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Film Terms

Updated April 3, 2019

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Film Terms essay

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I.Editing a.Terms i.Scenes are comprised of shots 1.Any movie ii.Editing is the joining of one shot to another 1.Dialogue is the clearest example iii.An establishing shot shows a change in scene 1.American Pie Showing the outside of Stifflers house before going into the party scene iv.A shot is a segment of film 1.Any Movie b.History i.Birth of A Nation was the first film to use extensive editing ii.Who Framed Rodger Rabbit? was the first film to use humans and animation together iii.Dances with Wolves won the academy award for editing II.Cinematography a.Terms i.Long Shot 1.Matrix Lobby Scene ii.Full Shot 1.Danny Devito walking down the hall in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest iii.Close-up 1.Any news program iv.Extreme Close-up 1.Waynes World v.Birds Eye View 1.View of Russell Crowe on the horse in Gladiator vi.Oblique Angle 1.Gladiator fighting scene with lions vii.High Key Lighting 1.Plays or Musicals (Broadway shows) viii.Low Key Lighting 1.Seven III.Sound a.Terms i.Boom 1.Any coverage of a press conference on a news program ii.Mix 1.The Graduate iii.Non-synchronous Sound 1.Any music video b.History i.1910 the eidoloscope was developed by Eugene Lauste ii.1921 Charles Home recorded speeches of President Calvin Coolidge iii.1925 Warner bought Vitagraph Company iv.1927 Jazz Singer premier v.1928 Steamboat Willy had Mickey Mouse voice synced with animation IV.Special Effects a.Terms i.Blue Screen 1.The building explosion in The X-Files (the movie) ii.Computer Graphics 1.Roman Coliseum in Gladiator iii.Matte 1.Chitty Chitty Bang Bang iv.Special Effects 1.The Matrix (almost the entire movie) b.History i.1898 George Mles became the grandfather of special effects with his movie A Trip to the Moon ii.1916 Frank Williams invented a traveling matte system iii.1961 Ivan Sutherland invented the first computer graphics program called Sketchpad iv.1991 Terminator 2: Judgment Day makes movie history with its revolutionary CGI technology v.1995 Toy Story became the first animated film to be a box office hit V.Acting a.Terms i.Cap 1.Gladiator ii.Beat 1.Collateral Damage iii.Blocking 1.Any scene in any film b.History i.Acting has been around since the dawn of man. Humans act something out to tell a story most often, and they lie. Words / Pages : 272 / 24

Film Terms essay

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