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Updated April 17, 2019

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FracTable.cpp essay

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//FracTable #include #include #include <conio.h> //required for getch() #include //required for setw() using namespace std; class fraction //fraction class private: int num,den; public: fraction(): num(0),den(0)} fraction(int n,int d):num(n),den(d) } void display() cout<<num<<“/”;cout.setf(ios::left);cout<<setw(4)<<den;} fraction mult(fraction&, fraction&); void dispheader() cout <<num <<“/”;cout.setf(ios::left);cout<<setw(4)<<den;} void lowterms(); }; //———————-Source copy from textbook—————————- void fraction::lowterms() // Change ourself to lowest terms long tnum, tden, temp, gcd; tnum = labs(num); // use non-negative copies tden = labs(den); // (needs cmath) if(tden == 0) // check for 0/n cout << “Illegal fraction: division by 0”; exit(1); } else if(tnum==0) //check for 0/n num = 0; den = 1; return; } //This ‘while’ loop finds the gcd of tnum tden while(tnum != 0) if(tnum < tden) // ensure numerator larger temp = tnum; tnum = tden; tden = temp; //swam them } tnum = tnum – tden; // subtract them } gcd = tden; // this is greates comon divisor num = num / gcd; // divide both num and den by gcd den = den / gcd; // to reduce frac to lowest terms } //———————–End of source copy from textbook——————- int get_den() //get denominator from user int valid =2; int denom; cout<< “Enter a denominator:a “; cin>>denom; cout<<endl; if (denom < valid) do //loop until valid entry cout<< “Invalid entry. Try again.”<<endl; cout<< “Enter a denominator:a ” ; cin>> denom; cout<<endl; } while(denom < valid); return denom; } /*—————————————————————-*/ fraction fraction::mult(fraction& x,fraction& y) fraction temp; temp.num = x.num * y.num; temp.den = x.den * y.den; return temp; } /*—————————————————————-*/ int main() int atemp,btemp,din; int headmax(8); int dashmax(7); din=(get_den()); cout<<setw(headmax)<<” “; for (atemp=1; atemp < din ; atemp++) fraction x(atemp,din); x.lowterms(); x.dispheader(); } cout <<endl; for (int temp = 1; temp <(din*dashmax); temp++) cout<<“-“; } for (atemp=1; atemp < din ; atemp++) fraction x(atemp,din); cout<<endl; if (atemp < din) x.lowterms(); x.display(); cout<<“| “; } for (btemp=1; btemp < din; btemp++) fraction y(btemp,din); fraction z= z.mult(x,y); z.lowterms(); z.display(); } } cout<< endl<< “Press any key to terminate program.a”; getch(); //keep window open until key pressed return 0; }

FracTable.cpp essay

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