mayari is located in the province Oriente in Cuba. In his early years Castro was fascinated with political discussions and baseball. Castro was an excellent baseball player.

He played baseball for many years of his life and still enjoys it. He was poor as a boy and yet was sent to a great Jesuit University. This was because he excelled in the art of persuasive speaking or rhetoric, drama, sports, and political science. He was nominated for countrys best athlete in 1944 and received this award with great gratitude. In 1945 he applied to the University of Havana and in the same year received the Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. In 1946 he was being scouted for the Wash.

Senators for his bullet-like fast-ball. His wife accompanied him and they had their honeymoon in Miami. He ended up deciding not to play because of the great prejudices. In 1948 he married but divorced shortly after. He did have a son Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, born in 1949, and now is head of Cubas atomic energy commission.

In the year 1950 he graduated with a law degree. In 1953 Fidel led an attack on the Moncada army barracks, it failed. But it earned him national recognition. He disbelieved in communism. He had strong ideas of nationalism, antiimperialism, and reformism, defiantly not communist.

Following the attack he was sentenced for 15 years but was amnestied in 1955. He later went to Mexico and vowed to return t Cuba and avenge for his loss. In 1956 this occurred. He and 81 other people went to Cuba and launched a successful guerrilla war.

Castro was a strong leader and had shrewd political skills. Castros regime included politicians and democrats. Next his politics became for confrontational and Castros numbers enlarged. Whoevers life he improved followed him. Some ironic facts about Fidel is that he cries easily. Castro was an insomniac.

He hated sleeping at night because he had to sleep alone. His friends stated that one night at dinner he broke down crying and screaming, Im all alone, Im all alone! His father, Angel never went anywhere with out a 45 colt. Fidels favorite weapons include a riffle with a scope, a slingshot, bows and arrows, shotguns.

Fidel Castro essay

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