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Food and Beverage Services

Updated August 17, 2022

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Food and Beverage Services essay

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It also forms part of different organisation for example school, hospitals, hotels, airplane, restaurant etc. The catering cycle Consumer and market In this process of the catering cycle we must understand our type of customer that we will have in our restaurant that is understanding our market segment and know our consumer needs also. Using these information, then we will be able to know which type of menu, drinks and ambience to implement in our restaurant. Formulate policy This depend upon the government rules and regulations. For example, opening hours of the restaurant, if we have the right to serve alcohol etc. Based on these rules we will know the operation method that we will be using Interpret demand While interpreting demand we will be able to know which type of and drinks to provide to our customers and style of service. We can also determine our price range. Converge facilities This is everything about planning. Planning and designing of the restaurant, kitchen and also the yard of the restaurant with parking. It is also the planning of which material and raw material to be used. Provisioning This step can be divided into four parts namely: Purchasing After having decided which raw material and from which supplier will be taking it. The next step is to acquire those goods for the proper running of the restaurant.

So this is the step where we will order those goods from our supplier. Receiving This step is when the items that have been ordered is at the delivery bay of the organisation. The purchasing department will then verify the items before accepting it. E.g. verify if the packaging is intact, the expiry date, etc. Storage After receiving those items, it must be separated upon there categories and stored in their respective places. For the storage of our raw materials also there some rules to follow. E.g. high-risk food like meat etc. must be stored below 5 degrees, some food that will be stored at ambient temperature must be 6 inches above the floor. Issuing this happen when a department needs raw material of equipment from the store. Then a requisition must be done before then the store will issue it. For e.g. the kitchen needs some fish the chef will order it from the store.

Production and service After receiving the food and drinks from the store it is being prepared as per the needs of our guest and then it is being served to them. Revenue/cost control It is the control of cost for the provision of raw material, salaries and the cost to acquire materials. It is also about controlling the revenue and to know whether we are achieving our target and if not which strategy we will use to be able to achieve our target. Monitor satisfaction It is about maintaining guest satisfaction and concern whether we are meeting guest expectation and creating customer loyalty. It also about building a strong relationship with those who has already experience our service. This is being done with the help of our guest comment card. Types of market According to Mc Donald and Dunbar ”market segmentation is the process of splitting customers, or potential customers, in a market into different groups, or segment, within which customers share similar level of interest in the same, or comparable, set of needs satisfied by a distinct marketing position” . It is about splitting customers into different groups and anticipate their need. At saveur d’Ebene we classified our customers into four different segments.

Behavioural This about customer that have already experience our product or have a very good knowledge of our product or service. Psychographic This is based on the lifestyle of the customers. We must be able to adapt ourselves as nowadays people are looking of good quality and at affordable prices, this is what we are doing at Saveur d’Ebene Demographic This about segmenting the market in term of age group, sex, income etc Geographical This is based on the region that the restaurant in found and what type of customers is found in the vicinity The business environment The restaurant is situated at Ebene, Reduit Mauritius. It is known as saveur d’Ebene restaurant. As it is situated in Ebene we will be having a lot of businessmen coming to our restaurant. We may also have some old people who come with their family for lunch and apart from that we may have students as well as teachers from the MITD itself.

It is situated in between Cybercity and Rose Hill, so it is easily accessible and during lunch time the traffic is moderate so there no need to be in a hurry although you are in your lunch time from work. The restaurant has parking facilities which implies that it’s not a problem for people who is coming by their vehicle. It is an air-conditioned restaurant where you’ll feel at ease while having lunch. Food and drinks operation This is under full control of the restaurant itself. These are decision that are taken by the company only. For example, the selling price, which raw material to use The micro environment The micro environment mean that we don’t have full control on it meaning we have limited control.

In other word, it some type of negotiations with other companies where they also will be having control over it. For example, dealing with our suppliers The macro environment This is the only thing that we don’t have any control of it. When there are some changes we just have to bear with it or to change our way of working to adapt with these external factors. These external factors are: Political This refer to the effect that the government will have on our business while implementing some rules.

In our restaurant, the government may have positive impact or negative impact. For example, the government in planning to improve it in terms of infrastructure and equipment as well. If the government want to increase the prize of gas or other raw material then this will have a negative impact on us. Economic This is related to the economy of the country. If tax rate is being increased then we will be having our raw material at a higher price then we will have to review our price list also to maintain our margin of profit. This can affect our business as their will be some guest who perhaps won’t be able to afford the new price. Social Social is concern about the way people are living nowadays. In today’s world, almost everyone is aware of the health issues, some people don’t have time to prepare lunch for them in the morning. So, during their lunch time they will prefer to be at our restaurant as they will be having good quality of food and a well-balanced one. These are the positive way that social factors will affect our restaurant.

We may have problem also as many Hindus don’t eat beef as it considered sacred for them so this may restrict our customers as sometimes we are having beef on the menu. Technology At saveur d’ebene we have a great lack of technology in terms of advertising marketing and even in the restaurant itself. Therefore, we are always limited in terms of customers. Example, word of mouth and mail are being use as marketing. Environmental This is all about how environmental issue may affect our restaurant and we can’t do anything about it. For example, if there is an increase in the prize of any vegetable dur to some climate disorder we will have buy it at higher prizes to satisfy our customers although we are having very little amount of profit.

Legal These are concern with all the rules and regulation that we must abide by. For example, we don’t have the right for advertising and this will influence the number of customers we are having. Capacity and yield analysis Capacity management Capacity management is about how we are able to satisfy guest needs and meet their expectation with the resources that we have. (Anon., n.d.) The restaurant has a design capacity of 110 people. Design capacity is the maximum number of client that the restaurant can accommodate. The waiter must only pick-up the plate from the kitchen and served it to the guest. well qualified people are needed for the service as the waiter will need to give explanation of the menu to our guest. Buffet service This is a service where a variety of food have been placed on a buffet and it is the client himself that need to go on the buffet to choose the food that he wants to eat. The client have the possibility to refill their plate as much as they want.

People how are not well qualified may help in the service as they only have to clean the table and remove the dirty plate of our guest. For my event, I will be using the plated service as we will be working with about 36 guest in one and same sitting and with 14 people in my team I will be able to manage the service while maintaining quality of our service and product. My staff are also well qualified for the this type of the service. The event On the day of my event am planning to apply the dark brown colour which represent the earth that is soil and green which represent grass and pepper. Why am using this is because on this particular day we will be having veal as main course and we will also we having nuts in the dessert which is being planted in the soil. The bitner’s framework will be applied for designing the event (Anon., n.d.) It consists of four main servicescape that we will need to focus on namely: Environmental dimension Moderators Internal responses Behaviour Environmental dimension This is about what type of environment we are going to create on that particular day. The table cloth will be brown and the overlay or runner if possible will be green. The theme will be a bit accordance with nature. A cd with soft music will be used to create a peaceful atmosphere while having lunch.

On the day itself we will decide about how to position the table in restaurant according to the reservation that we will be having. Table set-up will be done in a way so as we uses the whole space available to facilitate our job that is when staff will be moving in the restaurant. This will be done for the safety of our staff. It will also make the guest feel more comfortable as there will be a enough space between the table so privacy of our guest will be maintained. All the decoration that I will be using will be natural and without any side effect to protect the health of our customers. On that day each person will be having the menu in front of them, as it happen sometimes what has been said by the waiter or we were not attentive at that particular moment. This will be used as a communication medium also. Moderators This is about understanding the guest personality first and then adapt to them. It is also very important to know the mood of our customers.

For example if a person is in the restaurant and he really want to experience our product so this will be the time where we will be using our upselling techniques whereas if the customers have come to the restaurant only to satisfy his basic needs that is only food and drink. Then it is preferable to give him the drinks list with a small explanation and let him choose. Internal responses This is all about the point of view of the restaurant base upon the decoration and the staff as well. It depends also about their perception that they had about the restaurant. So from the arrival we should already exceed the guest perception which will change the mood of the guest. At the end of the service our guest should leave the restaurant with a positive note because of the the environment and the way that he has been treated. Behaviour It about the behaviour of both our staff and the guest also. It is about how our staff will interact with our customer and the approach between the customers and the waiter. Helping the guest to the maximum can make the guest satisfied.

We must be at ease with the menu to explain it to our customers and this will be done with the help of fiche techniques. Any question asked by customer must be answered and not leave it as a blank in the customers mind. Applying all these will definetly give and overall satisfaction to our customers. Aims and objectives Aims My aim is to implement the concept of a fine dining restaurant with a touch with nature Objectives On this day am planning to sell a minimum of ten cocktails The restaurant must be at 100% occupancy The service must be done in a way where at the end we receive only positive feedback from our guest that is about 95% guest satisfaction We must ensure profitability of the restaurant Ensure the proper running of the restaurant Human resource planning Human resource planning is all about giving the right person the right job according to the work experience or the qualification that they are having.

Effective human resource planning Barman: Mr Chellapen Daven will be the barman for my event. He has a very good knowledge on the bar and cocktail making as well. He is working as a barman in a nightclub and this the reason why I have chosen him to be the barman of the day as he already has the experienced. The opening and closing stock will be easy for him as he has got used to it. Bar helper: Mr Rene Yoan will be the bar helper on that day. Mr Daven and Mr Rene will be able to work together as they have already been doing so in MAN. Mr Rene always stick to the instruction given to him so using the fiche technique he will be able to guide Mr daven while making the cocktail. Sommelier and head waiter. I have assign two task to only one person and this person will be Mr Aubeeluck kevin. The reason why I have chosen him is because he in having over 10 year of experience on cruise in the food and beverages department and he was also at supervisory level.

On that particular day, our guests may not have wine then the task of head waiter that will be responsible to him. He will be responsible for proposing wine to our guest and the service of wine. While the clients are having their wine he should be observing the table and also give a helping hand if needed to the waiters. Cashier: Ms Mungur leema will be the cashier on the day of my event as she has a very good knowledge of the system and she at ease with cash handling also. Quality assurance: Ms Babooram Tajeshwinee will be the quality assurance officer on that day. She will be responsible in maintaining hygiene throughout the day and she will also be having some checklist to fill so as not to forget the specific thing that need to be monitored.

Bus boy: Mr Modelly Vaneyen will be the bus boy on that day. I have chosen him for this specific job as he is very good at counting and will be able to maintain the back area clean throughout the day. He also has a knowledge about the cutleries. Waiter and waitress: I have chosen Ms Soodon Varsha as a waitress as we have been working together for various catering groups and I know that she is at ease with the service. I have chosen Ms Chellen Anaelle as a waitress as she is currently working in a restaurant of 50 pax in Grand Bay and we have been working together in various function. She can work under pressure, so working with 2 or 3 table will not be difficult for her. I have chosen Mrs Seemadue Diksha as a waitress as she always has a smile on her face and she is not timid. She will not have any difficulty in upselling our product. She is also very familiar with service and she is able to work under pressure. Ms Vengadasalom Pallavi will be also a waitress on that day.

We have been working together and I can say that she is at ease with service and she is able to bear a certain pressure while working. I have chosen Ms Peerty Lishna to be a waitress on that day. She is good at service but the only problem is that she lacks confidence about herself. Particular attention may be given to her on that day and i think that she will be able to manage a table with 2 person. I have chosen Mr Boyru Edward to be a waiter as we have been working together in various function and he has the ability to work under pressure. Upselling our products also will not be a problem to him. Mr Lutchmun Nimesh will be also a waiter on that day as he is familiar with service and can work under pressure. Hierarchy The job description is attach annex below refer to annex B. Quality assurance The planned and systematic activities implemented in a quality system so that quality requirements for a product or service will be fulfilled. (Anon., n.d.) Definition of quality Quality can be defined as ‘fitness for use’.

This implies that the product must be free from deficiencies Quality may be also defined as ‘conformance to requirements’. From this definition, we understand that we should respect customers’ needs. Product quality Performance These are the most important operating characteristic of the product. In a cocktail, it can be the recipe and what you get as taste after being served. For example, on a drink list we came across a mojito and the ingredient are rum, mint, lemon and sugar. Upon the presentation, we must be seeing the lemon and mint leaves in the glass and upon the first sip we must be having these tastes together with the rum.

Them we can confirm that the important characteristic is present in the product. Features They are the secondary characteristic that supplement the primary characteristic. These are things added without any modification of the primary features to make in more attractive to the customers. It is the originality and the garnish that we have applied to our cocktail that may help us. Before finalising the drink menu and the fiche technique the secondary features must be finalized as well. For garnish, we must be using fruits without any change when in contact with air. For example, the type of glass, the garnish used for a mojito may be considered as secondary features. Adding flavours also can be a secondary characteristic. Reliability It is the probability of the product failure over a specific time. After having manufactured our cocktail we must know in about how much time there will be some changes in the cocktail be it in terms of appearance, taste etc. we should know the impact of temperature and time on our cocktail quality before adding them in our drink list.

For example, a mojito must be consumed in a small-time period after the preparation, depending on the room temperature. Else when the ice in it is melt completely the taste is no longer the same which implies the product quality is not the same. Conformance It is how the physical and operating characteristic meet pre-establish specification. For example, for cocktail making we must already know which method will be more appropriate, the compatibility of products and about the mixology principles as well. These are thing we already know and must respect it to have a good quality of product. While implementing the fiche technique and the making of our cocktail we must ensure the mixology rule are being respected. For example, a mojito is prepared in a glass directly and not by shaker or other methods. Durability Durability is concern with the useful product life.

After this period of time the product can’t be repaired and it is preferable to change the product itself. While implementing the drink list we must be aware of the durability of our cocktail so as on the drink list the cocktail will be with a long-life time. For example, a frozen cocktail lifetime is about 5 to 10 minutes after its preparation. It be completely in the liquid form after 10 minutes. Serviceability Serviceability is concern about the ease to repair the product. That is within how much time it can be repaired and if the product will be the same after being repaired. This must be taken into consideration before implementing the drink list we must ensure that our cocktail can be repaired rapidly and without any change in the product itself. Example, a cocktail must be repaired within 30 second Aesthetics This is all about the look, beauty, smell and sound of the product. While implementing the drink list we must ensure that our cocktail have a very nice visual aspect. Example, the decoration used and the colour of the cocktail must be attractive to our customers Perceived quality Perceived quality is all about image, advertising and brand name.

This is the reason why we must add some of the classic cocktails in our drink list as these are cocktail that people has already experience and they already have some expectation from the cocktail. This must be in the drink list for people who are not willing to try new things. For example, when a guest sees a mojito on the drink list automatically in his mind he knows that it’s refreshing with a mint and lemon flavour. Service quality It is the ability to provide a service with a level care to our customers with which we can meet or exceed our customers satisfaction. Service quality can be assessed using different model that has been implemented from different people and I will be using the seven dimension of service quality to asses it. The seven dimensions of service quality Time and timeliness This is the waiting time of the customer from its order time to the delivery time. we must always minimise this waiting time so that the customer does not have to wait for a long time before getting his order and if ever there is a problem we must inform the guest about the delay. Am planning to take the reservation at different time that is 12 guest at noon, 12 at 12:15 and the other 12 at 12:30. This can be done so as the minimise the waiting time our customers Example: the guest should receive his drink in less than 5 minutes after he have ordered it. Completeness This is about giving everything asked by the customer. We must not forget anything asked by the customers.

This the reason why our staff must be at ease in order taking and to have a proper communication with the chef and bar. If extra things are being asked by the guest and if it is possible to give the guest then we must do so. Example: if the customer is asking for extra bread or chili and we still have it in the kitchen then we should give it to the customer Courtesy This is all about the human factor that is the caring part in the service. Our staff should make our guest feel comfortable in our restaurant from the very beginning so that do not feel hesitate to ask anything from us. Example: our staff must always be smiling despite their personal problem. They must be having a good communication with our customers Consistency This about maintaining the same level of service for everyone in the restaurant. Same quality of service must be given to everyone be it’s an external guest, staff of student. Example: if a waiter is working with two tables then these two must get the same service. There must not be any preferences although one table is being occupied by our family or friends.

Accessibility ; convenience This is all about explaining the customer about the product we are giving to him or her. If our guest wants any information about the menu or the drinks them we must be able to explain to the guest. we must be informing our guest what we are serving to him each time. Example: while placing the cocktail on the table, ‘here is the refreshing mojito sir’ Accuracy This is about maintaining the level of service every time when we are working in the restaurant. Despite we are tired or any personal problem the level of service must be maintained. This help in creating customers loyalty. Every staff also must be giving the same level of service. This is being done while respecting the standard of procedure. Example: every time when our guest is leaving we should thanks them for their visit and leave them with ‘hope to see you in the future’ Responsiveness This is the willingness to help and how we react to special request to our guest.

Example: if our guest doesn’t want the dessert that is on the menu but instead he wants a fruit platter and we must be able to deliver his fruit platter without a long waiting time. Food and beverages product dimensions Intangibility This is something that cannot be touched, tasted or seen. It is something that can be feel or experience. It is also something that cannot be experience before it is bought. The customers must feel welcomed and our staff must take care of them Example: there must not be a long waiting time of the customer between the order and the delivery. Perishability Perishability mean something that cannot be stored. For service, this happen when the buyer and the seller are present at the same time where the seller is using his upselling techniques for the profitability of the business. For product, the raw material can be kept only for a period of time. Example: when the waiter will be informing the guest about the menu of the day Simultaneous production and consumption.

This is the moment of truth where the waiter will be offering the service to the guest or even preparing something for the customer Example: when the waiter is using a gueridon service where he is cooking in the restaurant itself. Ease of duplication This means that we must be able to reproduce the product that we have delivered to our customers without any change in the taste, visuals aspect etc. this is the reason why we must always use a fiche technique for our product. Example: if a customer has appreciated our cocktail and he ordered for another one we must be able to prepare it as the one before. Heterogeneity This implies that the service is never twice the same as it greatly on the human input and to some circumstances. We also be having a lack of labour on a specific day. All staff are not the same meaning not all staff work the same way. Example: the service will not be same if one waiter is working with 3 tables on one day and on another day, he is working with 5 tables Variability of output In our restaurant, we will be having a variety of drinks but for food it is a fixed menu as it is a table d’hote restaurant. Difficulty of comparison With the help of some checklist (annex c) the quality assurance officer will be able to maintain quality throughout the service. Menu and drink list planning Food and wine pairing Food and wine pairing is very important as it is a factor that enhances our meal experience.

If the pairing is not being done correctly our guest may not be satisfied with the meal experience and we will be having negative feedback. For the starter which is a ravioli lobster accompanied with a crustacean coulis I will be going for a sauvignon blanc. The reason behind this decision is because it work well with the rich white meat and we don’t have chardonnay on the wine list which would have been even better. For the main course which is consist of veal will be having two choices. It he veal is young and white I would propose the sauvignon blanc to our guest as it works well with low fat white meat and also it is a complimentary aspect but if is heavier that is a bit red I would proposes the merlot as it work well with red meat and also it has a green pepper flavour which will best suit the dish as the veal will be cook with paprika and also will be having pepper in the pilaff rice.

Menu planning A menu is a list of food that will be served for a meal. In our restaurant it is a fixed menu, so on the menu card we will be having the dishes that we will be serving with all the detail on it. Menu planning in about choosing which menu we will served for a specific event. Menu planning in very important for us to be able to satisfy guest needs. It also help us to know about the cost and the profit that we will be getting while selling it. Menu planning is also very important for us to be able to plan our work on the day where we will be preparing the menu for our customers. we have some factor that can affect menu planning which will be elaborated below. Factors affecting menu planning Allergy consideration This is all about our guest if they are allergic to something which is on the menu. On the 26th of October, as starter on the menu we have ravioli with lobster and crustacean coulis. There are many people who are allergic to seafood and this guest allergies we will know it either upon reservation or on the day itself when the customer will learn about the menu. If we got the message upon reservation then will have to provide him with an alternate starter. To satisfy guest needs and satisfaction we must have an alternative dish for those type of guest. Nutritional content Nowadays people are more concern with the health issues.

Diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cardio vascular are some of those diseases that can be control due to their eating habits. There are some people who also take into consideration the nutritional fact of the food. The ingredient and the cooking methods used must be taken into consideration for example instead of frying which will have an increase in fat, the food can be grilled. The dessert contains nuts and this may affect the menu as nuts is high in cholesterol, some people will want another dish as dessert. Availability of the product While planning a menu we must take into consideration the availability of the product that we will be using.

There are certain fruits and vegetables that is available only during a certain period of the year. For example, watermelon is available in summer. Our restaurant is a table d’hotes restaurant and the menu is already fix well in advance which implies that is factor is very important for us while planning the menu. If ever we have change the menu due to the availability of product this must be done one week in advance that is before taking any reservation so as to be able to deliver the promised product to our customer. Cultural beliefs Mauritius is a multi-cultural island where we are having people of different religion leaving together. This is a fact that we must take into consideration while planning the menu. According to some religious beliefs there are some religion like the Hindus are not supposed to eat beef as it is a god for them, Muslims must be eating halal products and also, they do not eat pork. Taking this into consideration our restaurant always uses halal product, pork is not being used at all. Beef is being cooked but for the Hindus who don’t eat beef then we have an alternative dish for them.

If this is not taken into consideration then we won’t be able to satisfy guest needs and their expectation as well. This may also decrease sales and profitability of the restaurant. Type of menu In our restaurant, we have a fixed menu for our customers and this may have an impact on the occupancy of our restaurant. There are many people that won’t like the menu and without asking if we will be having alternative dishes to offer to them they would prefer not to come to the restaurant at all. Taking this into consideration we should anticipate guest needs when planning the menu and if possible plan for an alternate dish for guest satisfaction. Drink list planning The drink menu is list on which we have all the drinks that are available and can be ordered in the restaurant Importance of the drink list Help to provide customers with variety of choices Act as a communication material that is the customers are being informed about the price on the list Inform the customers of our signature and about the barman specialities Help the barman with the bar setup methods of preparing drinks Shaker methods The word itself implies that we will need a cocktail shaker to this method.

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