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The “God Grew Tired of Us”: A History of a Sudanese Refugee Camp

Updated September 25, 2022

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The “God Grew Tired of Us”: A History of a Sudanese Refugee Camp essay

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I will write about “God Grew Tired of Us” a documentary film by National Geographic. at the beginning of the film, it shows us the situation of Sudan after the war between north and south “civil war”. It Illustrates the suffering of the Sudanese refugees in the war that affected Sudan in the 1983s. where 27,000 young men escape thousands mile by foot thorough sub-Saharan Africa to Ethiopia.

Then, they went together to Kenya and they settled in the U.N. Refugee Camp in Kakuma. Thousands of young men during the journey to Kenya. The documentary talked especially about the journey of four Sudanese boys in the camp. John Bul Dau, Daniel Abol Pach and Panther Bior who are three of thousands of “lost boys of Sudan” who were displaced from their country and their families. Those three boys were accepted for resettlement in the United States.

And that was a great chance that will help them to study and find job to support them self and the others in the camp. When they travel to the united states they were really choked about a lot of things beginning from the airplane until the whole live in the united states. Everything was a new for them the electricity, airplane, supermarkets and even the daily basic things like turning the light on and off they weren’t known about it because they were lived in the totally different culture. they live in the village then they spend most of their life searching for the safety in the camps because of the war.

At the end of the film, it shows how they adapted to their new life and it show how they were worked hard two shifts and studying to achieve what they want. They found their families, they help themselves, their community, and the other refuges who left behind. I like this documentary I felt a mix feeling when I saw it. It was so sadness in the beginning but it’s ending was full of hop. I liked what the America do to those group of people.

It really takes them out “the places that you live while you are waiting for your grave” as one of the lost boys said about Kakuma. That gave them a chance to live a normal live and to help not just themselves but also trying the best to help the others who suffering with them from the civil war. The three boys were working very hard while they educated and they were sending money to the other refugees in the camps and also, they were looking for their family members in the same time just in three years and I really like the difference that they do to their community. I hope that this chance will get to as many refugees as possible. It was emotional film to me because the image of the starving, sick, murdered, and non-taking care of children remind me of the situation in the situation in my country Yemen and in other country like Syria. This documentary has an obvious relating to what we take in the class about the civil war between the north and the south of Sudan.

The south and north of Sudan were difference in culture, religion, ethnicity and language those some reasons for a civil war that last for decade. This war started at 1983s until 2005 when a peace agreement made. After that in six year the South Sudan became an independent country called (Republic of South Sudan). This war resulted in nearly 2 million deaths millions has been displaced. South Sudan considered the third largest refugee crisis after Syria and Afghanistan with less attention and chronic levels of underfunding according to the UN Refugee Agency.

That film also connected to what we take in class about refugee and about the border.

The “God Grew Tired of Us”: A History of a Sudanese Refugee Camp essay

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