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What Is Cinematography and Why It Is Made

Updated August 13, 2022

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What Is Cinematography and Why It Is Made essay

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Film techniques are an approach to show the theme of the movie to the audience. Film directors use various film techniques to express different theme topics.

Baz Luhrmann’s interpretation of Romeo and Juliet which was released in 1966 expresses the theme of impulsiveness, violence, and timing. Firstly, impulsive actions lead to negative consequences. And, impulsiveness is one of the reasons for bad consequences in the movie Romeo and Juliet which has shown through many film techniques. For example, the theme of impulsiveness has conveyed through intensive music. When Romeo goes after Tybalt, the background music is intense. The music is intensified it shows Romeo’s anger, and an angry person never thinks about his action.

Also, dark lights have used to substantiate the theme. When Romeo goes to the apothecary to buy poison, the background is dark. Darkness shows that the action, he is doing will bring some dark consequences for him, but he buys the poison without thinking about those consequences. And, impulsiveness has shown by acting as well.

After Romeo, played by Leonardo Dicaprio kills the character of Tybalt, there is regret and confusion on his face. That upheaved and contrite expression on his face shows that he killed Tybalt on impulse, and he will regret this. Therefore, the dark lights, the harsh music, and the acting of DiCaprio show that any action has done in an impulse give a negative result. Secondly, violence terminates the tranquility of human beings which is an evident theme in Romeo and Juliet. Violence made the situations worse for everyone in the city, and it is shown through various film techniques. The theme of violence is expressed through the setting.

For instance, the scene when the Capulets and the Montagues started fighting and shooting in the gas station for no reason, shows violence in the city. In this shooting and fighting the citizens also got injured, and the gas station itself is a dangerous place with the gas and petrol tanks. One missed gunshot explode the whole gas station, and put many innocent people’s life in danger. Moreover, the theme of violence has portrayed through pacing which is in the evident the beach scene. When Mercutio fights with Tybalt, the fast pacing is used in this scene. The fast pacing shows the ferocity in the beach that everyone is running to keep themselves safe from this vile fight.

The loud vocal expression has also used to represent the theme of violence. When Lord Capulet is angry with Juliet, he shouts at her and calls her names. The loud and raging voice is the symbol of violence, and it shows brutality and ruthlessness of Lord Capulet. Also, the loud voice indicates that Lord Capulet is forcing Juliet to obey him. Hence, violence is a barrier to a joyful and peaceful life for the people in the movie which has signified by many film techniques. Finally, timing is an obstacle in Romeo and Juliet’s love life that has conveyed through several film techniques.

The theme of timing has presented by acting. For example, when Juliet, played by Claire Danes finds out that Romeo drank poison, she acts confounded and defeated. Claire Danes’ acting shows, however, that she faked her death and took the risk of her life, but that timing is not in her favor. The theme of timing has shown through the medium screenshot as well. Such as, when Romeo goes with Balthasar and the postman comes to his home with the letter from the friar.

In this scene, the audience sees that Romeo and the postman miss each other. It shows that every effort of Romeo and Juliet to reach to each other has done on wrong time. Also, the vocal expression has used to portray the theme of timing. For instance, when Friar Laurence calls the post office to know that what happened to the letter he sent for Romeo, he talks fast and in a high pitch.

The Friar’s voice shows that timing has been messed up. He has done everything in his power to bring Romeo and Juliet together, but he failed because of the wrong timing. Overall, timing became an issue that changed everything in the movie Romeo and Juliet which is exemplified by vocal expression, medium screenshot, and the acting of Claire Danes.

In conclusion, Baz Luhrmann’s version of Romeo and Juliet expresses the theme of timing, violence, and impulsiveness through a variety of film techniques. It tells the audience that any action can give a positive result if it is planned prudently, without being violent, and in good timing. Therefore, the movie Romeo and Juliet is not only a love story but a lesson for everyone.

What Is Cinematography and Why It Is Made essay

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